July 31, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 19

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 19 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????
???? Lisa’s P. O. V. cont ????
Lisa ran upstairs and Andre breathed out.
He wiped his tears and looked up to Antonio that was still here.
“are you sure there’s no mistakes” he asked.
“there isn’t, he’s your son ” Antonio said and Andre nodded then Antonio left.
“I told you Andre, Alec is yours ” I said moving closer to him.
“five years ago when I left you, after some weeks I found out I was pregnant, I knew perfectly well that the child belongs to you but I told Matthew it belongs to him anyway. I gave birth to Alec and Matthew accepted him as his child although he still had doubts. Little did I know that Matt was secretly doing a DNA test and that’s how he found out that Alec isn’t his and he threw us outta his house and I had no where to go than here ” I said as tears stroll down my cheeks.
“so Andre, I know I made a very big mistake but I’m sorry, I realise my mistake now so let’s build up our family ” I said touching him but he yanked my hands off.
“Andre let Lola go, she doesn’t belong here, she’s still very young and innocent, let her start her life afresh ” I said holding his arm but he pushed me away and I landed on the couch.
I got up and tried walking to him but stopped when he yelled “stop”
“don’t you dare come closer to me ” he yelled as tears stream down his cheeks.
“what wrong did I do to you Lisa that you had to ruin my life, I regret ever falling in love with you, gosh you’re so despicable ” he yelled with tears still streaming down his cheeks.
“Lola isn’t going anywhere, if anyone’s gonna leave then it would be you ” he yelled and I smirked.
“really, remember you’re still legally married to me and we now have a son making our bond stronger ” I said and laughed.
“you’re so evil Lisa, why did someone like you have to come into my life in the first place, fine, if you’re not leaving then Lola and I will elope to somewhere far and live happily together ” he yelled and I flared up.
“dare me Andre, you’re going nowhere “I spat out.
“oh yeah I am” he said and ran upstairs.
He thinks he can leave just like that, no way.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I zipped up my luggage as I already placed all my things inside.
I don’t belong here so I’ll have to leave.
The door flew open and Andre came in with tears in his eyes.
“Lola please don’t go, please don’t leave me ” he held my hands and squatted down in front of me.
“Andre I have to leave, build up your family ” I said and looked away.
“but I thought you love me, if you love me then stay with me” he said sniffing.
“I do love you Andre, but can’t you see the world is against us, can’t you see the universe don’t want us together ” I cried and got up from the bed I was seated on.
“we will make the world be with us, we will make the universe accept us” he said turning me to face him.
“Andre no matter what, I can’t stay with you anymore, you have a son, a wife and you have to build up that family so do the needful ” I half yelled.
“Lola you don’t love me coz if you do you will feel the pain I’m feeling right now ” he said and it was like my heart was being pricked.
How can he say I don’t love him, how can he think I don’t feel the pain.
In fact I’m the one who’s more hurt coz if I leave him, he still has a family to call his own while I don’t even know if I can move on.
“is that what you think, that I don’t love you, that I don’t feel your pain” I asked as hot tears trickled down my cheeks.
“Andre I feel your pain, it hurts so much to my brain that I can’t even think straight anymore ” I yelled.
“how could you doubt my love for you ” I asked.
“Lola I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that ” he said, coming closer to me but I moved backward.
“Andre you have to let me go, you’re still legally married to Lisa and she has realised her mistake so accept her back” I said.
“I can’t do that ”
“Andre for me, do it for me ” I said but he shook his head “no”
“Andre if you love me, just a tiny feeling for me then let me go” I said pleadingly.
“that’s one thing I can’t do for you Lola, I love you and I want to always see you happy but I can’t let you go because I’m this selfish ” he said and I held my head trying to calm the pains I feel.
“Lola just stay with me” he said looking straight into my eyes.
I know for sure that Andre won’t let me go.
If I really wanna leave then I’ll have to plan another way out.
“please Lola ” he said and I nodded.
He wrapped his arms around me tightly like I will disappear into thin air.
“I love you so much ” he said and kissed my lips and I smiled.
“Lola come have dinner, I prepared it specially for you ” Andre said from the door.
I smiled and followed him downstairs to meet Lisa and Alec already seated.
Lisa smiled at me and I returned it.
I understand what’s she going through coz I’m a woman like her.
“don’t worry Lisa, you’ll have your Andre back” I said in my mind.
“Lisa get up” Andre said calmly.
“but I ” Lisa was saying but was cut off when Andre yelled “I said get up ”
Lisa stood up with tears in her eyes and ran to her room.
I looked at Andre with a blank expression and he just looked away avoiding my gaze.
“dad why did you chase mom away ” Alec asked, starting to tear up
“coz she’s bad and you can run along with her if you want “Andre said and I hit his chest gently.
“Alec sweetie, don’t mind daddy, he just had too much to drink ” I said and Andre gave me a look and I chuckled then we started eating.
“let’s go up love ” Andre said.
“uhm I’ll be up soon, I just wanna do something in the kitchen”
“I’ll wait ”
“no just go wait for me” I said and he looked at me suspiciously.
“what, I’m not gonna leave ” I said defending myself and he smiled then went upstairs.
I took dinner to Lisa in her room with Alec with me.
I knocked and walked in.
“I brought this for you ” I said to Lisa and she smiled.
“thanks ” she said.
“Lola please leave Andre, I know I don’t deserve a second chance but please leave him and he will come back to me, please ” she cried.
“don’t worry Lisa, I wouldn’t want to be the one to break up this family, I’ll leave ” I said as a tear find its way outta my eye.
“really, you’ll do that ”
“yes for you, Alec and Andre ” I said and smiled as my tears became plenty.
“thank you so much, I’m grateful ” she said and hugged me.
“so how are you gonna leave and when are you planning to leave ”
“tonight ”
“do you have anywhere to go, I have an apartment where you can stay”
“no thanks, I have somewhere to go ” I said and we smiled.
“thank you so much “she said and I nodded and wiped the fucking tears that kept streaming down.
“I better go before Andre finds me here ” I said and got up then left.
“what rook you so long ” he asked as I got on the bed and laid beside him with my head on his chest.
“sssh ” I said, caressing his bare chest and he chuckled.
I got up watching Andre as he slept.
“I’m sorry my love” I whispered.
I got down from the bed, took my already packed luggage and went out.
I reached down stairs to meet Lisa.
She smiled when she saw me and I returned the smile though I’m hurting like hell.
“you’re an angel ” she said and hugged me.
I smiled and came outside.
“bye Andre, goodbye my love ” I said and turned my back then left.

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