August 3, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 11

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Episode 11
I can’t believe I even let that ugly duckling touch me, gosh if it wasn’t for my eyes.
I entered the class and saw her giggling with Anna, I wish I could kill that girl for ruining my plans.
I went over to the ugly ducklings seat and sat on the table. Usually she’ll be scared but now she isn’t, makes me wonder what has gotten into her.
Sudden strength, sudden courage, sudden confidence and fearlessness.
“I’m impressed” I said as I sat down.
She just stared at me like I’m speaking Spanish, “You’re so dumb, I wouldn’t have done the same if I were you but I guess you’re still the same ugly duckling”
She smirked, “That’s also because I’m not you”
She dares to mock me.
“You can never be me, I’m not a dog poo dear” I mocked.
“You’re right, I can never be you Williamson. That’s because I don’t have a ugly heart like you and I’m not as heartless as you are” I said and everyone in class gasped.
Prosper came beside me glaring at her, Anna isn’t saying anything, enjoying the show I guess.
“Am I not so impressed with the sudden confidence of the schools queen of ugliness.
Your royal ugliness…”
“Shut up Prosper…whatever your name is” the ugly duckling cut him off standing up.
The whole class began clapping, a mockery clap actually.
“Well…isn’t the ugly girl so brave now. Everyone is impressed with your act” I said.
“What everyone will be more ‘shocked’ with is what I’m about to reveal to you guys”
She’s so confident that I’m beginning to think things won’t go in my favor.
“Why would anyone listen to words from a disgusting mouth like yours” prosper said, everyone laughed.
I can see she’s trying not to burst out or go running, whatever she’s about to say.
Something tells me that I shouldn’t let her talk, I don’t know why though.
“They will when they realize Williamson… your cute crush is actually crushing on me” she blurted out.
“What?!” I yelled.
Everyone burst into laughter again, who would believe such a lie.
“Or should I say he actually loves me but he’s too scared to admit it because he doesn’t want to lose his reputation. Isn’t that right darling?”
Is this girl crazy or what? What in the world is she talking about? Why would I love an ugly poo like her?
“Really? Nice show…I must commend your desperation your royal ugliness” said prosper.
She went to the front of the class holding her phone and a camera.
“You don’t believe me… well I don’t expect you to so you can just look at these”
I moved closer and my eyes widened to what I saw, I’m gonna faint anytime.
Oh my strawberries.
It’s a picture of me and her kissing.
Or I’m just hallucinating.
Just look at his face.
I just love the look on his face, everyone is shocked and confused.
Sometimes I shock myself
“OMG! Williamson is a big liar!”
“He’s liked her all along”
“I thought he said he never wanted anything to do with the ugly duckling”
“Even he is so disgusting now”
I feel so satisfied with those words, “What is the difference between us now ‘sweetheart’”
He grunts and runs out, I couldn’t control myself. I began laughing so hysterically, I went out of class to the ladies so I don’t look like a psycho.
I open the tap and washed my face, I wiped it with my face towel and went out.
I met Williamson on my way back, he looks like a total mess. That totally serves him right.
I walked past him but he dragged me back, “Ouch!”
“You ugly duckling! You dare to embarrass me in front of everyone, you have no idea what you’ve done to yourself. You’re gonna pay for it, don’t think you’ve won” he said.
“At least I’m not the one crushing on me” I laughed.
“You!” He raises his hand… but then stops.
He lets me go and walked away, wow.
So he even has a little bit of humanity, nice.
After school, my sweet brother and I went home but he just couldn’t stop talking about what the whole school is talking about.
“I never thought that you could do that Joy, sister you’re a blast” he said as soon as we entered the house.
I smiled and went up to my room, Williamson got what he deserved.
But I still feel a little bad about myself, that I’m not beautiful or outgoing like other girls.
My mom walked in with a tray of food, mom’s absolutely the nicest mother I know.
She dropped the tray on my reading table and sat beside me on the bed.
“How was school today darling?” She asked even though she knows it’s still the same story. Typical mom.
“The same mom… I’m always mocked for my ugly face” I replied sarcastically.
She sighed, “if you knew how beautiful you are… you wouldn’t care what anyone thinks”
I gave her a look that says ‘not now mom’
She gave me an mp3 player, “Listen to this song, you’ll understand that there’s a princess in every girl. No one is born without beauty, it’s just the circumstances my darling” she stood up and walked out.
What song is this anyways?
I played the song and it’s a popular song by Canadian singer Alessia Cara.
Scars to your beautiful.
This song is stupid but I kinda feel like she’s right, I should love myself because that’s the first step to making people love me.
How can they when I’m not even happy with myself?
You’re right Alessia.
I don’t have to change a thing, I’m okay just the way I am.
That ugly duckling made a fool of me yesterday, made me the center of mockery in the whole school.
I’m going to have my revenge on her, she is gonna wish she was never born.
I entered school with the mockery still fresh in the school, I meet up with Prosper who’s feeling is mutual.
“So what’s the plan or aren’t you going to make the ugly duckling pay?” he asked.
Just then I saw her walk in with Feathers, that over protective lousy brother of hers.
“We get her to beg me publicly” I replied with pride.
I whispered into his ears and he smiled, payback time.
“Joy you’re needed at the schools lab right now” a girl came in and rushed out..
She hesitated at first, but then went out. I signalled Prosper and we followed her, she entered the lab and found no one there.
She turned to leave but was startled by our presence, I smirked.
“What… do you want from me?” she asked shakily.
“Awwwn…ugly poo is scared” Prosper heated.
I moved forward, she moved back still scared.
“I told you I would have my revenge, well darling I’m just getting started”

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