June 19, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 24

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Episode 24.


I dressed in an oversized T shirt and a skirt thaf stretched down to my foot. My shoes were a bit torn at the edge and the weaving on my heard was the one that my sister had abandoned.

I arrived quiet early today. I signed in and walked majestically upstairs.

Common! I even arrived before the boss. I opened the door and sat. I began to gather files that I would be working on for the day.

Few minutes later , the boss arrived and walked to his sit. ” You are welcome sir”

“How are you doing?” He asked and booted his computer.

“Fine , you?” I asked and he looked at me in surprise.

“Are you blind?”


“I asked if you are blind. Do I look like someone that is not fine. Young girl , don’t annoy me today plus why wouldn’t you use SIR for me. Aren’t you suppose to say ‘ And you sir?'”

“Oh! ” I said and continued doing what I was doing.

“Hey! Aren’t you suppose to say Sorry” He asked.

“Sorry” I said and he stood angrily and searched around for what I did not know of.

“I wish I can get something to smash on your ugly head. Do I look like a sick person to you. Why are you telling me sorry?”

“But you just told me to say it ”

“And so? You will say ‘sorry sir’. Always learn to add SIR. I’m your boss here ” He said and I nodded.

“Okay SIR” I said and he shot me a devilish look and went to sit.

What has gone wrong with the boss this morning. Just taking everything personal.

I realized that the pin in my stapler has finished so I stood to take a pack of pin from his desk.

I got to his desk and before my hand could reach where the pin is , he pushed my hand away.

“What did you want?” He yelled.

“The pin sir ” I replied.

“Then you ask ”

“I’m sorry sir ” I said and he finally allowed me to pick the pin.

I fix the pin in my stapler and said. ” Have you confirmed if your head is big or not?”

“I confirmed from my HEARTBEAT yesterday and she told me that it’s big” He finally replied like a reasonable somebody.

“I told you sir. And did you just say Heartbeat sir?” I asked.

“Is that a problem. She loves me with my big head and head are even getting marrying soon”

“Oh really?”

“I’m not inviting you , face your work ” He said.

“Okay sir ” I said and continued working.

“Sir , did anyone tell you that your eyes are big too?” I asked and I could feel his eyes pressed on me

He hurriedly went to the standing mirror at the office to examine his eyes.

“Big! I do not think so?”

“Ask your HEARTBEAT sir ”

He stood dumb for a while after which he went to pick his phone and put a call through to his HEARTBEAT.

My phone began to vibrate in my pocket but I didn’t pick it since he’s right before me standing.

After he had tried the line several times , he gave up and went to sit sadly.

“And if turns out you are lying, I’m firing you” He said.


“Don’t let me invite the guards to flog the hell out of you , how many times have I told you to always add SIR to your words?” He asked.

I shook my head and focused on my work.

“How many distributor were you able to send mails to yesterday?”

“They SIR were SIR thirty SIR two SIR in SIR number SIR ”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

“You SIR told SIR me SIR to SIR always SIR add sir SIR to SIR every SIR of SIR my SIR word SIR.”

“Seems this girl has gone Psycho full time. That’s not what I meant dumb girl, d@mn it” He shouted while I just watched.

“How many of our distributors do you…mail to woman?” He asked again

They SIR were SIR thirty SIR two SIR in SIR number SIR ”


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