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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 100

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 101
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 99

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 100♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
BY moreexperience
(6zney )

hours later celine was done with the table manners class

When someone knocked it was crisella
The sight of her got Celine scared Crisella noticed this

“If you want me to drop out I will
” no I just really want to be like you but its hard

Crisella sat down beside her

” maybe that’s because we are distant lets try being friends
CELIne smiled
” so why do you think you can’t walk
“well i feel like the shoes are too heavy for me
” that’s why I am trying to make those shoes master you
Celine smiled
” so tell me about Danny its obvious he’s what matters most to you now
CELIne smiled

” Danny is just a nice guy he loves his family. He always looks good

She smile to herself

” Everything about him is amazing amazing skin, amazing hair, amazing voice, stature he’s perfect just like God

” and amazing in bed too , crisella added

CELIne smiled shyly

” yes perfect in bed too , he loves white, he has blue eyes with very long lashes and attractive pink lips, and a drop dead gorgeous face.

Crisella smiled.

” there was a rumour that he was a great kisser ?”, crisella asked

Celine smiled
” the first day he kissed me was so funny he held both my hands to the wall ,he didn’t want me to interrupt that kiss he didnt know i was waiting for that kiss all my life

” awwwn

” then our first night I can never forget that night. I just wish we spent more time together before I left, we only had two nights together.

” that’s too little

” well he was waiting for me
Crisella smiled.

” he is so romantic and he acts like a baby sometimes, he is always smiling but when he is angry he is also attractive

Crisella smiled

” Danny is naughty too so naughty but he is so caring he always singed for me. He was the love I thought I will never have but when he became mine it was just like a movie .

” He wears cloths only once then it’s given out , hes wordrope is changed everyday he’s life was like a movie and we maids watched him dreaming.

” really ?

” yes and he doesn’t play with his skin he acts just like a woman

” I swear I am falling in love with his description

Celine smiled

” he was my first of everything and I really want him to be my last She wiped her tears crisella felt bad

” i just love danny so much Danny is my life, he is my weakness and my strength, I can do and I will do anything for Danny actually am obsessed with Daniel , I sleep every night with the thought that Danny might be in the hands of another woman and it pains me to death, can Danny pls just wait for me.
She shed tears and wiped it

” I don’t want to loose Daniel, I did everything for him just to make sure he’s forever mine, even having sex with Danny is against my tradition but I don’t care once it’s Danny I don’t care about anything, but right now its so painfull.Danny hasn’t called me, Danny moved on, i dont want him to move on I want him to wait for me.

” if you already lost Daniel why don’t you concentrate on this before you loose this too.

I was just like you, poor, broken but I worked hard right now I am made, I got it all back everything I left behind came back. my love and my family and right now I am able to protect my love for them because I have the money.

Celine think about it, the only reason why you are in pain right now is because of money, because of class which means Danny is not the problem money is. so why don’t you concentrate and tackle the main problem

You still have a lot of Time to think of love Danny still has time to wait he isn’t getting married soon
Danny is just 23 or 24
You Celine you are 20 so don’t let time pass you by, work with your time

If the thought of Danny with another woman puts you in pain then stop imagining it Take it out if your mind

I had an abortion Celine i removed my own child just to be a model I sacrificed my own to get here

But you, all you have to sacrifice is a man
just let Danny go Celine all those pretty girls were there but he still chose you So stop thinking he has left you.

I dated a guy just like Daniel I was the cooks child We fell in love but both parents didn’t agree
I surfered, whenever he travelled, his mom will send all the maids on holiday.
when she knew I was pregnant she removed my child I had my first abortion and i was just 19

I couldn’t tell Jeremy I hid the pain
They spoilt my back with hot irons I entered that Heater like 16 times when I became a model and the voltage was 300 to 400 every day Celine i suffered
I left the house when he traveled last. I followed the guy who wanted to make me his model
He was rich just like Salvador.

CELIne you met Salvador, you met a good person he is spending so much on you, just like that?

