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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 105 to 109

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♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 105♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

” I love you I love you so much.
” I love you too, am coming
He dropped he call.

CELIne instantly hugged Paula in tears
” Celine pls don’t go
” Danny was the main reason why I want to be better so I can be someone that deserves him. but if being better means losing Daniel then I don’t want. I miss him so much

” what about Salvador, The showcase is close he can’t find another model because you applied the only sample of the cream
Second its too late to find a replacement for you, even if salvador finds someone else he wont get sponsors because she doesn’t have the right skin.

” Paula Daniel is coming, and you are telling me not to go with him

” Celine you don’t need to run, Danny has a suite right, he must not go back home you guys can just go to his suite and have fun do whatever you want to do but pls don’t leave this city, tell Danny to wait and once you are done with the show case you can now go.

Celine smiled

” but I would have still advised you to make a name for yourself Celine, if you really need to rush after Danny like this then why did you leave in the first place

” Mrs hoffman threatened me with my parents life

” then why are trying to go back to Danny now, what changed, did you build a house for your parents and drag them out of the village, did you pay hundred guards to guide them, did you open a business for your dad or your mom,

” no

” so what makes you think Mrs hoffman won’t use them to threathen you again

” well Danny’s is here now

” Danny was never dead why didn’t you call him on phone before

” well She threatened me with my brothers life

” what makes you think she won’t threaten you with your mothers life next after all they are still in the village.

Come on c. Think
Secure your assets first, protect those you love, and money is the biggest protection.
Make yourself someone Mrs hoffman will accept without stress.

What If ” God forbid ” you leave everything and face Danny and Danny leaves you or dies what will you do

I will tell you

You will sit with your hands folded and watch Mrs hoffman and Miranda wipe your family from the face of the earth.

She stood up and walked out on celine.

Danny dropped the call that was when he realized he was driving into the woods, before he could control his steer he dived down the cliff.

He’s car tumbled into the woods.
Danny hit his face on the steering and that was it

The car caught fire.


celine just dropped a glass of water and the cup shattered.

” wheres is Danny
” he is coming.
” no

Celine ran away, She ran into he compound Paula chased after her

” Celine
” don’t you get it Daniel is not safe.

Just then her phone rang it was Sandra.

” Celine
” where is Danny
” infact check your news
Sandra dropped the call.

Emma brought out her phone and saw the news



Celine fell to the floor and before Paula could talk
All the lights in the city went out.
Paula’s guards turned on the electricity generator soon every one turned on their generators and the city was brightened again.

Paula hugged Celine, Celine instantly pushed her and ran out, Paula ran after her

” where are you going
” I need to see Daniel.

She ran off Paula ran after her while texting Salvador.

Soon they arrived at the hospital which was close.

Celine rushed into the hospital Mrs hoffman stood up and faced her

” this is all your fault.
Mr hoffman stood up and held his wife
” but.
” Danny called me on phone before he fell, I told you to stay away from my son.

She instantly slapped Celine and pushed her
Celine fell into someone’s body and the person caught her

The persons fragrance just reminded her of Danny
She wrapped her arms round his waist and looked up it was Salvador

” Salvador so nice of you to come
” ciara how Is Daniel
” we really dont know anything for now

Salvador turned to celime

” are you okay
He looked in her eyes the tears was not seizing
” come, Let’s go
” pls I want to see Danny
” lets go you will see him, I will make sure of that, come.

He dragged her out of the hospital Mrs hoffman was shocked

This girl is really using her beauty well, seducing all the rich young men around, my son will never be one of them.

Salvador and Celine arrived home he walked her directly into his room Celine was still crying she was still in tears

” why does Mrs hoffman hate you so much
” because am poor
” if I were you, I will never show my face to Mrs hoffman again until I am exactly the same class as her.
CEline shed tears and slipped herself into salvadors arms he kissed her fore head.
” I really want to see Danny
” I promised you that.
He texted someone.
After few minutes he switched on his projector with the remote and Celine saw Danny
We’re he lay quietly
Flowers already filled the room
CELInE started shedding tears

” Danny pls wake up pls, you are the reason why I am doing all this, do you want me to die
Salvador held her shoulders

” don’t worry he would wake up he’s father would do anything even if it means sending him to new York.
” I hope so, I really hope so.
” celine you have to promise me that this incident won’t backfire on me pls, you can’t let this come in between you work.

