June 13, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 12

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????EPISODE 12????




I moved backwards as Williams and prosper walks closer to me

What do they want from me


They want revenge

Now am trapped

How in the world am I going to escape this

‘S…s…stay back ‘ I stammered

‘Oh joy,are you scared Well you shouldn’t be ,you should have known better than to mess with me ugly duckling ‘Williams said as he walked closer to me

‘You son of a b**ch ,you the one who started all this ‘

‘What did you call me ?’he asked with anger written all over his face

‘I called you a goddamn son of a b**ch because that who you are’

He got really upset and held me by the cheek making my lips pout

‘Am going to make sure I humiliate you so bad that you are never going to to show your ugly face in this school again,infact I feel so disgusted touching this face of yours ‘ he said as he pushed me away’prosper please handle her ‘

‘Oh no ,now I get to touch this ugly thing’he said as he walked towards me

I still do not know what they are planning to do with me but whatever it is ,it definitely not good

Proper wanted to grab me by the arm but I kicked him by the torso and pushed William out of the way as I tried to escape them but then William grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me back making me fall sliding on the floor with the ugly side of my face brushing against the hard smooth floor

I could feel extreme face on the ugly side of my face as I lied on the floor face down

‘You really think you could escape us ‘ William said

‘Jeez man she broke my balls’ Prosper said

‘Pull yourself together man ,let teach this b**ch a little lesson ‘ he said as he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me up

He raised his hand to hit me ‘You bi….’he couldn’t complete his words as he hangs his hand in mid air

He just stared at me as he face soften and slowly lowered his hand

What going on

Am confused

William looks like he just saw a ghost

I really do not understand all this

I looked at prosper and I also saw the same look

What going on

Williams slowly let go of my hand and I moved backwards slowly

They stared at me like there’s something on my face beside the ugly thing on it

I looked back and my eyes caught a big glass that showed my reflection

I blinked twice to see if am in some kind of dream world

I moved closer to the big glass to get a better view of myself

The ugly side of my face looked like it just scraped off
It looked like it was never part of my flesh

Like it was glued to my face

I reached for the half opened ugly side of my face and I slowly grabbed the tip

I tried to pull it off but I felt severe pain on my face

I squeezed my eyes and decided not to pay much attention to the pains as I pulled whatever it was on it away

I finally succeeded in pulling it away ignoring the severe pains and my heart melted immediately I saw my face in the reflection

I looked at what i was holding and it just a mask

An ordinary mask

It was never part of my face

This was never my actual face

I looked at myself in the mirror again and then looked at the mask am holding that scraped off my face

How did this happen

How come I never noticed this

How am i just seeing this

I have so many questions
But I think the real question should be how did this get on my face in the first place

It must have pulled off due to the way my face brushed the floor when Williams pushed me earlier

My ears filled with tears looked at the beautiful girl standing in front of the mirror

I slowly reached for my real face and touched it

This was on my face all along and how did I not know that the ugly part was just a mere mask

My mind immediately went back to mum and feathers

They always made me believe I am beautiful so that was not a lie

I thought all those constant compliments from mom and feathers was not to make me loose every self esteem in me

I have alot of questions right now

I turned back at William and Prosper and they couldn’t take their eyes off me

I can’t really blame them, no normal human being can take their eyes off this beautiful face

They will surely have the urge to stare at it all over again

I covered my head with my big hoodie and walked out of the lab with my face bent down under the hoodie

I do not want anyone to see my face until mum gives me a logical explanation of what going on before I go crazy

Pushed her to the ground making her slide brushing her ugly face on the floor

I pulled her up about to attack her when I saw that face

The ugly part of her face that i later figured out was a mask was half opened revealing half of her face

Am confused

Few minutes ago I was seeing the ugliest human have ever set my eyes on and now this

She walked towards the mirror to remove the ugly side of her face like it was just glued to it all along

Then the ugly duckling turned into a swan

A very beautiful lady

What is this am confused

I looked at prosper and he was also speechless

With the expression on her face I can say she is also confused

She stared at her face in the mirror unable to look away

What exactly is wrong i need an explanation

She covered her face with a hoodie and walked away while I looked on

How did ugly joy become the pretty girl am seeing right now

I still do not understand all this

‘Dude what just happened ‘prosper asked and I just looked at him and shrugged with a puzzled look while I looked at the retreating figure of joy

