June 17, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 10

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????The Maid????
????Episode 10????
“okay… we will have a wedding together”,and slowly I kissed him.
“Stay tonight..”,he whispered across my lips.
“I’m not going anywhere… “,I smiled back at him.
“l love you Adria…”
“I love you husband to be..”
Needs has already left due to her heart break but I made a promise to her that we would teach him a lesson.
I entered into Chris room as I saw pictures around.
“Christian… I don’t have any clothes…”
“Wear mine…”
“Hmm… okay but where am I going to sleep…”
“Okay… I’m not sleeping here with you”
“What?”,he said raising his brow..
“I’m not sleeping here…”
“Hmm… then let’s go for a deal.”
“What deal…”
“Hide and seek … if I win then you will sleep with me Adria…”
“is that a challenge….”
“Yea… it is. One”,and he closed his eyes.
I was already dressed in his shirt.
I tiptoed opening the door.
I ran past Justin and his girlfriend in the living room as I hide in the guestroom
I was waiting. I knew he has reached ten by now.
“Gotcha….”, he said as I nearly jumped.
“How….”,and he sealed me with a kiss.
He scooped me on his shoulders as I laughed.
“Please put me down…”,I begged struggling but he held on tight.
Tera and his boyfriend were eyes wide looking at us.He send me to his room as we played more.
During that night I was safe in Christian’s arms. I knew if I married him I would be so happy.
Days passed by and l was just preparing for our wedding.l want to make it grand and classy.
I tried as much as possible to ignore Justin even he has tried several times begging me to stop my wedding.
Tera and Mrs Gina didn’t try to make a move on me and I’m glad about that.
The day before my wedding l couldn’t sleep.
l was just thinking about marrying Chris.
He loves me buh the truth is l don’t love him and l can’t just look at them getting married right infront of me.
l just can’t and
l cried my heart out.
The next day l was asleep buh Nesa woke me up telling me it was my wedding day.
This is the worst nightmare. I can’t get married.
I’m scared right now. I’m dizzy like hell.
What is wrong with me?
An hour later;
“Wow…Adria you are so beautiful” ,Nesa said as l gave her a faint smile.
How l wish my grandpa was here.
l entered inside the car as Nesa sat by me holding my hands.
lnfact l was nervous as hell.
“calm down….Adria.lts just today”,Ness said and i just nod then suddenly a car crossed ours as my heart missed a beat.
lt was three men with masks on their face as they pulled my driver out of the car.
“Where is she..?”,one of them asked my driver as he point my car.
Without any consent,one of dem held Nesa while the other two carried me into their car.
l was struggling buh it was of no use.
Suddenly one used a hanky on my nose as l drifted to sleep.
l was just excited when l woke up morning.l wore my tux suit as l felt my hair wild.
My bro came into my room and congratulated me.
We both excited about getting married.We all entered in the car.
A hour later,we reached there.
The best men were on our left side as we were waiting for our bride
.Suddenly l heard the organist playing the wedding song.
l just want to see Adria for the last time buh then we saw only Tera then followed by Nesa who was panting as she told Chris that Adria was kidnap.
Chris had no choice buh to ran to look for Adria.
I also followed him cancelling my wedding.
Before l reached the entrance,Tera had already fainted buh l still didnt mind
We went to her house and check every where buh no avail suddenly he had a call.
“Adria were are u”
“l’m sorry chris buh l can’t marry you.l need some time to tink about our relationship”
“Yea,l have to go”. as she hang up.
They made me tell Chris that…. Bastard!
I hate the one who is doing this.
l was in a big mansion somewhere in the forest.
l could see the waterfalls,wild roses and not forgetting wild animals.
After l done with the call,they tied me to a char in a king size bedroom as they left me alone in the room.
l was almost sleeping when l heard footsteps.
lts was a black shiny leather ltalian shoes that caught my eye.l looked up and it was him.
“Yes me,Adria”
“How could u do this?”
“l warn you not to marry him buh you were so stubborn”
“Release me,Justin”.
“No l won’t and I’m not ready”
“Now miss styles since l owned you, you are going to listen to me.l want you to removed this.l have a new one for you” ,as he smiled pointing my gown.
I can’t believe he has the nerve to do this to his brother.
His face was an inch from mine.
“No l won’t change”
He gave a husky laugh,”Oh Adria dnt force me to do this”
“Try me.l would never marry you,Justin”,l still tied up to the chair suddenly l saw him removed a scissors from his pocket.
What is he trying to do?.He came close as he rake it on on my skin till he reached the valley of my breasts,dats where he cut my gown.
He reached the valley of my breasts as he cut the gown.
My breasts was exposed to his gaze.
My cheeks turned red as l felt embarassed.
He rip the dress of my body without caring about what l wore.
He then released me from the chair as l was trying to fight him but then he held me still and wore my gown.
He forced me to the hall as l saw his guards and Nesa who was smiling at me and the priest.
We stood there as he began talking buh l barely heard.
“Yes l do”,l heard
“And do you Adriana styles take this man to be ur lovely wedded husband”,he asked
“No!”, as Justin wore the ring on my finger and forced me to scrawl my name on the document.
“l now pronouced you as husband and wife.You may now kiss the bride”
“What..”,l trailed off as his crushed mine.l have no option but to bite his lips
“Adria!”,he exclaimed.
“l will bite you again if you try that”
“Leave us alone”,Justin said.
“Boss are u sure?”
“Yes and actually,am giving you holidays”
“l’m sorry friend buh then am excited for u”,Nesa said.

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