CELIne hugged Salvador again.

Mr hoffman made calls crazily

” don’t call price for me, don’t tell me about money I can buy that hospital tell me about my sons health
” then Danny has to be moved to new York because if this is not properly handled Daniel will lose his memory, he will lose it hundred percent and return to the mind of a new born baby and this will affect his carrier

” all right, get ready to move daniel.


celine was in the bathroom

Now I understand how important it is for me to be a star
In wanted to run away with you Danny but in order to stop me, I don’t know” who or what” wants to stop me even at the price of throwing you off a cliff.

Its time I concentrated on this I can’t afford any other thing happening to you

Danny pls be safe I love you, we will meet again when I am made and by then no body will stop us not even your mother.

You are now my biggest inspiration to make it because assuming I was never poor all of this won’t happen and you won’t be in this state right now

My sweet heart.

Salvador called crisella on phone

” crisella I am scared
” me too this accident might make us loose Celine for ever, She might just give up because this time around I dont think she can ever concentrate.

” what to do

” send her back to Paula as soon as possible, She needs to look at the person she wants to be like. it will inspire her more and secondly Paula won’t have time to sympathize with her.
” ok.


the next morning Celine arrived Paula’s house
Paula hugged her.

” Danny has been moved to new York
” yes I heard
” do you know when he will be back
” I don’t but when he comes back he wont see me the same way he left me.

She rushed into Paula’s house
Paula smiled.

“That’s the spirit ” she said to herself.

As she walked behind Celine.


miranda sat with Mrs hoffman with Gretel who held her mom tight

” mom when will Danny come back ” soon and he will come back in strong health.
Gretel hugged her mother and walked inside

” what could have caused it ciara

” Daniel found out the truth, that crazy girl, did she forget my threat, No problem when am done mourning my sons pain her family will feel my wrath again

” Danny is gonna be so mad when he wakes up, he will never forgive me.

” when we get there first.

Paula’s house.

Celine finally slept resultant to thinking

Paula tapped her

” Celine your showcase is in 4days, No time to sleep
” what
” lets go.

CELInE stood up and and Paula dressed up in her tights and half top so did celine.

They both ran out.

” we will just jog for few minutes
They ran into the yard

CELIne got tired Paula’s few minutes was getting to 2 hours

Soon the both stopped and sat back on the floor.

” come on.

She wrapped the timer round Celines arms and wrapped her own.

She switched on the pool lights and dived in Celine dived in with her.

Both of them swam the distance but paula was faster

After 5 minutes Paula completed the distance and sat on the pavement.

” celine come on you need to use 6 mins

Celine smiled as she swam down to Paula.
Paula checked her time she used 8 Paula smiled

” not bad

” but y are we training at night
” so you will sacrifice your sleep in exchange for perfection.

” I feel sleepy

Paula checked her time

” its time for yoga
” but am cold
” that way you will perfect this class and we rush in.

CELInE joined Paula and the moved from simple yoga poses to tough ones which made Celine fall carelessly to the floor.
Paula laughed.

After few hours they rushed into the house.

Celine instantly removed the wet cloths and fell into the bed she covered her body with the sheet

Paula dragged her up

” you wont to learn how to pose again
” oh my

She sat up

Paula removed the bed cover from Celines body

” watch me.

She unbanded her hair and freed it part of it fell on her chest she pulled off her tight shorts and her half cut then she sat on the bare floor.

She wrapped her arms round her chest and folded her knees in such great style then she smiled at CELInE

” what’s the colour of my pants pocket
” how am i suppose to know am not seeing anything

Paula changed into another position this time she used both hands to wrap her kneel round while pushing it closer to her chest.

” what about now.
” not a thing

” there are so many ways you can pose and still cover your body well but this is my favorite pose

She moved her hair to one shoulder and used one hand to cover her chest as she turned to her side.

Celine smiled
” perfect.

“your turn

” ok

Celine wrapped her hands round her chest

” you are using the wrong hand
Celine changed her hand
” under you arm hold it tighter.

Celine tightened it

” good but am still seeing some things
CELInE laughed.

She came closer and took celines hands from her

She carefully wrapped it round Celines chest herself.

