August 3, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 20

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The possessive snob ❄ ❄
Chapter 20 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????❄
♍️ Lisa’s P. O. V♍️
“haha haha ???? ” I laughed to myself as Lola was already out of our life.
She’s so gullible to have believed my fake pleas.
Now I should plan on having Andre to love me again.
I’m his first love and I know he’s still has some soft spot for me.
I went back to my room and laid beside Alec then drifted to sleep knowing one problem has been solved.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I stood at the porch of Derek with tears streaming down my cheeks.
Derek is my childhood friend and he was the one who took me in before I got a job and an apartment.
We hardly chat coz work has gotten the best of me making me forget Derek until now that I’m badly hurt.
I spend more time with Anna since she’s… You know, a female while Derek is an opposite that I can’t talk to much.
I wanted to go to Anna’s but then I thought, Anna’s place will be the first place Andre will look since he knows Anna and I are close friends so I decided against it and came to Derek coz Andre doesn’t know anything about him and it will be difficult for him to find me here.
Living with a guy it’s weird though but I trust Derek.
I pressed the doorbell again and it took some secs before the door flew open.
Standing there was Derek, looking hot as ever.
His smooth blonde hair neatly done, his brown dark eyes that gets you scared and that six pack and his muscular arms.
He’s so hot and cute.
Don’t get me wrong, that I’m checking him out doesn’t mean I have something for him.
“Lola ” he screamed smiling.
“hey ” I said softly and he pulled me in for a warm hug.
He pulled away when he heard me sniff.
“Lola what’s wrong ” he asked checking me up and down until he noticed the sticky trail of tears that plastered on my cheeks.
He took me in, closed the door and made me sit on the couch.
He went to the kitchen and got me water and I gulped it down.
“now tell me what’s wrong” he asked and we looked at each other…. That look.
Soon we burst out laughing.
“Lola don’t dare turn the issue around, now tell me what happened to you, who hurt you ” he asked and I looked down holding tight to the glass cup.
“Lola look at me ” he said and held my chin up to look at him.
“what happened to you ” he asked softly in that heart melting voice and I burst out crying.
“sshh it’s okay ” he cooed with me in his arms as I cried out loud.
“everything will be alright ” he cooed and I could feel my eyelids getting heavy.
I felt myself lifted up as he took me to a room and laid me gently on the bed.
My eyelids were too heavy to stay open so I gave in and drifted to sleep.
I felt Derek kiss my forehead and walked away.
???? Andre’s P. O. V♍️
I woke up expecting to see Lola by my side but didn’t.
“Lola ” I called and knocked on the bathroom door but got no response.
I opened the bathroom but she wasn’t in there.
I felt my heart skip at the thought of her leaving me.
But she said she wouldn’t leave me.
I rushed down stairs, to the kitchen and to everywhere but couldn’t find her.
“Andre ” I heard Lisa call my name but I said nothing as I ran up the stairs open Lola’s wardrobe but found nothing and I could feel hot tears already strolling down my cheek.
She said she wouldn’t leave
She said she wouldn’t leave
She said she wouldn’t leave but she left.
She left me.
Why does all my love have to leave? first Lisa and now Lola.
“Lola please come back, come back.” I cried and collapsed on the floor.
“please come back ”
“Andre ” Lisa called as she came in.
“Andre is not your fault, Lola didn’t love you that’s why it was easy for her to leave you ” she said and squatted to my level.
“get out ” I yelled and she flinched.
“get out ” I yelled and she sprang up and went out.
“Lola I’ll find you, I must find you ” I said and got up to go dress up.
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
“Lola I’ll find you, I must find you ” I heard Andre say from the room.
So he’s not gonna give up huh?
Now I have to find Lisa before he does and when I do, she’s gonna regret ever coming to this life.

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