July 31, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 18

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 18 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I snuggled closer into Andre’s arms as he held me to his body tightly.
The memories of last night came flushing back as he pleaded for me not to leave him, one thing led to another and we ended up making love to each other.
I tried sitting up but Andre’s hold on me tightened.
“Andre come on I need to freshen up ” I said and tried to sit up again.
“I don’t want to ever leave you, just stay in my arms ”
“I just wanna freshen up, it’s morning already ” I pouted.
He rose up and hovered over me kissing my cheeks, nose, neck and lips.
“Andre stop it ” I said cos it was starting to tickle.
He kissed my lips slowly but passionately as I laced my hands in his hair.
“so you wanna still freshen up ” he teased as I already started moaning.
“dumbass ” I cussed and he chuckled.
He carried me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso with my hands around his neck and he took us both to the shower and we freshened up together.
Andre and I came downstairs to meet Lisa and Alec already eating breakfast.
“daddy ” Alec called and ran to Andre causing Andre to look at me but I just smiled.
“hey ” Andre said and picked Alec up in his arms.
“dad come join us for breakfast, mom prepared it ” Alec said and Andre smiled then looked at me.
“no my boy, I don’t eat that food ” he said and Alec frowned.
“just go eat okay ” Andre said and dropped him and he went to the dinning.
I glanced at Lisa and returned the glare she threw at me.
“oh Andre love, I already make breakfast for you, come eat ” Lisa said as she walked up to Andre trailing her hand down his chest.
Andre grabbed her hand forcefully making her flinch and pushed her away.
He turned to me and smiled.
“come love, I’ll make you breakfast ” Andre said and held my hands escorting me to the kitchen.
I sat on the kitchen counter and watched Andre prepare breakfast for me.
I really love Andre so much and I don’t wanna leave him but what to do?
Andre is still legally married to Lisa and if Alec is really Andre’s son then I loose coz it seems Lisa has realised her mistake and I can’t be the one to tear apart the family so I’ll have to leave.
Just a tiny hope, just one hope, that Alec is not Andre’s.
Andre served me breakfast and we ate together.
Oh, Andre already called his doc Antonio last night and gave him all the requirements for the DNA test and he said he will bring the results today.
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
Look how Andre is taking care of that bitch Lola, I know I messed up big time but I’m back and I’m back to take what’s rightfully mine.
I already started my plans which is separating them.
I kissed Andre the other time coz I saw that Lola and the way she was looking at us, I knew she must be Andre’s girl and the only way to make her jealous was to kiss Andre which I did but Andre pushed me away, luckily for me, Lola already left.
I eavesdropped on their conversation that night and they called a doc for the DNA test.
Lola is gonna leave if Alec is Andre’s son and she should get prepared coz Alec is indeed Andre’s son.
And as it is, I’m still legally married to Andre and I own him.
The door bell rang and Andre went to get it.
He opened the door and in came doc Antonio.
I looked over to Lola and I could see she was shaking, probably scared that the results might be positive.
Antonio handed the envelope to Andre and he took it.
He opened it, looked over to Lola then swallowed hard.
He looked it and I smirked as a tear slid down his eyes.
Lola already got the message as tears already started strolling down her cheeks and she ran upstairs.
Oh my dear Lola, time for you to bounce out.

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