CELIne smilled as she looked in the mirror, She got it she was so happy.

” ok try it yourself
CELIne removed her hands and tried to do it again bit she couldnt do it herself.

Paula stood up

” there’s my mirror Celine, No sleep. Until you do it right.

” what!
“good night

Paula slept Celine kept practicing it till morning.

Paula stood up in the morning

” did you get it right
“I don’t know
Paula smiled
Just then someone opened the door it was Paula’s boyfriend Liam.

Celine instantly covered her chest with one hand Paula shouted and jumped up.

” you did it
” what’s wrong, isn’t she salvadors new model.

Celine turned to the mirror, she couldn’t believe she did it perfectly

She jumped up and instantly hugged Paula

” honey, my key.

Paula handed him. His key and kissed him.

He waved at Celine and walked out.

” you passed the most crucial part so right now the rest will be easy to learn

” Liam, is he a model too
” yes he is.
” wow.

All right get ready we are hitting the gym.

Celine rushed into the shower and after few minutes they both ran out and entered Paula’s car

Paula instantly played a very high blue music

Celine placed her legs on the car to relax.

Paula picked a stick of cigarette and handed the pack to celine.
Celine smiled as she dropped the pack in Paulas pause

” if I start smoking Paula I will blame you
” its not wrong, come on my love
” I wonder how Danny is
” mmm mmm, no Danny baby girl, No thinking or bothering about Danny.

” yes madam.
Paula laughed as she increased the volume.

Minutes later they got to the gym

The gym instructor came to them
” her name is celine, train her
” Celine lets work that body out

CElINE smiled the started working out.

Paula didn’t even act as though she was being stressed

Celine guessed she was used to it.
They spent like 4 hours in the gym.

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 108♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
.by moreexperience
(6zney )

salvador dragged her into his main office and locked the door.

He scratched his hair in frustration.

” you remember this place right , this was the same place where I asked you to model for me.
Celine I need you, I need you so badly right now, you need to put your all into this

I know you don’t have enough experience to do a live video for more than 50 men and women out there but I don’t know why I still think you can do it. U can Right?

” you guys talked sooo much you didn’t give me a chance to talk. ” it’s a piece of cake.

” what?

” I have not done it before But I know I can do it. my grandmother always said the first step to doing it is believing that you can.

Salvador hugged her

” just remember you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make a wrong pose because it can’t be edited they are watching you just like the camera man is watching you.

Just put it in your mind ” I am being watched by 50 people ”

That way you won’t slip.

” am game.

Both of them walked out

Celine suddenly got so nervous but she encouraged herself to be strong

She sat down and the make up artist cleaned her face
Salvador walked out

The director came

” the shoot will start in 5 remember it’s a live feed.

The make up team helped celine sit on the white floor. They tried removing her jacket when salvador walked in.

Their leader walked to him.

” she’s going nude right ?
Salvador looked at celine.

” ummm no, not totally, only up.
” ok so she would wear something down
” yes but nude colour. Paula is on it

Just then Paula walked in with a nude colour pant

” i was searching for your skin colour Ella

Celine smiled and they both walked into the dressing Room

Celine wore the pant and paula freed her hair

” well your hair is long enough, even if you make a mistake in covering your chest your hair still got you.

Celine smiled

Paula held the jacket and they both walked back into the shooting room.

Every one was lost looking at her even Salvador who was sending a text almost dropped his phone.

She wore only the pant and her hair fully covered her chest, she looked like a mermiad. her skin glittering, her figure killing, that was when salvador noticed the waist chain had dropped he smiled.

Celine sat on the white floor quietly

” pack her hair “, salvador said
” Salvador she’s a novice if she slips they will see her nipple. Her hair is long for a reason “, Paula whispered
” her neck and chest has to be visible, her hair is too long it covered everywhere , Donald wants a spotless skin right, well we have to prove to him that there is nothing we are hiding. Salvador Said

The make up artist lifted Celines hair and Celine used her hands to cover her chest instantly .
Paula smiled at her.
He packed her hair behind her.

” we are runing out of time make her skin more attractive come on” Salvador said

They slipped an anklet into her leg it was a diamond leg chain.

They appiled powder in her skin the make up artist used a nude colour plaster to cover that Danny tattoo on her waist side.

he then drew a tattoo on on her leg..

