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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 102 and 103

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 104
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 101

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 102\103♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

Paula started arranging her bag which she would take out tomorrow

” were too
” the contest I told you about, I am meeting the founder tomorrow
” I know but why are you packing condoms
Paula laughed
” you just sounded like a virgin,
I am going to sleep with him, what else? .
” what
” yes yes my love I can’t lose in that contest
“But you are pretty
” my opponent is prettier

God pls I can never go this far Celine prayed in herself.

Paula removed her top and wrapped her towel she started touching her crowns one by one

” this one was free and fair but I used my body for this, I used money for this, I used my body for this, I slept with Calvin for this, this contest was really big.This one was free and fair.

Celine covered her mouth in shock

” what, I thought you had a boyfriend
” these crowns are my assets I am recorded in history that’s every models dream
And if I ever go broke one of them is enough to lift me out if poverty especially this one

She lifted the miss universe crown up

Celine smiled.

she locked the door of the glass cupboard

” so being the face of p. W did you sleep with Salvador for that ?

She smiled

” Salvador is not like that although we had a night together but it was just for fun of attraction, no strings attached maybe to celebrate our success or anything, I was mostly the one who seduced him into it.

” wow scary

” enough of my sex life tell me about yours how many guys have you slept with

CELInE chuckled

” its boring, not as exciting as yours
” how many
” one guy
” what!!!
She sat up and dropped the cigarette
“I can’t be that faithful there are so many milk-shakes to taste
Celine hit her buttocks and she laughed out loud

” can I ask you something
” spill
” that person did you ever sleep With him.
” who, Daniel
” yes
” come on don’t ask me that
” tell me .
” don’t pretend , u know you are dating a play boy .
” i thought so .
” i was surprised when Danny dumped Jennifer that she cheated cos I know Danny cheated too. What was her name roshni , Danny cheated on Jennifer with her especially after she modeled a music video for him … until she traveled … she’s Indian very hot , Danny who likes pretty things , women are his play toys , he saw cheating as nothing he doesn’t think its wrong …. I dont blame him its not easy being the guy every girl dreams of night with …. Jennifer got used to him but he’s just too jealous she cheated once and its over.
” are u friends with Jennifer
” close friends.. She stil loves Danny so much … his a nice guy..He never allowed her to see any of his bad sides only the good ones… he smokes but she never saw him smoke …. She never caught him with a woman but He had women …He respected her well
” i don’t think Danny ever cheated on me
” he loves you I was surprised he’s dating a commoner…. and when he saved you from the pool ..he really loves you but you guys are over right

” yes we are

” enough of the past back to present, the only one guy you’ve been with, that’s danny right?
” yea

” now that you are separated, what will you do.

” wait for him, obviously

” omg wait, how’s that possible, don’t you get sexual urges

Celine shouted on top of her voice
” hey!!!! stop spoiling me, I came to learn how to cover my chest from you not sex education

” you are no kid, but seriously your sex life is boring as a cream model you need more sex to help your skin glow

She tried to touching celine.
celine unconsciously shifted
what did i do, I hope she doesnt feel bad, celine said to herself

” hey, did you just move back, hell on heavens am not a lesbian

Celine smiled

” I just wanted to check out your skin
” oh sorry,
She took Paula’s hands and placed them back on her shoulders
Paula laughed
” that made me laugh

” so did salvador make advances at you
” no,
” what if he does will you give in
” I am into a convenant
” what if you were not won’t you give him
” considering everything he is doing for me , i dont know
” that convenant is there no ifs and buts

” If Danny himself doesn’t want me anymore the convenant is gone, if he tells me to go the convenant will go too.

” if you break it what happens ?
” nothing.

Mr king sat in a room when Sandra walked in

” is everything set”, Mr king asked
” yes
” has roshni arrived .
” yes I was surprised she was the model Danny chose ..
” he used her for his very last video, i guess he feels comfortable using her.
” had their affair ended.?
” its not an affair there are just friends .
” friends with crazy benefits.
They both laughed

” but i dont think danny was in contact with her while he dated Celine …it ended with Jennifer

” roshni traveled before Danny went for his movie in celines town , did u forget.

” .. She looks hoter now

” am so happy Danny decided to do the music video of that song its been long and he’s fans really liked that song.
” am glad too.
” all right lets go down

Both of them rushed down everything was set for the music video .

The model walked in with her guard .

She looked very simple wearing only a black gown then she packed her thick place hair up.

Her curves were spotless …her hip wide and thick her waist was so fit.

Mr king was drooling…. She didn’t even apply makeup but her face was amazing she really represented her country india.

” double hotness “, Mr king said.
Sandra smiled.

She walked down to them

” uhm where is that cutie, the director said the shoot will start in 5, he didn’t reply my text
” danny is upstairs he is coming.
” Ok I will check on him…..

She climbed the stairs just then Danny walked out …

” hey roshni sorry for keeping you ….
” it’s ok , how are you. “, she wrapped her hands round his waist Danny kissed her cheek gently
” am fine am glad you came.
” it’s my pleasure .

