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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 98

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 99
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 97

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 98♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
BY moreexperience
(6zney )


CELIne sat quietly with thoughts to herself
She just returned from the gym
Her schedules were really tight nowadays

Days flew by like air to her as she repeated the same activities every day

She felt like her life was now remote controlled

Yoga, swimming, training classes like 6 training classes with different trainers and models , dancing, aerobic exercise, gym, etc

She was looking at Danny’s most recent video which a fan captured of him In a restaurant

Daniel am glad you are happy
At least you have been smiling in all the pictures I have seen

She stood up and removed her towel jacket She looked at herself in the mirror

There was really a big difference in her skin

Maybe it was resultant to all the swimming sessions

What gave her more joy was the fact that her eye had been treated

She didn’t have to use lenses anymore.

Just then crisella walked

” daniella are you ready for your walking lessons

Celine nodded

” take this serious unless being a cream model is your only dream, sitting down and posing around for years

But if you want to go far, win international contests e.g. Mrs universe, miss world, best body, best cat walk, best runway model, top model, international super model , guest model, music videos etc then you wont play with this class.

Crisella assistant walked in

” lets start the classes

She bought out a pile of books and placed on Celines head

Celine started walking again but kept falling down as usual.

crisella stood up

” get me he highest heels available
The woman got heel shoes crisella gave it to Celine to wear

CELIne wore it she couldn’t even stand up well

Crisella dragged her into the compound and stood facing her

” run Celine
” with this ?
“what but I will fall
“If you fall you will stand up.

CELIne ran out

She fell down and stood up again

She ran back to where crisella stood

” run

CELIne ran off again she fell down and she hurt her leg she stoo up again

” run

Celine ran off she still fell down again she stood up and ran off again she still fell down her legs started paining

Crisella checked her time

” after one hour you will stop runing.

She walked out

Celine touched the blood on her leg she started breathing fast

“One hour “she thought to herself

She ran off again

Salvador watched her from the window when crisella walked in

” you are being too harsh

” if you Pamper her she won’t go far, she has to suffer first before she gets good

” that’s nice

” her training are harsh because I want to change her personality a little I want her to become mean and unpredictable she is beautiful but she has no aura she has no presence and that’s not good it would make people intimidate her easily and it will make people think that she’s weak.

” how is she responding to other classes

” very poorly especially the “nude posing ”

” am getting scared we no longer have to me and we are really oushubg this gurl a lot there are too many things for her to do she even forgets to eat I hope she doesn’t break down

” that’s because we no longer have time we need to msje her presentable for the world it’s not anybody’s fault

” how will Celine learn what other models practice for 7 months in 17 days

” I am scared too but I have this strong feeling about celine

” me too

danny just returned from the gym he dropped his bag and sat on the floor with his face up

Tears just kept rolling down his pretty eyes

CELInE I am trying to move on from u but it’s too hard

You are different from every girl I ever met

My soul and my being is tied to you

I laugh outside but die inside

I want to forgive you and look for you
I want to forgive you and call you but I can’t
I can’t forgive what you did Celine

Why did you do this to me

Why did we have such a powerful convernant only after you committed a crime

Why did you make love to me with deceit in your heart

You laughed so loudly with lies on your lips

He looked at his Mirror and remembered the day both of them took vows at the mirror

HE angrily broke the mirror with his hands causing him to bleed

He tears couldn’t stop

He placed his bleeding hands on his face
Its enough that you cheated
I can live with that, but why did you have to leave

Why didnt you just stay with me like you promised
Why are you making me breathless



celine fell to the door her legs where already bleeding and swollen up

Crisella dragged her up

” good work
Celine smiled with tears in her eyes

Salvador walked out

” the oil arrived , where is Deborah unclad her do what is needed and bring her up am waiting

Crisella nodded

She walked into the mansion with Celine some ladies in white smiled at celine crisella handed Celine over to them

They took her into the shower and undressed her

Celine just lay their quietly resting becaue we was still in pain

The started mixing stuffs into the water

The mixed so much that Celine got scared

They applied her soap on her and dragged her up

They lay her in the massage table and massaged some oil into her skin

Crisella watched carefully as they massaged her

Soon her skin so oily that it dropped oil

The ladies went out

Crisella covered her body with a white towel and dragged her upstairs

When crisella brought her into the room where Salvador sat she got scared

Is he planing to sleep with me she thought to herself

Salvador turned to crisella

” send her in

It was then Celine saw the Heater
Her heart jumped
She saw the flames
She saw the red and blue fire all locked up in a small rectangular shaped glass space

It was like a small glass room with a glass door which can contain 5 persons

She even felt the flame and hotess from where she stood

Inside of it was red like fire and flames oozed out from the under

Celine placed her hands on her heart

” come on
She gave crisella her hands and crisella dragged her to the Heater

They were still at the door but Celine was already in pain

Crisella removed her towel just then Salvador looked away
Crisella was surprised when he did that.

She locked the door behind Celine but before she could take a step Celine started crying

She walked down to Salvador

” oh thanks

” do you have feelings for this girl

Slavdor smiled

” Why asking

” you just did something you have never done before which means you see her more than just your model

” she’s sobbing slowly which voltage is it

” 50 but anwser me

” i only looked away because i hadnt seen her naked before you know, unclad and shes a shy type she might not come out of her room again.

Celine was still sobbing and the way Salvador looked at the Heater when he heard her cry Made crisella ask

” so you are not in love with her
” I don’t miss business with pleasure

Crisella smiled

” increase the voltage

Crisella picked the remote and increases it to hundred

That was when CELIne shouted out of pain

She pushed the door in tears and begged Salvador to open it

” Salvador, crisella someone please it’s too painfull i feel like am being burnt

She ran round the Heater knocking and pushing it in tears

Crisella suddenly shed tears

” crisella?
” Its like hell
Salvador touched her as the both watched Celine run around the Heater crying

She almost cried out blood and the fire kept on burning

Celine kept on shouting

” mom!!!, Danny!!! Danny please it’s too much for me

She started heating the door endlessly shouting

” salvador please I can’t breath, Salvador please get me out of this fire

” its not fire Celine just hang in there

Celine was shedding tears all her body was burning

She felt like she was in hell

She was shouting

She didn’t know what to do even when she tried leaning on the glass walls it shocked her

” its enough, it’s enough , stop it

Salvador picked his remote and increased the Voltage to 200

Celine screamed
Crisella held Salvador out of pain.
” enough, please enough Danny, mom, dad, Salvador please open this door my heart can’t bear the Pain anymore I might just give up, enough!!!

She kept pushing the door.

Crisella tried opening the door but Salvador dragged her back

” if her heart Is not strong she might die

” i will burry her then, I don’t sponsor dummies


Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 99
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 97

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