Salvador didn’t find it attractive so he picked pen and leaned towards Celine.

He drew a very pretty flower directly under her chest where she placed her hands, he painted it

Celine was not used to being like that with a man so she closed her eye and controlled her desires

Soon Salvador was done painting he drew down and signed on her waist .
Celine opened her eye gently
The director came back

“we are runing out of time “, director said

” she has to be perfect its a life video no editing”, the editor said

” are you ready”, salvador asked Celine
CELIne nodded.

He stood up and walked out

The lights were on
The director used his fingers to give her signal
Soon the video started a seductive tune played in The background.

Salvador as well as the investers watched Celine from The projector as she displayed in like 10 projectors ????????????

Everyone turned to their comfortability and watched. all The sponsors where amazed The smiled crazily

First CElINE smiled seductively as she held her chest tighter and folded her legs

Her smile made everybody in the conference hall smile some even videod her with their phone

The camera man came close so he collected Every part of her skin step by step.

She turned to her side and seductively raised one arm up exposing her spot less under arm.

She gently turned back with one hand on her neck and they camera man got her back well. she turned her face and he got her neck..

The way Celine folded her legs and sat on it marveled everybody she played with her body like it was made of rubber.

She slowly knelt down as though she wanted to bow then she lifted her face up seductively

She placed her hands on her lap the camera man came close to her lap she ran her hands down her spotless legs then she folded both her kneel up to her chest and wrapped her arms around it

CELInE posed so well and the director wondered where she got such wonderful poses from

She wrapped one hand on her chest and he came close he videos her neck closely down to her chest then under hand he carefully collected everything

She squatted as though she sat on the wall with both hands on her chest

She didnt make a single mistake
There was no error, it was as though the video was already editted

Salvador just kept smiling as he looked at his sponsors who didn’t even know when they started clapping for celine

CElINE placed both hands on her face and used her elbow to cover her chest

The camera man came closer to her face She removed one hand from her face and winked at the sponsors

They all smiled she smiled a little and the camera man ended the video her seductive face still displayed in the screen

Salvador stood directly in front of Celines face in the screen he took his mic
Donald was rendered speechless

“that model is a muse, perfect.”,n.v said

He clapped

” I never expected lesser “, calvin said

They all clapped

” well her skin is indeed perfect no doubt “, donald said

Celine wore her jacket and Paula hugged her

” awesome how did you learn those poses
“I don’t even know.

” celine you did great now lets tell them goodbye with the soap commercial video of right right.

CELInE smiled
” dont worry this will be edited its not live.

The white bath tub was brought out it was filled with foamy water

The soap was placed outside the white curtain and it was covered

” one, two, three.

They started filming Celine slowly opened the curtain and picked the soap she smiled as she applied it on her wet skin.

CELInE deepened her skin into the water and turned to her side.
the bath tub scene was perfectly easy for her. She did it perfectly.

CELine fell backward into the water and deepened her body even her face

” no no you can’t do that with foamy water “,paula said and closed her eye
” last time you did it you couldn’t open your eye you spoilt the shoot. “, crisella said to Paula

They where shocked when celine raised her body out of the water gently like a water goddess with both hands on her chest and still opened her eye.

” wow, perfect.
cut cut cut.

” edit it right now and send to conference.

They started editing.

The artist’s dried Celines hair They made her up and she took pictures for the hair set commercial.

It was also sent to the conference hall too.

They took Celine into The room and dressed her up in a very seductive skin tight show back gown with high heel shoes.


They sponsors enjoyed the videos with smiles

” she slayed the bath tub
” she is good.

They All clapped.

” so ladies and gentlemen y not help me lets make right skin a reality together. “, salvador said

I do not only have plans of showing you videos, in other to still prove to you that
” right skin” is right for your skin

May I present to you the beauty behind the screen” daniella daniel”.

Feel free to see the true effect of right skin.

All the sponsors turned to the door and Celine walked out.

She walked down the slippery stage her heels were so high and pencil.

She lifted her face and walked with Grace as she waved her hands to 50 men and women

Her cat walk was just amazing, She waved at them smiling.

All the sponsors stood up to embrace her presence.

She beside Salvador, directly In front of her picture.
She stepped out one leg and waved with style.

