July 30, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 3

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 121b to 123
24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 2

24 hours with the Ruthless Billionaire.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Episode 3

(Check if she’s the one)

Melissa’s POV

“I handled it already, don’t bother ” I said and he peeked into my face.


“Don’t worry. He’s my dad. I just texted him and I’m sure he will understand ” I said.

“Okay , thanks ” He replied and looked to the door as if telling me to walk out.

“Hello Mrs. Melissa , Hello Mrs. Melissa!” I kept hearing my name being called repeatedly by the hotel attendants.

They must have come to ask for their money from me since they haven’t seen my fictional boyfriend that I had said is coming to foot the bill.

“Are you the one being called?” He asked after listening for a while to the repeatedly called name.

“No ” I lied.

“Their sound is disturbing me here. Can’t they settle issues with whatever they had with Melissa or whatever they calling her. Why bringing it upstairs?” He lamented angrily and stood.

He tried to walk towards the door but I stopped him.

“Where are you going?”

“To caution them of course ”

“You do not have to “I said. ” They will handle it soon”

“You don’t tell me what to do ” he said and went to the door and opened it wide in such a way that left me exposed.

I asked hastily to the back of the door to hide.

“Your noise is disturbing me ” I heard him say to the hotel attendants.

“Sorry sir. The woman in this room told us her boyfriend is coming to foot the bill and we haven’t seen any traces of any boyfriend. The person who attended to her is going to rest. Her shift is over and she must balance her account before handing over to the next attendant in shift. that was why we decided to come here to tell her to foot the bill” The attendant explained politely.

“This room” I heard him point to the room and then he turned his head to where I hide.

He finally saw where I stood behind the door and asked ” Isn’t that your room?”

I shook my head not wanting to speak so those attendant will not hear my voice not know that a woman is in his room.

“Thought you said your room is right opposite mine ”

“That was before. My room number had changed ”

“What are you talking about ?” He asked and turned to the hotel attendant back.

“Come and check my room and see if this woman here is the one ” He said and hot urine start filling my bladder.

Sweats were covering me so fast in fear. I’m done for.

Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 121b to 123
24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 2

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