July 27, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 10

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 9

???????? Her Personal Taste ????????

Love Triangle ❤

????Authoress Jenny ????

????Not edited ????


Chapter 10


I walked into the house expecting a warm embrase from penny or even kyle but i didnt get any

The house was silent which is weird

I walked upstairs ,on reaching kyles room i heard voices

It was’nt my nature to eavesdrop
but i was curious ,what were they talking about?

My heart dropped when they finished talking and penny opened the door

I was heart broken ,my heart was heavy ,should i be happy or sad


He has been pretending and lying to me all this while

I kept fighting and holding back the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes

“JENNY” penny yelled in shock

“Errrm ,,,,i ,,,,” penny kept stammering while kyle starred at me dumfounded

I shut the door and ran to my room locking the door

I leaned on the door and allowed my tears to flow

How could he keep such a thing away from me?why did he pretend to be a robot ?penny knew and she didnt tell me why?the kiss,the breakfast on bed and all

questions i kept asking myself but got no answer

Kyle pov

When penny opened the door and i saw jenny ,I knew that was it,i knew i lost jenny

i walked to her door and heard her sniffing her tears ,

I sat down in front of her door thinking of were to start from ,At least i need to explain myself before she kicks me out

“Jenny i know you can hear me and am the last person you will want to talk to right now but at least before you judge me or send me out let me explain” i said

I heard her sniffing stopped that mean i got her attention so i continued

“It all started when you came requesting for a robot,,i have always had a crush on you so i made my way to pretend to be your robot and that was how i fell more deeply in love with you,i couldnt hold it any longer the other day so i had to kiss you ,,but trust me what i feel for you is real,,and when penny came she was quick to notice and i convinced her not to tell you” i said

I hear the door crack of and jenny walked out with her eyes all swollen ,,i was expecting a slap or worse but instead she dragged me into her room and landed her lips in mine

I kissed her passionately,,,,things happened so fast that before i knew it we were both uclad on her bed making love to each other passionately


Her Personal Taste. Chapter 9

4 thoughts on “Her Personal Taste. Chapter 10

  1. The story did not end well if u dont mind can u pls continue
    We dont even know wat happened to Albert
    So pls am begging just Continue d story

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