They all clapped, Salvador took the Mic

” thank you.

Cameras started flashing , phone lights flashed.

He and Celine walked out and the sponsors left one after the other.

Celine walked into the dressing Room where she changed into something casual.

Salvador ran into one office where all his team members sat nervously looking at a screen.

” how many now”, salvador asked

” 1″, the Production manager said

Salvador sat down facing his laptop

Celine walked in and sat beside Paula
Paula’s both hands was on her chest.
“moment of truth”, she said

” what’s the meaning of those icons in the screen?”, Celine asked
” sponsors Celine , signed in sponsors
” only one,?”,Celine asked
” its getting scary “,……

“anything yet. ?”, Salvador asked

” no”, the Production manager said

Salvador sighed

few minutes later Paula shouted

” omg. !!!!

Salvador ran to the screen, sponsors kept logging in like water non stop.

Minutes later he’s advert manager shouted

” wow our biggest ever, 25 sponsors for right skin, and all of them sent the exact amount of money in the pamphlet.

Salvador smiled

” right skin was a success ..

Everyone clapped, Salvador shared wine to all, then he dragged celine up

” it was all because if this queen. CELINE smiled as they made a toast

Hospital ????

Danny just opened his eye

The doctor rushed him

” how do you feel.
” why am i in here, and who are you
” well just rest later everything will be explained

Danny lay backward .

Salvadors house

hours later celine was in her room as she wore a white jacket and her hair fell freely she didn’t even tie the rope exposing her seductive black pant and bra. the anklet was still on her leg she wandered why they didn’t remove it because it was really expensive.

She looked at the mirror the tattoo gave her a skin a crazy attractive look

She sat on her bed facing a table of red wine which rested in a pot of ice cubes the ice made the drinks seductively cold and Celines had already got fed up.

worrying about danny made her drink in the first place.

She called the maid at the door who carried the drink out

She sat on her bed she didn’t know if she felt tipsy or not.

Just then the door opened she stood thinking it was the maid but it was Salvador.

He held two glasses of wine in his hands

She smiled at him as she tied the rope if her white jacket

” where you sleeping
” no
” ok, so lets celebrate our progress

Celine smiled as she took the glass cup from him and both of them sat on her bed.

She took a sip

” thank you for today

” thank you for everyday.

Salvador smiled as he looked at her.

First celine traced his eye which seductively went down her chest she covered the jacket well and smiled at him. As she looked down.

Salvador gently placed his hands across her face , he moved closer and tasted her lips….Celine didn’t even know when she deepened the kiss..

Salvador gently withdrew from her lips and took the cup of wine from her hand.

Celine didn’t even know what she wanted anymore but she knew she already desired this .

She wrapped her hands on him as he kissed her neck passionately.

He gently untied the rope of the jacket and removed it …

Celines mind already Got corrupted she needed a man’s touch so badly may be the fact that she had too much to drink was her plight.

She carefully unbuttoned his shirt

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 109♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

Salvador took off her jacket completely and came on her while placing her on the pillow at the same time .

He rose up to her and kissed her lips just then he saw the wine cover on the floor..
He withdrew his lips, He recalled the maid who he saw walking out with an emptied bottle he looked in her face and realised she was drunk.

He instantly withdrew celine dragged his shirt down.

” why did you stop , lets continue.

Salvador smiled and kissed her cheek.

” i stopped because if you were in your right mind you won’t let me do this .
” really
Salvador nodded.
She smiled and wrapped her hands around her body

” i feel cold again, it felt warm.
Salvador picked her jacket and helped her wear it.

He lay her well and covered her on her bed.

He finished his wine .

” if she wasn’t drunk I wonder if she would have given in.

Minutes later he left for his room .


Daniel sat on his hospital bed.

” so what else do you remember
” uhhm my best colour is white
” do you have a sister
” yes sure Gretel
” so what do you do
” come on Everyone knows, are you still asking
” what was the last showcase you did
” that should be p. Ws teens attract.
” do you have any futures shows in mind
” yea” whites day out “by Vera cruise I dunno confirm with my manager
” oh what’s his name
” king and my assistant Sandra
” who was the last woman in your arms
” that should be roshni.
” Ok.