That guy who picked me
She smiled

I had to work in his bed before I walked on his stage. EVery day after a long meeting or a long day he came back home to meet me and used me to relieve his stress I Wasn’t his g. F he had date but I was just he’s sex tool
Every night the maids bathed me and kept me for him I applied the best creams in the world, i was spent on so much that my hair fell on my hip.

I grew more beautiful everyday but my beauty ends in his room , in his bed, in his arms.

Everyday he promised me that he will make me a star One lucky day he used me as his finale gown model That was where Salvador saw me. My pain was written all over me. Salvador bought me from him with so much money
I was pregnant again Salvador payed for the second abortion
He trained me and made me who i am today Now I have enough money to pay him back.

CELIne Salvador is really kind To you, he’s not taking anything from you, not even your body which other girls will drop at a platter of nothing.

All he is asking is for you to concentrate so all his money wont go to waste , he has not started production of “right skin” because that cream is really expensive .

He gave you his sample the only one that was produced now it is your duty to make him proud at the showcase by convincing like 10 sponsors to invest.

I am using 10 sponsors as e.g. because that’s his biggest so far and Paula pulled that.

As a model you dont use your mouth to convince them you use your body fitness, your skin, your catwalk, your aura, you yourself, you are his investment. Celine you are his money. so please let go of Danny for now and concentrate on salvador.
So he won’t regret his decision to choose you.

Celine smiled

” but your story is so painful

” but now it’s my past.
I removed a child yes but now I have a son and a daughter

I left Jeremy for two Years yes but now I am married to him and he is the father of my son

So Celine what’s yours is yours you don’t need to force it.

Celine nodded

” so apart from walking which other class is hard for you.

” the whole cover your breast whatever

Crisella smiled

” you need to meet the expert, only someone who is perfect can make you perfect.

” Paula
” yes Paula

” I heard she is a snub

” well if you want
something you fight for it.

Celine nodded

” so are you ready to get the best catwalk award
CELIne nodded

Crisella borought out another shoe this one was way higher than the first one.

Both of them entered the compound and drove off they stopped in the woods

Celine wondered why she brought her here

The Bush was much, mountains, stones, heels, pits, water conduits etc

” we have to get to the other side of the mountain celine

Crisella gave her the shoes

” but these shoes are high

” if you want to be perfect you have to risk your all

Crisella walked in front she wore a canvas and celine walked behind her

Almost every water crisella skipped Celine fell into it

She fell like ten times

The bushes and tree roots kept pushing her down

” my pretty skin will spoil

” that’s my aim, I planned this as our last outdoor training so I believe after this you will be perfect If not we will come back here tomorow and next and your skin will be filled with scars

And Salvador will send you into the heater again and raise it to 700 I trust him.

So if you don’t want all this to happen give me perfection

She walked out

Celine walked and fell into a water conduit

Crisella dragged her up and left her on the floor

She stood up and mistook a step which made her fall and roll down down down till a tree root cought her

Crisella dragged her up and ignored her

CELIne was already bleeding

They got to a particular river

It was not deep but it was very wide

Crisella followed the other road and ordered Celine to walk in between the water with those heels till she got to dry land.

Celine started walking she slipped and fell into the water so many times

She kept kicking rocks and crying out loud

Soon she saw a snake at the other side she got scared and ran away

Crisella smiled Celine didn’t even know she was running comfortably with the highest heels till she got to dry land without falling

She looked at her legs she was so surprised

Crisella waved at her smiling

CELIne couldn’t believe it

Soon the got to the mountains

Crisella climbed up easily following the rock formed stair case

CElINE got scared

” what If I fall
” you die
” what
” if you are a coward who will lose without trying go back

Crisella cont climbing she almost slipped so many times

Minutes later she got to the top she looked down but she couldn’t see Celine

She turned and Celine was beside her She was shocked

Celine was bleeding from hair to toe and with tears in her eye she said

” I am not a coward.
Crisella hugged her

” CEline you passed my test now there is no stage in this world that you can’t walk on

And there is no heel in this world that you won’t wear You did it.

