July 31, 2021

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O.N.S Episode 39 and 40

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One night stand, Episode 39.. Justin: What do you mean by you are the new student?..The principal arrives.. Principal:Yes, Selena here is the new student here and Justin i want you to show her around the school now.. Jenny:What?Does he have to? Justin: There are alot of guys who would love to show Selena around.. principal: I have made my decision, Jenny,you go to class.. the principal leaves.. Selena: Justin, come and show me around the school.. Jenny:You listen to me,you little slut,i don’t mess with what’s mine,if you lay a finger on Justin,i will smash your face on the wall.. Justin:Babe, i will be back.. Justin kisses her forehead, Jenny walks away.. Justin: Let’s just do this and forget..30 mins later, Selena:What happened? Justin:Where? Selena:I mean why did you change,we loved each other so much,how could you forget me? Justin:i moved on, Selena and i didn’t even know when i fell in love with Jenny, Jenny is my life,i love her so so much and i hope you understand.. Selena: Justin, you love me,you are just confused.. Justin:Am not,am leaving, bye.. Justin walks away.Late at night, Justin and Jenny are cuddling on a sofa at the balcony and starring at the stars.. Jenny: Justin? Justin:Yeah.. Jenny: you won’t leave me for Selena? Justin:Why would you ask that?i love you and only you.. Selena was just my past love.. Jenny:Okay,i love you.. Justin:i love you more…2 days later, Liam:So you two are okay? Jenny:Yeah,we love each other too much ti separate.. Liam:Just know that am here for you.. Jenny: Thanks.The next day,at school, Jenny was arranging her books when Selena arrives.. Jenny:What do you want? Selena:To talk.. Jenny:Am all ears.. Selena: Justin was my first love,we did everything together.. Jenny:So how does that concern me.. Selena: Jenny, you have no idea how much I love Justin,he was the first guy i ever slept with,he loved me too, it’s just my dad to relocate but i never stopped loving him.. Jenny: Selena,i love Justin too and he loves me..

One night stand, Episode 40.. Selena:He doesn’t love you,he is just confused.. Justin still loves me.. Jenny:And how are you so sure? Selena: Because I was his first love,i was the first girl ge ever made love to you,we were both virgins.. Jenny:Shut the fuck up,that doesn’t mean anything.. Selena:You two haven’t done it yet?Aww,too bad, Justin will leave you soon once he gets tired,just like the way your ex left you, what’s that his name..oh,yes.. Stephen.. Jenny:You shut up.. Jenny tries to slap when Justin arrives.. Justin: Selena, what are you doing here? Selena:I and Jenny were just talking.. Justin: Don’t come near my girlfriend.. Selena:Am your girlfriend or i will be very soon . Justin: Shut up and get out of here..Selena walks away.. Justin:Babe,are you alright? Jenny:You told her? Justin: Told her what? Jenny: About Stephen.. Justin:I.. Jenny:you told her, didn’t you? Justin:It just came up.. Jenny:Just came up? She’s using it to make fun of me.. Justin: Jenny,i.. Jenny walks away.After school, Jenny’s house.. Jenny:I can’t believe he told het.. Joan: Maybe it just slipped out of his mouth.. Jenny: Now, she’s using it against me..is it a crime to be a virgin at 19? Joan:No,it isn’t. It’s actually good..there are many girls who have lost their virginity out of foolishness,you should be proud of yourself . Jenny:But why does everyone use it against me? Joan:This generation of teens are really messed up, just because the majority is doing something wrong doesn’t make it right.. Justin arrives. Justin:Good afternoon, ma’am.. Joan: Afternoon,son.. Justin:Um..babe,we need to talk.. Jenny:i don’t want to talk to you.. Joan: Jenny,hear him out.. Jenny: okay.. Joan:I will leave you two alone.. Joan leaves.. Justin:Babe,am sorry.. Jenny: That’s what you have been saying recently.. Justin:I know,i really fucked up this time..let me make it up to you.. this weekend, let’s go on a small trip.. Jenny:a trip?you and me? Justin:Yeah.. Jenny: Okay.. Justin: Thanks…

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