They both walked down

” so how was your long trip ?
” well Danny it was a success I am the new face .
” u deserved it …
” danny, good news Is am back for good … she carefully buttoned his shirt….. soooo let’s try again “, she whispered
Danny smiled
” roshni Singh malhotra , you never change.

Rishni smiled as she hugged him danny raised his phone behind her

Paula’s house .
Celine lay on Paula’s bed .

” its late call Salvador
” omg I almost forgot.

Celine called Salvador

” hello
” she remembered me
” I am really sorry I totally forgot
” ok so how Is paula
Celine touched Paula and Paula smiled

” she’s fine
” ok so you coming
” no
” ok if u need anything call
” sure
” be carefull Celine ,
” ok.

Salvador dropped the call.

” Paula please don’t get her wild for me , she’s okay as innocent as she is.
Celine dropped the call and turned to Paula

” weigh yourself
CELIne stood on the weight tracker.
Paula checked it
” no you can’t weigh this in my house You have to drop 5 pounds before leaving

” what !!!
” raise your shirt

CELIne raised her top and Paula picked her tape

She wrote down the figure

” that waist bead, Salvador put it there right?
” yes
” why is it still in the middle it should have fallen to your pant by now
” well
” you are not working out hard enough.
” I guess

Paula wrote it down.

She measured Celines hip and wrote it down too.

Then she sat down and started filling a paper.

CELIne watched her

” the more perfect you are the more money you make Celine.

CELIne smiled

” who trained you.
” lia, lia Anderson
” wow
” lucky right?, don’t worry I will try my best to make you perfect, in fact after your showcase you will get like 3 more contracts at a go

CELIne smiled


Danny’s make up was completed he was dressed up and He looked very hot . The model was dressed up too she wore a white dinner gown and she looked very beautiful.

She was the only model used in the music video and the concept was a bed room the bed was pretty and Danny’s piano table sat in the room.

The music played already Danny just lip sinked to the song as the model rolled and danced about on the bed.

The music ” you are my star “, was a was a very deep blues and the model was so perfect.

She gently wrapped her arms around Danny as he lip sinked ..

Danny stood up and carried her down to the bed ..

The making of the video was perfect. Just want me king needed..

Minutes later the girl started dancing slowly as danny lip sinked to the song she smiled as he laughed at her .. She brushed her fingers all over him Danny sang out only to his favourite lycrics.


Paula was done writtng she gave the book to Celine,Celine read out

” to do list
” yes to do list or as I call it to slay list
CELIne Saw the box where you can tick good or bad.

She read out

” must reduce my waist to 18
Must lose five pounds before my showcase
Must perfect nude posing before my show case
Must perfect my eating skills
Must perfect my my fitness and walking skills
Under it Celine saw where She wrote

tactical plans

8 -10 jogging
– – swimimg
– – gym
– – dancing
– – practice
– – yoga
– – ballet
– – fast
– – cycling
– – waking ( 6000) steps

” what about the break period
” no break for a lazy gurl.
Celine smiled

Minutes later Danny was done with the video they already lodged in his hotel .

The room was filled with a little smoke the pack of cigarette was on the table half emptied , a glass of wine sat there too as well as his ring and watch ..then the plate for ashes .

he lay on the bed with his hand behind his head.

All he kept picturing was Celine and Ethan he was so sad but he decided to move on completely from celine. ……..

He tried picking another cigarette when roshni walked out of the shower.

She wore a white jacket which she didn’t tie.

She removed the jacket and dropped it.

She wore a pink shot which was very short as sides of her butt was visible then she wore a white half cut.

Danny tucked his hair behind his ear
She admired the tattoo across his neck she rolled her eye down his tummy he was topless he only wore a black trouser.His height and fairness got her
She gently rose on top of Danny her skin dripping deliciously wet.

Danny raised his hands where he held his phone to her back he balanced the hand on her lifted butt as she kissed his neck deliciously.

He raised his kneel up and replied Mr kings text with his hands behind her back….

He dropped the phone on her butt and moved her hair.

” roshni you didn’t wash your hair?
” no washed it in the morning.

She raised her own phone as she lay on him.

” my manager called he wonders where I am.

Danny took his phone from her butt and moved her hair which fell on her lifted butt.

” your hair grew longer.
” i worked on it.

Danny picked his cigarette as he placed his hands on her butt ..

She ran her fingers on his hair as she turned to back him Danny raised his phone to her tummy the smoke from the cigarette filled the room as she lighted one stick too.

The phone rang Danny slipped it into her shot she smiled

” Danny check who called .

Danny dropped the cigarette on the plate .

Celine dropped the call.

” Paula he didnt pick my call..
” Celine try again you need to tell Danny the truth.
Celine tried again.

Rossini deeped her fingers into her shot and tried slipping out the phone Danny pushed it inside.

” i need to have peace and silence.
” what’s if it’s someone important
Danny slipped out the phone

” fine let me see

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