Celine smiled but she still didn’t understand what crisella meant

Until they got home

Crisella assistant placed the book on her head and told her to walk
And to everybody’s surprise not even one book fell.

CELIne catwalks better than the catwalk queen crisella

She walked with heels as if they wear her slippers

She spinned around without falling

She was perfect

” wow the new cat walk queen ” daniella Daniel ” , salvador said

CELIne smiled

” I must say no model catwalked like this in 10 days “, Deborah said
” she was trained by the best”, salvador said and walked to crisella he hugged her

” thank you for your time
” I love her, She reminds me of the old me and one day she will become the new me.

CELIne hugged crisella and crisella took her into her room.

Celine bathed and crisella applied rights skins oil into her skin

She took Celine upstairs and opened the Heater

CELINE walked in and crisella took her towel

She locked Celine in and reduced the voltage to 45

Celine didn’t talk for a while until she heard Celine knock gently

” crisella are you there
” yes my love
” tell me about Salvador wife, is he married
” no
” who Is that pretty girl he is always drawing
” that Is ” lia Anderson ” She was the number one of the most beautiful girls in the world.
She came to Salvador just like you did Salvador broke his first rule by falling in love with his model

He got so jealous he didn’t allow her to model any other product or company he signed her to only
p. W.

Lia was no longer his model she became more of his woman he loved her so much

” where is she ?

” she got stubborn, She told Salvador that she didn’t want to only model for him she said she wanted to tour the world so Salvador let her

” what did she do

” she got more Wild every day, she used her beauty wrongly, she was crazily beautiful just like you., She smoked like a dragon, She slept with people to get crowns and contracts, She slept with cAlvin to become his brand ambassador, She got interested in n.v she slept with the manager and became with the face of n.v worldwide

” no wonder her face is always in that cream cover

” yes she even slept with The oWner of high school magazine to cover his magazine and that contract pays really well up to 50 mill. She used her body to get the contracts

She was known all over the world but everything she did was with her body

Salvador found out he was so Heart broken she begged him and he forgave her
She stopped doing it she totally changed

Till she told Salvador to let her go for miss world
Few months to the contest she found out she was pregnant but she removed salvadors child for a crown Salvador was heart broken but she promised to settle down with him once she won the contest of miss world.

Salvador let her go and waited for her

She won but she never came back
No call no letter She still posts pictures, mostly half pictures
No body not even Salvador knows where she is , that Is her story lia Anderson.

” painfull

” i want to advice you as a friend. never use your body to get anything Almost all models do it, I know I did it once and i still regret it till today.That time always Comes when you know your body is your biggest weapon you may want to use it.

But always remember use your brains instead because once you start using your body you won’t stop.

She opened the heater and Celine stepped out

Her skin glittered again not even one mark remained

” I am glad to meet you crisella
Crisella smiled and covered her.

They both walked out.

Hoffman’s house

the maids in the Hoffman’s house looked at danny from upstairs

” too cute “,mary said
” Mary “, Emily shouted
” sorry “, Mary said
” I hate this sight “, emily said

Danny was swimming in the pool he wore only his white short with a white pearl ear ring his long hair fell freely

He wore a silver necklace and a sliver watch in one hand and on he other he wore two gold rings and a gold bracelet

A maid stood by the left holding his towels and his red wine

Miranda sat by the right with her leg in the water holding a timer and her wine sat beside her

She wore a white bikini pant and bra with a transparent long jacket and packed her hair up

Her silver leg chains sparked in the water where she put her leg
Mrs hoffman watched from her room window and smiled.

If only Danny will Just fall for Miranda she thought to herself.

Danny Swam back to Miranda and she lifted the timer to his face

” you must use 8 minutes you just used 10 we had a bet

” am tired and this is my fathers house
” no no I do not agree
” am cold

Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 101
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 99

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