June 14, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 99

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 100
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 98

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 99♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

CELInE shouted her
She suddenly remembered her pains She felt like it was repeating

Salvador walked closer to her

” celine hang In there pls do not faint, you cannot faint, stay strong we no longer we have time this is our last option for fast effect of the cream on your skin you will smile at your skin when you are done with this so please scream out ,cry of you want but don’t faint in there. I can and i will never harm you pls trust me everything I do is for your perfection …

CEliNE started crying she started begging him to open the door

Salvador reduced it to 150.

Celine felt the hot breeze blowing at her from every corner.

It was so hot she was sweating heavily.
She cried silently after few minutes Salvador opened the Heater Celine walked out , he looked in her face she looked so teary.Her eye was full on red she couldn’t even open her eye well. He ran his eye down her skin glittered like diamonds
Her skin was so transparent and spotless She looked like a mermaid who lives in the water

Crisella smiled

” right skins model just arrived.
Salvador smiled
” she is beautiful “, he said

Before crisella could cover Celine she fell into salvadors arms ,She fainted

Crisella covered her and Salvador carried out They lay her on the massaging table and walked out

Celines eye were close but she still felt multiple hands on her body

After a while they dropped her in salvadors bed and covered her with the sheet per Crisellas order.

Crisella walked out and met Salvador outside

” how Is She ?
” she’s fine, she’s in your room Deborah is not around so She can’t stay alone in her room
” ok cool .

Crisella pecked him and walked out.

Salvador walked into his room Celine was still quiet he moved her back ward and balanced his hands on her neck

” Celine I am sorry, I know the Pain you went through because of me….. I really don’t have time any more


“am scared CEline needs to come home “, Mildred said
” why ? “, mary asked
” Danny has started again just like how it was with Clara he smiles outside but each time he comes home its either his smoking, or all the glasses in his room are shattered or he has a bandage on his hands and his mother is not noticing this at all.”,Mildred said

” I think Gretel is our hope we need to tell Gretel the truth she can now help us tell Danny am sure she won’t blow our cover “, Emily said

” but Gretel is spending her holiday with keila at their house. “, Mildred replied

” This is really bad, danny really loves celine he should just drop his pride and call her on phone. “, mary said

” I wish he will do so “,emily said

KeilAs house

Gretel sat in keilas bed

” its a lie celine can never do that”,keila said

” that’s what am trying to tell Danny but he has just changed he doesn’t even listen to me any more he got more mean now I wish I know where the Ethan took celine I will just go and bring her back maybe it was kidnap “, gretel said

” well there was a kissing video”, keila said

” come on ever body steals a kiss didn’t simeon steal a kiss before we started dating ,What about you, you are with Ryan but Sam stole a kiss from you yesterday and apologized. So What if Ethan stole a kiss from Celine what’s the big deal anyways.

” now your mom threatends to send you back to the state’s if you involve in this matter again

” and simeon is back In town what am I going to the states for. Danny rarely smiles anymore unless of course to the camera, press, paparazzi etc.

Danny’s room.

Danny removed the bandage on his hand and scratched his hair he picked his phone and Just then Miranda walked into his room she looked like a Tom boy wearing a hair warmer and shorts Danny smiled

” hey what happened

She lifted a bag she was holding up then she sat beside him in the bed

” I have been taking cooking lessons
” on how to cook what
” your favourites

She opened the bag and opened the flask
Then she clapped her hands together

Danny chuckled

” Miranda did you cook this
She nodded
” Mira i know you can’t cook
Miranda gave him the fork

” no love portions right
Miranda hit him
He tasted the food Omg the taste was awful all these female models always have poor cooking skills

Danny didn’t know how to swallow the food

” how was it ?
Danny gave her a thumb up

Miranda tried looking for a knife when Danny stood up and spat the food out the window.

He sat back down Miranda thought he swallowed it

” best food ever but I already over ate so i will eat at night “,
Miranda smiled

Danny dropped the food on his table

” thank you
” you are welcome so tomorow I will cook something else
” hahaha don’t worry, I mean why stress yourself
Miranda smiled
” so have you heard from CEline
” am not yet ready Mira , I don’t want to hear something that will kill me
” am sorry, maybe she has a good reason for leaving I really like CEline a lot

She hugged Danny

Celine am glad you left she said to herself in his arms.

Next day

Celine opened her eye and realised she was in salvadors room and on his bed.

She touched the bed cover and realised she was naked she instantly covered herself even her face

????What Is this????
????What went wrong????
She asked herself

Just then Someone opened her face it was Salvador She sat up and covered her chest with both hands.
” are you strong now .
Celine nodded.
” Ok but I dont accept personalised tattoos Celine people might think you are a borrowed model or a signed model.

” please can you let me have it ,actually someone drew it and I promised not to wipe it…if you clean it I will feel guilty I will feel like I chose my career over what I shared with that person.

