June 19, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 8

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????The Maid????
????Episode 08????
I left as I tried my best to breathe out. He is going to get married.
I shouldn’t get jealous but I am dead jealous. I love him.
What is wrong with me.
I hate myself already. It’s Christian I want and I have got what I wanted. Why am I lying to myself.
I reached home and I saw Nessa applying make up…
“Where are you going?”,I smiled.
“To see my boyfriend.i miss him alot”,she smiled at me..
“Adria…. don’t be upset but I have something to say”
“Go on… I’m listening”,as I sat down on the couch waiting for her to spit it out.
“Adria…. Dating two brothers isn’t fair. it’s actually a taboo. it’s like you are playing with both of their feelings”
“I’m not doing that…”
“That exactly what you are doing…”
“No… it’s not that… I really love Justin and he has moved on so I had to moved that’s why I’m dating Christian. He is my happiness”
“He isn’t your happiness. And i hate that you are toying with Christian happiness”
“So what should I do now?”
“Just tell Christian what you feel about Justin..”
“if I tell then what? I’m going to stay single for the rest of my life.”
” I didn’t say that… there are lot of guys out there and it’s just horrible for you to date two brothers”
“I will think about it”
“Okay sis…”
Hmm… she is right. I know what I’m doing is the worst thing but sometimes I get my hopes up. I get my hopes up that I will love Christian but to be honest my heart doesn’t beat for him even though I like him alot.
Grandpa used to say when two people love each other,they hurt each other most times but when one person love his partner in a relationship without his partner loving him back they still get hurt because one is trying to fix the relationship while the other one is trying to destroy the relationshipso they both get hurt.
“So which one do you prefer”,he asked me most times but I never had an answer but today I do…
I prefer when two people love each other they hurt each other most times because that’s what I’m facing now.
My phone rang distracting me…
“Hey baby….”
“Christian…is everything alright ”
“Everything is okay.. My family have dinner tonight and I was wondering if you come.. Please say yes…”
“I will be there..”
“Do you want me to pick you up..?”
“No I will be there.. ..”
“I’m just dying to introduce you to them as my girlfriend”
“oh you are in such a hurry lover boy… I just can’t wait to see them…”
“Thanks. I love you”
“I know dear… take care of yourself”
“I will… bye”,he says
And I hang up. Am I ready for this. Am I ready to see Justin,Mrs Gina and Tera again.
God I just hate this… i hate going back to my past.
But no worries. Tonight I will just have to be beautiful as ever.
I can’t wait to see Adria tonight. I really missed her.
For the past two years we’ve been dating and I’m so glad she is mine now.She has always made me the happiest man in the world.
I live because of her. Her encouragement and the way she spoke to me made me love her more.
I remember I decide to give her a loan for her to expand her business but she refused saying she was likes to be independent and now she is one if the most wealthiest woman and any guy is dying to date her.
And now that I have her in not going to let her go… she is mine.
lt was evening,when l arrived from work. I was tired and really stressed. I just need some rest but then maybe I wish I would the night with Adria at my mom’s home.
it will be fun… She dressed in my shirt while my hands wrapped around her,kissing her till she begs me to stop.
Such a beautiful imagination.
I enters the living room and l saw Tara my bro girlfriend sitting on his laps,busily kissing eachother.
Their kisses were hot and i think if i dont do something they will have sex infront of me.
l cleared my throat as they stared at me smiling..
“Hi bro…”,he said smiling.
“Some few more days and u two would be married soon l will stop looking at this thing you guys are doing”,l said and they both burst out laughing.
“3 years and no girlfriend,When?”
“She wil be here tonight…”
“So you had a girlfriend and you acted as if you didn’t gave one…”
“Well what can I say but she is mine now and I’m hers too…”
“Wow…”,Tara exclaimed.
” congratulations” as he hug me.
“I’m proud of you bro… ”
“I know….”