Something is definently wrong here

I walked down the street with a big hoodie on my head and my face down

I stopped and thought to myself

Why the heck am I covering my face

Even when I had the ugliest face i never covered it

Now that I have this face

I pulled the hoodie off my head and looked around

Everyone walking on the street focused their attention on me

I started running very fast ignoring the people stares

They must be thinking

Who is this beauty

I have a beautiful face

I am still confused but the feeling of being beautiful was good

The feeling of working among people without feeling embarrassed about your face

I do not want to go home now

I want to explore this beautiful city ,with this beautiful face

Finally am not ugly

I started running around jumping like a crazy person from street to street

I went to different places with my pretty face

I was admired by both girls and boys

Mostly boys because the girls looks like they are going to strangle me if they get the opportunity because their boyfriend had their eyes fixed on me

Waw this is fun

I can’t wait to show the whole school my face tomorrow

But still

I have to ask

What was this doing on my face all along

I have to ask my mum

She will be able to explain all this better

I walked into my house covering my head with the hoodie again

I wanted to give my entire family a surprise

I bet they will be as happy as I am

Or even happier

‘Joy,where have you been, it 7:00 in the evening, have any idea how worried we were’ My mum said

‘Yeah ,and why didn’t I see you in class today ,what wrong joy’ feathers asked but I still bowed my head under the big hoodie

I wanted to give them a surprise

‘What going on joy,what with th hoodie and why are bowing your head,come on raise your head I want to see you’

My mum said and I smiled

This is my cue

I pulled the hoodie off and raised my head shouting ‘SUPRISEEEEEEEEE!!!!’

I was expecting my family to be shocked that normal but I did not expect them to look like this

They where shocked

But fear

Extreme fear was written all over their face

I slowly frowned when I noticed their wierd facial expression

The tea mug fell from my mum’s hand and the sound made me flinch

‘What have you done’my mum muttered as she slowly walked towards me

‘Mum,look,my ugly face is gone, it was an ordinary mask after all…look mum’ I said showing her the mask

‘No,no,no,no,no,no,no put that back on right now…nobody saw your face right?’ she asked

‘Alot of people saw it, but not people I know’

‘No this is bad, very bad,put that on right now joy…you will ruin everything ‘

‘Mum ,what you talking about ‘

‘Joy listen to mum ..it for the best ‘

‘No I am not listening to anyone,and what best are you talking about anyway….so you all knew all along that this is not my actual face but you decided to keep that from me …you knew all this’

‘Joy ,please,just please put on the mask’

‘No mum,I won’t, you guys knew all along…but you hid the truth from me…you made me appear to the world with such ugly face that ain’t even the real me….mum you ruined my life how could you?’

‘Joy darling please calm down and put that on’

‘Why are you still so concerned about this sh*t ‘ I said as I threw the mask on the floor with extreme anger written all over my face ‘you should be concerned about me and my feelings ,I have just been betrayed by my mum,I was bullied for nothing…all those pains and insult I went through was for nothing…you did not even think of my pains…what if I had committed suicide because I couldn’t take what other students were doing to me no more…would it have bothered you at all…I doubt it ,you do not care about me mum only yourself ‘


‘Do not call my name feathers you just as guilty as mum is….even though mum did not care about me you saw it all …what other students did to me ,how they treated me ,did you pity me at all…lies….you all are liars and I hate you all …you turned joy into sadness, you made me miserable…you made me wear a face that ain’t even mine I hate you all so much’I said as I ran up the stairs ignoring my mum and feathers

I slammed the door behind me as I collapsed on the bed ,squeezed my pillow and cried my eyes out

And the question is

Why the hell did my own mother do that to me

Why the hell did she ruin my life

Why the hell did they do all this

????WILLIAMS ????

I rolled from side to side on my bed

Unable to take what happened earlier today off my mind

How the hell did joy turn to that
After she ran away I did not see her in school again

I have tons of questions

When did the ugly joy turn to something so beautiful

This reminds me of the beast in beauty and the beast

How he magically turned to a handsome prince from an ugly vicious beast

It just like joy but the only difference is she is a girl not a man

I find my heart skipping a beat anytime I remember that beautiful face

She looked so beautiful

So innocent

Few days ago the only reason I think of joy is to ruin her and embarrass her like I alway do

But this time around

I think of her in a different way

I can’t even sleep peacefully her beautiful face keeps popping up in my head

Although am still confused

How did that ugly face turn into that beautiful face

How did joy turn into whoever she is now

I must know more about this new joy

I must know her better

I must find out why she always appear ugly despite the fact that she will win the award for the prettiest girl in this school

I really must get to the root of this

I want to know why joy has this new look that bothers me so much

I want to know why I can’t think straight ,eat and sleep whenever that beautiful face pops up in my head

I want to find out why

I must know the real you better joy


Hidden Beauty. Episode 13
Hidden Beauty. Episode 11

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