July 30, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 104

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 105 to 109
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 102 and 103

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 104♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
Danny looked at the phone the call already cut.

Roshni turned to face him and kissed his lips. He pulled her shoulders down to deepen the kiss..she unlocked and ran her fingers on his well shaped pink lips

” i heard you broke up with Jennifer.
” yes I did … she cheated with Kelvin ,u know him ryt
” sorry but u cheated too with me”, she said smiling.
” no I didn’t , well at least she never found out .
” danny lets date , we were attracted to each other but we couldn’t date because of some reasons then so we started our affair but now you are single and am single too …I am done with the trip and I am all for you so let’s give it a chance.we can’t be like this forever mmmm”, she kissed his lips smiling he smiled into her lips and picked his phone.

” roshni if u came back last 2 weeks you won’t be on top of me .

Roshni smiled.

” you had a serious date?

“Yes but she cheated too,i really loved her …I mean for the first time she was just enough for me …she made me whole…

“But she later cheated.
” how did u know .
” well most of your dates did that because that’s what u do , what goes around comes around.

Danny hit her back.

” ouch.
” but I didn’t cheat on her , even if an Angel fell down from heaven I would not care…. that’s how much I loved her but ….well she failed me.

Danny pulled her down to his lips again

She kissed him , he tried slipping out her shorts when he’s phone rang .

He picked up.
” danny i found him.
” am coming out .

Roshni came down from him and he picked his shirt then he’s phone.

” wait for me roshni, i need to see someone.
” am here.

Danny rushed out and locked the door behind him.

It was already evening

Two guards followed him

Danny walked out in a haste the guards followed him with a car

People didnt even recognize him

Soon he got to lonely area which had only one street light.

The car packed and the guards stood by it

That was when Danny saw Ethan
he got to where Ethan was, Ethan was just walking out when Danny rushed him.

Ethan tried fighting back but he recognized Danny so he received the beating to avoid Mr Hoffman’s wrath and secondly he thought he did something wrong

Danny’s guards stood still watching

Danny beat Ethan mercilessly Ethan bled every where still he didnt fight back.

Danny punched him and pushed him down. Danny’s guards watched

Ethan still wondered what he did he just kept licking the blood on his lips and ignoring Danny who didn’t stop hiting him

Danny finally spoke up

” where is she huh ?

He punched Ethan

” where is Celine, how dare you, how dare you seduce Celine into your arms.

Danny punched him again Ethan tried standing when Danny hit him again he fell down.

Danny removed his watch and handed to his guards he dragged Ethan up by his shirt

” you decieved her into runing away with you right , where is she, how dare you both do this to me

He pushed Ethan down and kicked him He hit him again

” for how long, for how long did you guys play me for a fool .

He tried hiting Ethan again but this time ethan dogded.

Danny placed his hands on his fore head then he walked close to Ethan like he wanted to talk to him

” did you two plan this together huh , play the rich boy and run away with me, was this your plan!!!! “, Danny shouted.

Ethan looked around for a while he licked his lips then he turned and punched Danny

All Danny’s guards rushed out but Danny signalled them to wait.

” you really need some beating!!!!
He hit Danny again Danny fell to the floor

” I thought you had a good reason for fighting me and it was all because of lies

He kicked Danny and Danny spat out blood

He dragged Danny up

” how could you believe your mother, do you know what that girl passed through for you

He pushed danny to the tree and dragged him out .

Danny didn’t want to fight back.

Danny’s guards got angry but Danny signalled them to wait.

He stood up and Ethan punched him in the tummy

” because of you she didn’t want to go, even when they beat her up she waited for you and you come home to believe there lies

He hit Danny again

Danny fell down
He dragged danny up

” they locked her up in a building for 48 hours no food no water but she waited for you stupid rich boy. Her brother almost died her mum went blind her father was rotting in jail all becsuse of u

He hit Danny again and dragged him up

” she washed cloths from 8 in the morning to 12 at night her hands peeled, he legs siezed, her fingers bled but she still waited for you!!!

They almost used acid on her but she wanted you!!! “Ethan shouted angrily and hit Danny again

” Her face was bleeding but she waited for you

The whole street stonned her and poured dirt on her but she waited for you

Ethan hit Danny again

Danny wiped his tears, he just realized his mistake, Ethans beatings didn’t pain him he wanted Ethan to hit him more, he wanted to get punished for betraying his love for Celine

He stood up again he was now limping

” hit me, hit me!!!! He shouted.

Ethan kicked him again he fell to the floor smiling while lickng his blood

” you are not worth it, you were born with a diamond spoon, have you ever suffered all your life?
Have you ever worn a cloth twice?

“Had you ever washed your own cloth or even spoon?
“have you ever walked on foot even for a distance?

” Have you ever been hit before?

No no no no

Your life is set for you, I do not know y that poor girl fell for a coward like you, you can’t even trust your own woman, you were so blinded you didn’t even think.

You were her first right? , you deflowered her.

Yet you believed she was having an affair, are you crazy?

He hit Danny again

” more, pls hit me more.

” why didn’t you ask yourself when the affairs started, was she having an affair as a virgin or what

You let your stupid mother blind you

He hit Danny again Danny was bleeding crazily

” U dint deserve Celine , u didnt even deserve her virginity which she dropped at your feet , u, Daniel Hoffman a reknown play boy ..why did that innocent girl fall for you do you know what love is

” for the first time in your life I want you to experience pain

He hit Danny again, Danny still didn’t fight back

” all this is little compared to the what that girl experienced in the hands of Miranda and your mother.

He hit Danny again

He dragged Danny up

” she was Mirandas hand maid,
Mirandas cloth stretcher.

She even swimmed your pool for 8 hours in search of mirandas necklace, a necklace Miranda was wearing.

Ethan hit Danny again

” and you just came back and believed their lies

You dint even call her

You dint even search for her

You stupidlily forgot all she did for you.
you forgot all your promises to her

You forgot daniel!!!! He shouted

He Walked out on Danny

Danny pushed himself up his guards tried touching him he told them to go

Tears ran down his eye

Mom, Miranda why
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! He shouted

He instantly entered his car and drove away in high speed leaving his guards behind.

He remembered every word Ethan said

Why did they suffer CElINE like that
I am going to kill them all
He thought to himself

As he drove away angrily

He called Celine on phone Celine dropped the book and picked his call she noticed he was crying she started crying too.

” I love you, I am so sorry, I was so stupid please forgive me, I am coming back for you my love, I am coming to set every thing right.

Pls forgive me its not my fault that I was spoilt stupid but it’s my fault that I betrayed your love

Sorry, sorry, Sorry and I love you, I love you so much Celine

I am coming for you, I am leaving everything behind
I will disown mother
Pls follow me when I arrive pls I almost died

I just want you now I need you to hold me tight

I miss you so much, I forced myself to leave without you and I developed heart pain

I once told you before you are my life CELIne started crying

” Danny
” will you run away with me
” yes i will
” where are you
” Paula’s house
” I am coming pls wait for me


Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 105 to 109
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 102 and 103

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