July 26, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 92

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He And Her V

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers

Episode 92

“Did you hear what Grace just said?” I asked Tucker and he shook his head.

“She said ‘plan failed.’ ”

“Really? Meaning she’s the one behind the disguise man that had pretended to rape you?

” Obviously , if we tell the cops ,they’ve got no proof to hold on to” I said.

The cops arrived minutes later and arrested the man pretending to be Walter.

But where in the world could they have kidnapped the real Walter into.

I walked boldy to Grace’s room.

“I heard you say ‘plan failed’ It will always fail. I hope you give up before it’s too late already” I said.

“I will give up after you get pregnant” She said and her words struck my heart.

I stood feeling terrible for few seconds. I can’t really explain why but I just feel horrible.

“Where is Walter?” I asked

“Search my room very well for him , I may be hiding him somewhere here ” She replied sarcastically and called unto her daughter.

I turned angrily and went out. Her words made me feel like she’s looking at me like a barren.

I forbid it. I will never be a barren.

But…Tucker and I had being making love for like two months now.

Why didn’t I feel like I’m getting pregnant?

No, I needed to visit the hospital to confirm if I had taken in or not.

I told Tucker about my visit to the hospital and he insisted that he will follow me but I stopped him.

I finally arrived at the hospital and went to the maternity department to get myself texted.

In few minutes , I had being attended to. I was asked to wait for a while for the result.

After few minutes , the doctor arrived and gave me a file.

“The result of the text you just did is there ” He said and I nodded.

I opened the file and it texted NEGATIVE which implies I’m not pregnant

I lowered my head sadly.

What could be happening to me?

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