” mmmmm I keep making exceptions when it comes to you, fine no problem you can save it

CELIne smiled
” i wanted to ask u”, she said scratching her hair

” tell me
” actually,… the thing is ….. She scratched her hair

she didn’t know how to ask Salvador why she was naked in his room

” what is it celine

” well i was just wondering,… well,… actually .. I am sorry never mind ..

” you are naked in my room Becsuse you fainted when you came out of the Heater. Deborah is not around so i wanted to keep you in a place where you can be monitored but no need to get scared I didn’t sleep here and I didnt touch you, i cant touch you without your permission , dont worry , u are in safe hands .

CELInE nodded and Salvador walked out CELInE stood up and locked the door she removed her cover and faced his mirror looking at her skin not even a single blemish remained

She was so happy even her hair Changed and had a stronger look and was longer Her skin was so soft She looked perfect she couldn’t even believe it was her.
She loved her new self.

Just then salvadors line rang Celine picked up the land line

” yes
” uhm Celine
” yes
” actually there is a camera In my room
” what
” its connected to my laptop u might want to cover yourself again.

CELINE dropped the phone and covered her face with both hands She was so shy she grabbed his bed cover and ran out of the room
Salvador watched her from his laptop and he just couldn’t stop laughing this girl is really crazy. Other models looked for an opportunity for him see them naked and sleep with them .

“She got to the room just to find Deborah on her bed

” ur late ,take your bath Celine and come down, She walked away
Celine showered and walked out.

The woman was holding her stick as always

” morning “,celine said
“tell that to me in The pool “, she said

Celine dived into the water. The woman brought out the watch
Celine kept swimming and coming back to check her time

” but I tried “,celine Said

” you will be perfect if you swim that distance in 5 minutes you are still using 10

Celine dives back in the water she came back again this time she used 8 minutes She returns back to the water After some time the woman asked her to rest

” you are coming up but I wish you will improve. we no longer have time see you tomorrow.

CELInE walked out she changed in her room just then another trainer arrived

She didnt like trishas class because she wasn’t improving.Trisha walked in

” daniella you are not improving this is the class you are failing the most

” I am really sorry

” just use your hand to cover your breast one very simple task you never know the sponsors might request for a live video of you Celine ….u need to be perfect.

She gave Celine a black strapless bra and she wore her own

” the bra is strapless the back Is bare As you can see its only covering your Breast but as a cream model you have to decieve them that you are braless so first you move your hair.

CELIne arranged her hair her and it covered part of her chest

” then use both hands

Trisha used both hands to cover her chest in such a way that even the bra didn’t show.

she then posed like a model CELInE tried doing it ……

” you are Stil wrong I can still see your bra its been one week and we are still at this

” sorry

” it gets more difficult because most of salvadors products are skin clears. all his cream models don’t use both hands to cover their chest instead you use one
Secondly you go totally bra less that’s y you need to learn this.

“Don’t you know Paula Jason.
she is so perfect she even forgets to wear a bra during make ups and hair washes brcause she uses her hands well, so learn it.

” freeing your hair is just an added advantage but what if Salvador prefers u pack ur hair behind you , what will u do?.

and remember you are modeling a Skin clear cream you cant free your hair and u cant wear a bra because the sponsor need to be sure your skin is spotless.

They need to see your back, under your br**st and sides has to be visible.

” yes, I understand

” so lets try again

She removed the bra and with one Hand she simply covered her br**st with the other hand while using her phone.

Celine tried it

” I can see your n**ple …
Celine laughed they both laughed

” I will teach you a simpler one
You can also use your kneel to cover your chest if you go braless
like this.

She raised both kneel to cover then she used her hand to cover with style by folding it around the knee

” you see, no one can see anything.

celine tried it and trisha laughed at her

” I can still see your ni**le” Celine fell to the bed

” Okay our time is up see you tomorrow .

The lady walked out

The trainer walked into the room where she saw Salvador

“did she get it ?
” no not really , shes so funny
” the show case is almost here.
” don’t worry with time

She walked out.

After resting for 30 minutes another trainer knocked on Celines door

” welcome

” lets continue today we will start with defining all the cutlery on the table.

She organised the table each fork and spoon in a different line

CELIne sat facing the table. And the lady spoke

“eat soup
Celine picked a spoon
” wrong
She took the spoon from Celine
” pick a wine cup
Celine picked a cup
” wrong that’s for water

Celine returned it

” pick a knife for beef
CELIne picked a knife
” wrong
Celine dropped it.

” when you are done eating how do you place your knife and fork.
Celine placed it on the plate
” wrong

You drop it like this so everyone will know you are done

As a model your cutlaries will talk for you.
” If you want more you drop your fork and knife like this
” If you are coming back to The food, maybe you want to use the bathroom you keep the fork and knife like this

” ok

” if you can’t eat because you hate the food and you need another you keep your fork like this

” ok

” sit up, do not keep your hands on The table.

” Do not lift your bottled drink away from The table

” yes.

” ok now lets start afresh

CELIne nodded.


Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 100
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