June 14, 2021

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My Master. Episode 32

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As I am walking down the stairs, I hear voices in a heated arguement. One of the voices is clearly Cole’s.

“You are not taking her anywhere” Cole bursts out just as I reach the bottom of the stairs.

“Taking who?” I ask and four heads snap towards me.

I look at the two men standing at the door, clad in black suits and dark shades. You know the typical Men In Black look.

And then my eyes travel to Cole and Emily, who are standing in front of the men and from the way they are standing, they were obviously not going to give me away so easily. They looked ready to fight, but they would be no need for that.

“Excuse me” one guard speaks up and I look at him.

“Yes?” I ask cocking my brow at him.

“Are you by any chance Lady Talia, mate to his Lordship?” He asks and I frown.

It’s obvious these people were here to take me away, so why the politeness and titles?

“Yes, I am.” I reply. “Is there a problem?” I ask.

“The new Council Head requests your presence in the Council house. We have strict orders to take you there, and to eliminate anything that gets in our way” the man says, his last statement obviously directed towards Cole and Emily.

“The only thing that will get eliminated is your scrawny little…” Cole bursts but I cut him short before things could get out of control.

“There will be no need for any elimination” I said glaring at Cole who glares back.

“Gentlemen” I say referring back to the huge men standing by the door.

“May I go and get dressed into something a bit more proper?” I ask as I was still in my pyjamas.

“I must insist not my Lady. You are needed at the Council House immediately, the life of his Lordship depends on it” the other guy explains. He had been quiet all along.

My heart beats fast at his words. Kayden’s life was at stake.

“Very well, lead the way” I said walking towards them.

Cole glares at me and so does Emily.

“I love you guys” I whisper as I pass them.

I simply cannot stop to look at them, knowing it could be the last time I would see them.

I follow the men as they lead me to a black Limousine which is parked outside.

What a way to treat a prisoner! Drive her to hell in a fucking Limousine.

The door is opened for me and I get in. My breath stops as I see Darrien sitting on the other side of the Limousine.

I swallow the anger that starts to simmer inside me and I get into the car and sit next to him silently.

The door is closed, leaving me and Darrien seated in an defeaning silence. The engine roars to life and soon the car starts moving.

The tension in the Limo is uncomfortable. I have a lot of questions, but I fear that asking them will only worsen the situation which is already there.

“Cute pyjamas” Darrien finally says after what felt like an eternity of silence.

“You won didn’t you?” I ask ignoring his statement.

“Yes” he answers with a smirk.

“And you screwed him over?” I ask again.

Darrien chuckles.

“I did it for you babe” he said finally turning to look at me.

“How can you possibly say that. You screwed over the love of my life, the father of my unborn baby, and yet you still have the guts, the audacity to say you did it for me?” I burst.

Darrien looks out the window and sighs.

“We have two weeks” he said.

“For what?”

“To get to know each other before we get married” Darrien says nonchalantly.

I look at him with wide eyes and a dropped jaw.

“Are you fucken retarded” I burst out.

He simply laugh at my out burst.

“Did you need more time to get to know me baby” he asks with a smug smirk on his face.

“Jesus Christ” I groan falling back against the seat.

“We will discuss this further during the two weeks. Our wedding is going to be perfect, I promise you.”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“Darrien, I would never get married to you. Not even in your wildest dreams. I belong to another, I have been marked by another, do you not know that. And that another has his seed growing inside of me. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?” I said.

“I can keep the baby. I can get daddy’s witch to unmark you. And Kayden…. well I usually eliminate competition when I see it.” He says and my blood runs cold.

“You wouldn’t…” I gasped.

“Ooh I would. You’re the only thing keeping him alive. If you reject my proposal to marry you, I shall order Kayden to be killed” he says calmly as if the words he was speaking were not toxic and full of venom.

Tears well in my eyes as I realize how utterly terrible this situation has become.

“Your dad would never allow it. He would never allow you to marry a pet.” I said with a glimmer of hope.

“The only thing that my father derives satisfaction from is Kayden’s suffering, and I am giving him that. And besides, you are no longer a pet. You were marked by a Lord, your bear the title Lady Talia now” he said crushing the only blossoming hope I had left in me.

“Why are you doing this Darrien?” I asked him and he doesn’t reply.

We continue the car ride in silence. Tears are rolling down my eyes as I think of the whole situation. I do not understand what Darrien’s motive is. I don’t understand what he aims t achieve by marrying me.

“I’m a wounded man Talia. And my heart weeps. But in my family there is no room for weeping hearts and heartache. There is only room for destruction. I’m just trying to build something new and solid.” he says as we pull up in front of a huge mansion.

I did not understand Darrien’s words. But I did understand that he was just another victim of Lord Vincent’s cruelty. He was just like Kevin. They were all victims of a cruel and bitter father whose ambitions blinded him from all the hurt he was causing his own blood.

I understood, but I did not approve of Darrien nor Kevin’s ways of dealing with the situation.

“Talia, I need a second chance to prove my worth. And you are my second chance. I failed Anya, but I will not fail you.” Darrien spoke again.

And with that the door to the Limousine was opened and we were led out of the car by the MIB.

My head was spinning. My thoughts were racing and they were all over the place.

I did not know how best I could deal with this situation. But all I knew was that we were all victims. Each and every one of us had suffered or is suffering in the hands of one man.

Lord Vincent.



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