I said and walked out of the room because they were kissing again. Mom had always love Tera like her own daughter. She gives her everything she needed and sometimes I just wish that she will like Adriana too but I know that’s impossible and I’m ready to fight for Adria.
I moved to my room as I took a cold shower and try my best to refreshed my mind.
We decided to have dinner in the garden but Justin kept teasing me about my girlfriend.
“What s up with your girlfriend… Doesn’t she knows that we hungry”,he said.
“She will be her any minute… you’ll see..”
“I just hope she is wealthy…”,my Mom states
“Mom…”,I warned.
“What I won’t sit there for you to marry some wretched whore.. .”
“That’s enough….Ypu haven’t even seen her here and you are just saying bullshit.. ”
“Christian she is your mom…”,Tera said.
“I know that but tell her to fucking mind her own shit…”,I said angrily.
I was really pissed off at them.
Silence was around the table as Elena served us drinks.
Suddenly a main gate was opened and I saw an SUV moving inside our house.
My heart swelled and I knew it was Adria. She really had taste for cars. That’s my girl.
“Woah.. ..”,Tera stood up looking surprised.
“Is that her car… she own that..”,Justin asked curiously.
“Yea…its hers”
I studied my mom’s face and it looks like she is more surprised and shocked than all of us.
Slowly my girlfriend got out if the car.
She stared at me and I knew she was nervous. She wore white gown which showed all her curves and my mouth water thinking about ripping them off her body.
She was so beautiful and I can look at her without getting tired.
“My…..you looked so gorgeous” and I hugged her inhaling her. She smiled of flowers and vanilla and herself.
“Please kiss me. I miss your lips and it’s really killing me,” l whispered.
She raised a brow then looked at me. Her hands wrapped around my neck and slowly my met her.
I kissed her deeply to take everything.
l didn’t care if family were watching or not.
All l want to do is to consume her.
Suddenly l heard some clearing their throat.
Abruptly we both stopped and she hid her face in my chest.
“Erm…. baby,meet my mom ,dad,my bro Justin and his girl friend,Tera” ,She shaked them giving the most sweetest smile.
“lts nice meeting you all.Actually Chris has told me more about you all”
“Can we have our dinner now…”,Mrs Gina said
“Sure….”,I replied.
We sat down waiting for the meal as I held my girlfriend hand. I don’t know why I was so excited to have her here. Justin was staring at her and I knew she was uncomfortable.
Bastard… He shouldn’t even think about hanging out with my woman.
“l know you .You came to my office this morning right?”
“Yes I did….”,she answered.
“And you are…?”,he asked as Adria and I looked at eachother.
“Yes u are…?” I asked.
Damn! all l could do was stare at her lips.
l know its not right to be interested in bro’s girlfriend but then l felt this way since morning.
“Ur name is…”,l trailed off as l was trying my best to remember the name.
“Adriana Styles….Her name is Adriana Styles” ,Chris said as everyone was surprised.
I couldnt believe this is Adriana…My Adria.She is very beautiful.
“l have seen you on magazines several times buh l didnt realise that it was you.”,my dad said and she smiled.
She was with all these while. How long have they been dating?
Have he seen her naked? How many times do they even had sex.
I can’t even think of his hands in her body.
Damn I hate this….. Why does has to bring back the past.
Suddenly a pretty girl was walking towards us.
“Adria” she said through sobs.
“Nesa…”,Adria panicked as the lady hugged her.
“Who’s ass am l kicking today,tell me Nesa”as she patted her.
They stood up and went a little far but we could hear them.
I still can’t believe Adria is inform of me.
So my brother knew where she was all this year’s and he never bothered to tell me about but rather took her as his girlfriend.
How selfish of him.
“My boyfriend”
“What did he do now?”
“He cheated on me”
“See l told u that guy doesn’t deserve you”
“Yea but l didn’t listen”,she said as l looked at chris.
“So since when did you start dating Adria?”,l asked Christian.
“lts two yearrs now”
“wow!”,I smiled.

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