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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 101

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♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 101♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

” am tired and this is my fathers house
” no no I do not agree
” am cold
” lies
” please
He formed a very cute face
Miranda removed his hair from his eye
” a bet is a bet
” ok

He dived back into the water and came back to Miranda

She checked her time

” 9
‘ I tried
” no
Danny angrily dragged her into the water
Miranda laughed

” lets both stay cold
Mrs hoffman smiled at them

Miranda dropped her glass and pushed Danny to the extreme where he balanced

She gave him the timer then she removed her jacket and dropped it beside him

She got to the distance Danny came from and swimmed back to him in a high speed

She got to him and wrapped her hands round his waist

” check the time
Danny smiled
” hmmmm 5 minutes
” am a top model
” I know

She smiled
Then moved closer to kiss Danny
All the maids closed there eyes

” no Danny
” those lips belong to Celine
” don’t let her charm you

Miranda got close enough kiss Danny, he looked at where Miranda placed her hands it was on the tatoo Celine drew.
he moved from her lips and pecked her cheek

Then he walked out of the water

He took his wine from the maid and as well as his towel

He tried wearing his slipper the maid bent down and fit it in properly

Danny then walked to his seat
Miranda sat beside him

They both looked up

” beautiful cloud “, Miranda said
” yes, reminds me someone
Miranda smiled
Danny drank his wine

” what if she is really gone for good, what if all the women you like leave and I am still here, still in love with you, then will you look at me.

Danny looked at her eye they looked full on teary

Miranda don’t use pity to get me please he said to himself

Danny took her hands from her lap and held it tight

” I won’t wait for all that to happen to look at you, you are already one of the women I like

” really

” yes, but right now I am going through a little tough time, just a little

” i will wait

Danny smiled

” actually, I want you to wait , I am happy because each time I turn back you are always there waiting for me.

He kissed her hands


celine followed deborah to salvadors room He was waiting for her

The table was designed pretty and a bottle of wine sat comfortably

Celine wore a very long night gown

She sat beside Salvador who poured her a drink.

Her long hair fell freely

When she looked at Salvador all she said in her mind was

“Don’t worry I won’t dissapoint you infact i will get you 15 sponsors. ”

Salvador passed her the drink

” I don’t drink
” Learn how to

She picked the glass

” what are we celebrating

“:your progress and secondly its someone’s birthday today and I seriously need a drinking partner

Celine smiled “lia” she said to herself.

” happy birthday to that person
Salvador smiled
” congrats on your” A” in cat walk
They both hit the glass together.
“you look beautiful
Celine smiled as she took her drink.

danny was on call in his room

” have you seem him
” no
” as soon as you see him do let me know
” ok.

Danny dropped the call and turned he saw that tatoo kit he angrily opened his door and dropped it outside.

He sat back on his bed

We have some scores to settle. He said

Next morning

Celine completed few of her classes for the day she and deborah walked into salvadors car and drove off Soon they arrived at p. Ws commercials.

” Salvador will look for you
CEline smiled and wore her glasses they mixed into the crowd she passed Mr king by and he didn’t even recognize her neither did she recognize him

She stooped and looked at the projector almost all five of them displayed short films by one models

” Paula Jason ”

Celine watched her in admiration even the video where she bathed with one of p. We soap she was naked but rarely any private path of her body was visible in the video her face was almost everywhere in the cream section but when it came to bikini and runway section as well as fashion Miranda was queen.

Celine wanted to be the general queen every where

” Paula is filthy rich now she modeled for n.v that was her biggest hit she was payed well

” she’s perfect

” but she can’t do all that anymore Salvador bought her, she’s his model she can’t model any other stuff now do you know how much he pays her to make her stay.
Celine smiled.

They walked to shooting room and peeped in through the glass

There she was, Paula Jason taking a shoot.

Her hair was added up it got really long and she was totally naked the hair covered her chest and she used her hands and legs to cover every other part of her body her posing was amazing

Soon she was done they wrapped the towel around her before she stood up.

She ran into the dressing room instantly

Soon she rushed out wearing her shorts totally bra less she covered her breast well with one hand Celine didn’t see a thing.

“am looking for my babyz keys
She looked down and about.
her assistant tapped her

” madam I think your boyfriend left with it
” no He gave it to me before leaving and my break is almost over I need to go home and rest

CEline looked down and saw the keys she walked in and gave it to Paula

” glad thanks

She ran out

” Mmmmm how do i get this gurl to train me Celine thought to herself.

Minutes later Paula rushed out fully dressed

She was at her car when celine stopped her that was when Paula recognized her

” you were the girl at Ds party right
” d what
” don’t mind me I meant daniel
” yes it was me
” wow you changed are you working for Salvador
Celine nodded
” cool, good luck I need to go my break is almost over wanted to spend it with my boyfriend.

She tried walking out but CElINE Celine held her hands

” excuse me
” you are perfect, i wanna be like you so I want to learn from you, teach me.
” awwwn but I really have a tight schedule and I am almost late am so sorry

She entered her car

” lets go I expected that

” no, Paula must train me I will do anything to ensure that. because I am not training to be like her I am training to be better than her I want to know everything she knows, everything. Lets go to her house

They drove off soon they arrived it was big, beautiful with a big pool

” one day I wAnt a house just like this for me and for my parents
” I think yours will be built with Gold
Celine smiled
” thank you.

Deborah left.

Celine walked inside and in the living room all she heard was sounds and sighs

Ouch, jeez, Ouch, aarrgh, Ouch, hate this, annoying

CELIne rushed to the kitchen and Paula was trying to cook she looked really scared

CELIne laughed she rushed Celine and wrapped her arms round Celine

” can you cook?
Celine nodded
” what’s going on with the food
Celine took the spoon from her
” you mixed it wrongly and your fire is wrong ,ur spoon is wrong

” really
” were are your maids
” on break and I really wanted to cook for my Baby, the fast foods I called didn’t have his favourite and he is coming over I wanted to surprise him

” well it’s not too late.

Celine reduced the fire and dragged her close to it she was really scared and runing away because of her great skin

Celine dragged her closer and she stood still

“add salt
“this ok
Celine nodded

She added it smiling she tried turning it
” not yet and you are using the wrong spoon.

Celine gave her another spoon

” turn
” ok
She started turning
“wrong you should turn like this
Celine took her hands and helped her turn it

She later did it well
Soon she was done Celine stayed in her Room when her boyfriend arrived her food was so tasty

Both of them ate and later he left.

Paula walked into the room first thing she did was weigh herself in the weight tracker.

After which she wore her waist trainer and sat beside celine

” you won’t believe it but my darling said the food was amazing

Celine smiled

” here is what’s cool I will teach you all you want but you have to teach me how to cook without getting burnt

” ok

” I have few days break period out of my busy schedule I guess you have to come live with me until your training is complete what do you think

” cool

” so which other food do you think my Baby will like

” don’t worry I will teach you how to cook Danny best food am sure your baby will love it

She hugged CEline smiling

” awesome!!!
Celine smiled.

” I am getting ready for an outside contest you know miss perfect / face of perfection I really need that crown.

She picked her pack of cigarette

” I thought they said salvador bought you

” yes I don’t work for any other person but I can still go for beauty pageants.

She opened a glass door celine saw like 20 crowns and sarges
With different titles

” wow

She wore one crown

” this one was my first
” miss universe ” after 4 failed trials

Celine smiled
She lighted her cigarette and handed Celine the pack.

” I will pass
” you don’t smoke
Celine smiled
” you will soon, with our busy schedule it helps us relax.
Celine smiled

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