July 26, 2021

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My Boss. Chapter 10

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❤❤ MY BOSS❤❤

Sub tittle:plan backfires

Written by Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter 10

I followed behind him like a lost puppy into his office

“Why the hell are you sleeping on duty” he yelled angrily

“Sir bathroom,,,,i need to throw up,”i said using my palm to cover my mouth

“That way he said pointing to the bathroom”i nodded and quickly ran to the bathroom and closed the door

damn that was really close ,thank God i came up with a plan to fake sickness

I quickly flushed the toilet ,,splashed some water on my face like someone who really went to throw up and came out

“Sir am so sorry and just really sick “i said

He starred at me with an angry face and disgusting look dose this guy ever smiles ?

“Get out of my company and call the janitor on your way out ,,because i cant enter there knowing you did your nonsence in there”he fired

He can shout for all i care at least i just saved my self from being fired and got a day off

I quickly packed my things and left the company

I hailed a cab and went home,,nobody was home so i just went in took a shower and welcomed my soft bed


“Julia ” i heard someone called and i woke up

“Sofia ,what are you doing with a frying pan” i half yelled in shock

“Well i thought someone broke into the apartment “she replied and sat down on my bed while i chuckled

“Why are back so early”she asked and i narrated the whole event to her while she only laughed

“So i was thinking…”Sofia said while i interupted her immediately

“I know what your about to ask and am not doing or going anywhere with you “i said while she made the baby face

“Please juls only this night plssssssssssssssssssssssssss”

“Fine fine “i replied rolling my eyes

“Thanks juls”she replied happily

“We are leaving by ten get prepared and dress sexy”sof said leaving my room

this story is written by author jenny


Here am in a short dress ,standing infront of a club with sofia

“let go have some fun” sofia half yelled and dragged me into the club

Ohh jezz i hate clubs

I sat down at the bar while sofia and max were all over them self and couldnt get enough of each other

and here am in all by my self in the club were almost everyone is almost drunk

Someone dragged me into the mist of dancing people and i noticed it was sofia

I tried breaking free and someone else dragged me ,,and thats how they kept transferring me from one person to another

Finally i was able to break free,i hailed a cab and headed home

i head into the office and began working for the day

In short, today is the worst day at work ,,mr chris have been on my neck more than usual and he insults me at every single thing i do

My head ache so bad and my temperature is going high ,i feel so weak and tired

I think i have actually fallen sick

The landline ring and i picked up immediately

“Miss daniels in my office”he half yelled

“Why are you so clumsy ,what the hell is wrong with you”he yelled immediately i entered his office

“sir i think am not” i said and he cut me short

“Your not what,you lied to me that you were sick and went to the club “he yelled at me

Before i could reply i fell on the floor and black out


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My Boss. Chapter 9

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