July 27, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 10

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The hidden beauty

Written by KAS ADMINS

Episode 10

“It wasn’t joy who stole the answer script! Anna defended me
“What did you say?? The teacher asked surprised
“Yes ma,it wasn’t joy that stole the paper”anna said
“Then who did??the teacher asked with an arched brow
“It was….em…em…”she stammered
“My friend speak up or are you playing games with me”the teacher shouted angrily
“It was Selena and choisey”Anna said with a shivering voice
“What!!this is very despicable of you, how can you accuse me of such illegal and heinous crime””Selena said while giving Anna a dreadful stare
“Quiet”the teacher shunned her
“Are you sure of what you are saying”the teacher said turning to Anna
“Why should we believe her, she doesn’t even have any evidence”Williamson said
“Yeah,he is right”the class said supporting William
“Am saying the truth ma,you can even check the CCTV”Anna said…I could see fears in her eyes…. Am sure Williamson is behind this
“What the heck !!how could you defend the ugly duckling”choisey said
“Because unlike you guys her heart is made of gold…and if I was in her shoe she would have done same for me”Anna said giving me a smile
“You know what Selena can do are you not scared of her”choisey said trying to blackmail her
While all this arguments was going on,the teacher was busy with her phone… After a while she said with authority
“Choisey and Selena follow me and for your information joy is innocent”

Selena’s POV
How could this happen?? I forgot to wipe the CCTV….my plan would have been successful if not for that bitch called Anna… Am gonna make her pay for this embarrassment…. Anyways am not scared cus I know Williamson will not let them punish me…
When we got to the office, all the lecturers were already seated
“According to what we saw in the CCTV, it was choisey who stole the papers not you…or where you the one that sent her??Mr.promise the senior lecturer asked
“Yes sir. I said without any feeling of guilty.. I had to yes in order to reduce

The punishment of choisey
“How could you do such a thing”one of them said
“You are lucky, the principal begged us to forgive you…but you have being ordered to stay out of the school for two days… By doing so, the students will not think we are partial in our judgment rather they will believe we have suspended you”Mr.promise said
“But” I tried to speak
“But what???I expected you to be happy… If you try to speak another word,you will be suspended for real'”he said with fury written all over his face
“Am sorry sir”
“As for you choisey your punishment is to wash the girls toilet for one week… Failure to do so will lead to your suspension..do you understand?? He said with finality in his voice
“Yes sir”choisey said with tears in her eyes..she look so pitiful ..anyways it is the duty of every disciple to suffer for his master….
I was very happy when I heard that Selena has been suspended… But I felt pity for choisey…I hope she regrets her action… I will forever be greatful to Anna for saving me from this embarrassment… I didn’t expect Williamson to stoop so low…. My hatred for him has increased…
“Get ready Williamson the battle line has been drawn”I gritted through my teeth with a clenched fist

The next day
Selena’s POV
I and anna was about entering the class… When I saw williamson coming from afar..an idea struck my mind….
“You know what to do Anna”I said giving her my camera
“What should I do with it?? She asked confused
“To take pictures of the ugly duckling and Williamson kissing”I said with a smirk…for me to deal with Williamson I have no choice than to stoop to his level..
I quickly hid behind the door.. As he was about to pass I threw a handful of sand into his eyes
“Ouch!!my eyes…someone help me”he cried
I quickly came out
“I will help you”I said with a fake voice
“Who are you”
“Does that matter?? Or I think I should leave”
“No ,please don’t”he said begging me
Omg I didn’t know a day will come when the great and mighty Williamson will be begging before me”

“Put your hands round my neck”I said
“Why, should I do that”
“Just do what I say..who I will leave from here”I said rudely…
“No…no..I will do as you say”he said putting his hands round my neck…while I slightly bent my neck in an attempt to blow away the sand….anyone coming from behind will think we are kissing…. When I finally show the video to the class..I can wait to hear them say
“I thought you said she was an ugly duckling… But it was a lie…
“why didn’t you tell us that you were in love with her”another will say
“Omg!you even kissed her”
Get ready Williamson.. Am sure you gonna like my surprise”I smiled while winking at Anna


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