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Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 97

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 98
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 96

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 97♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )



danny walked out the shower when his phone rang it was mr king

He ignored the call first because he was busy applying his face cream

Mr king tried calling Danny again

” I think Danny will cancel, Celine is still missing

” you don’t know Daniel I heard Celine left with a man the Danny I know won’t sulk over, after all she’s not the first

” I know Danny is good at moving on thats what you thought him as part of being a celebrity but you dont know how much Danny loves CEline, he loves that girl more than he ever loved Clara

” at least Clara was faithfull till she died so danny mourning for two years is worth it but Celine cheated and stil left am sure Danny will drop her like he dropped Jennifer we both know how much he loved Jennifer

Just then Danny picked the call

” tell me kimg

” well Danny about the show in told you about

” with Vera

” yes

” whites day out

” yes so Vera came to town from new York she is in her branch in the city right now and she wants to meet

” who’s the female

” Miranda millnert

” has Vera arrived

” yes

” am coming out, give Sandra the phone

Mr king smiled and handed Sandra the phone

” sir

” I don’t feel strong Sandra I don’t want any crowd rushing me today so please you know what to do

” sure sir i will get the mask

” ok

Danny dropped the call
He fell into his bed

Celine why, I am trying not to believe this but there are to many evidences

Celine I just left you for 4days is that too much

We made vows to each other but you broke my heart
You chose to leave with Ethan you left me so I have to let you go too

I will try to leave without you even though it will be difficult.

Salvador sat with his crew

CELine already sat down

” its making sense

” that’s true sponsors run away from creams
Because we use models who already bleached their skin to model our products so the sponsors do not know the exact effect of the cream or soap they are putting their into, they wont know if it’s good or bad.

” just like what happened to light glow.
we used a model who already had an amazing skin and we lied that it was the cream that made her perfect.

We got 10 sponsors which is our biggest so far but after 1 year of people using the cream they complained that it didn’t make them look like the model

” so they stopped buying the cream and production went down, we lost 7 sponsors

” that’s why we put all our resources effort and income into producing right skin

” and in order to clear that bad name I know what I spent for right skin

” so I am glad you found a virgin

” I am also glad she has blemishes on her skin now we will find out the true effect of right skin.

” and we will prove to the world that perfect whites products can actually make you look like the model in the picture.

” so we need to take pictures of the model now that her skin is bad and her hair is not great.

after two weeks of using right skin we will also take a picture of her looking perfect and then merge both pictures together and use it in the sponsors showcase.

Salvador clapped for his brilliant workers

Deborah Turned to Celine

” you need to meet the doctor later he said he said he will treat your eye, no more lenses you will see well.

Celine smiled

” I heard Vera is in town “, tyler asked

” she should be meeting her models for “white day out today “, salvador said

” Miranda right with Daniel. ?”, momalise asked

” yes Miranda is the female “, salvador said

” Miranda is really a hard working model I know what she goes through to be number one she rarely even eats “,tyler said

” Deborah switch on the television “; salvsdor said

Deborah turned it on

Just then it showed the front of Veras branch

Many cars Parked outside but the area didn’t look busy

Fans and reporters filled the area expecting to see their favourites celebrities.

Just then someone walked out wearing a black Mask
He packed his hair directly behind and wore a black hat

He walked down with only one person in casual outfit

He walked very fast trying to rush into the complex

Without stress Celine recognized that it was Danny

Just then she didn’t know when she called his name out

” Danny.

Everbody turned to the screen

” is that Daniel ?”, tyler asked
Salvador laughed
” he is the reason why everybody came here andvhrs trying to sneak out

” I really pity that guy sometimes he has too much crazy fans that its difficult for him to live like a normal person “, monalise said

” fans don’t let him breath. “, tyler said

” they will recognize him soon.”, salvador Said

Danny walked up in a speed until one reporter noticed his body stature, height and walking step he asked his fellow reporter


Mirandas car arrived she drove to the extreme end and didn’t come out of her car she just sat there she didn’t even know it was Danny

Danny walked further when someone shouted


All the crowd rushed him Salvador chuckeled

Before the could get to him his guards came out of no where and covered him

Sandra rushed him too with his water on phone

Everybody just laughed the scene was funny

Danny removed the mask and and laughed for a while

He’s laugh was so contagious that everybody laughed with him

He waved at his fans and shaked does who were close

He signed on people and kept runing a little he really wanted to get past the crowd

Celine watched him as he smiled carelessly with his hands on his lips

She felt bad that Danny moved on so quickly without even searching for her

Danny arrived close to Mirandas car

She walked out and her guards covered her

She saw Danny and the Crowd following him she laughed at him

She snuck herself closer to him with the help of her guards and slipped her hands into dannys hands

Danny smiled as he held her hands tight

He whispered to her

Danny : lets run
Miranda nodded

Before the press could notice it both of them ran away laughing the crowd still chased them

Everybody just laughed as they both ran into the building .

The sight Miranda close to Danny was hurting Celine so visibly

She kept looking down and up to dry her tears

Salvador noticed this and instantly switched of the television

” the shoot will start in ten minutes
” ok sir

Celine excused herself and ran into her room

All the sponsors left.


Danny and Miranda sat before Vera

” the date is still far why the meeting now

” I don’t want you as a guest model alone I also want you as guest artist

Danny smiled

” you want me to sing too

” yes that’s the concept

” I will look into it

” so Miranda I was talking to Victoria

” don’t worry it’s been settled

” nice so lets fill the forms

She brought out books

Light opens back at celine everything was set for the shoot.

Her hair was wet and scattered
She wore a strapless bra with nude pants

She posed and pictures of her where being taking she wasn’t really good at for now but they believed she will improve before the main shoot.

The editor turned to Celine

” what’s the models name
“daniella, daniella Daniel
” ok

Celine stepped down and Deborah covered her

” the shoot a came out well
” yes love it
Celine gently smiled.

Salvador screened the picture in his screen

” perfect for a before
” totally

Minutes later everybody cleared Celine sat on the bed of her room

She just realized it now
Was Danny the price she had to pay to change her life
She was in so much thought she didn’t even get dressed though she was feeling cold

She missed Danny so much she wondered if he missed her too

Danny you can’t move on from me I can’t leave without you I won’t accept that.

Just then Salvador walked into the room holding a glass of water

Celine instantly grabbed her towel

She covered her body

” don’t mind my not knocking am seriously manner less

Celine smiled

He handed her the water and sat facing her

CELIne looked at him just now she agreed that Salvador was just too handsome.

” do you still love him
Celine smiled and nodded
” well no need to be scared Celine Danny still loves you, you were pained by he’s smiles you didn’t look into his eye its obvious he misses you, He needs you and he’s in pain.

Celine smiled

” but I will advice you Celine if you want to make it you have to place Danny behind you force yourself to let Danny go for now If you don’t put your all into this you won’t make it, If Danny’s yours you don’t need to stress yourself he will come to you celine so for now I need you to concentrate on me please I am investing millions into you celine do not fuck this up because of a man.

Let’s concentrate on this because this is big for me.

So I want to advice you right now to concentrate on what matters, concentrate on you now.

I already assigned a manager to you.

She’s someone I want you to be like in future

Crisella Valera will be your manager for now

By next week your personal assistant will arrive

Before we go back to new York

” of course

Salvador stood up and walked out

Celine removed the towel.

Danny I can’t travel without seeing you.

She said to herself



Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 98
Celine And Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 96

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