The doctor walked out

” Then which part of his memory did this 20 percent fall into. The doctor wondered

Danny looked at his watch then he touched his hair

” I feel headache
” sorry you were stressing your brain so rest we will cont tomorow.
” ok.

Danny lay back

The doctor walked out to his nurse

” no progress
‘ I don’t know which part of his memory is missing
” and Mr hoffman said he’s son must not loose a single memory
” it gets worse.

Danny lay back he tried recalling a particular memory but it was so blank, He wondered what it was about.

miranda sat with her assistant

” are you sure you heard right
” a.m. telling you Salvador got 25 sponsors I heard the model is so awesome

” hmm a new competition, what’s her name

” uhhm Daniela Daniel

” daniella Daniel Better stay in your lane don’t shine too bright Miranda is this city’s top model.

” she is good
” I will look her up.


salvadors sat in his yard were all his crew sat facing there laptops

Paula was busy with a bag of chewing gum
And celine was busy with her phone
Crisella walked in

“how may sponsors now”, crisella asked
“27 “, salvador said
” wow how many offers. ?

” we almost forgot we didn’t check her offers “, paula said

All of them logged into their system Salvador faced his pizza.

” O.a wants her to model their products “, production manager said
“where?”, salvador asked
” Switzerland .

” that means she will leave with Paula, Paula has to camp for her contest ” face of perfection “. Crisella said

Salvador picked another pizza.

” I can’t believe donald “, accountant said

” he sent her an offer too?”, crisella asked

” omg with an open check”, paula said

“he plays the role of an enemy well “, salvador said

” Celine will you work for him, I mean it’s just a shoot, take your money and go. “, crisella said

CELIne looked at salvadors face he looked away

” crisella what are you doing, you know Salvador hates Donald”, paula said
” am just doing what a manager does.

” here’ another offer this one is huge, pure skin wants to use her as their face in an advert. Director said

” location “, salvador asked

” Switzerland

” i hope you know we need to travel to new York after right skin is published to the world for new York tour of the product. so who is managing her schedules

” its getting tough i will get her a manager “, crisella said

” Salvador she has too much offers from the cream industry you need to sort them out yourself”, production manager said

Paula shouted

” omg Carlson hails wants Celine”, paula shouted .

” yes he wants to sponsor her for miss universe “, advert manager said

” wow!!!”, crisella shouted

” cancel it. “, salvador said

” She got a sponsor for best body too “, paula said

” cancel every outside contests anything out of the industry, decline it. “, Salvador said .

All of them looked at Salvador Celine just kept quiet like someone who her dad was talking.
” I don’t understand universe is a big blow for her carrier “,paula said

” she is not ready …

” she is, come on ..

” paula Celine is not matured enough for that game

” she is 20 she is not 17 she can handle herself out there, after all my mentor was just Celines age when she won miss world.

” now you want to compare lia to celine. I meant mature in the filled not matured in age.

I need offers in the cream industry work on getting something like n.v fair white, skin perfect and you are telling me about sending her to Paris with who ” Carlson hail ” seriously.

” we can’t pamper her forever one day she has to go.”, crisella said

” what, you think this is about me. ?”, salvador said

Salvador turned to celine

” daniella do what you want, I did my part when I introduced you to this world the rest of your decisions pls don’t involve me.

Salvador stood up and ran into his house

” he always acts like this once lia is remembered “, director said

” I just caused trouble I Better leave. “, Paula said

crisella ran after Salvador.

Salvador sat down in his room.

Crisella walked in

” Salvador what’s wrong with you.
” so now something is wrong with me how can Paula compare lia to celine.

Lia started modelling when she was 18. she had two years experience before she contested for m. w under sponsorship.

But where is she, did she come back, do you know what’s happening with her.
Now you want to send celine to paris with a man like carlson.
Celine who has not had up to 3 days experience in modeling .

” Salvador Celine won’t be under your wings forever, don’t make the mistake you made with lia with celine, you are falling in love with her.

Salvador scratched his hair

” u dont understand , if you keep thinking like that when I talk about celine we will make a big misstep in her carrier, we will ruin this girl’s life

” This was the same thing that happened with lia She was pretty they rushed her but now where is she .

There is time for everything Celine should concentrate on shows in the industry for now

They are many companies to model for.

If she wants to go for an outside contest she has to do it independently on her own. not depending on a crazy man like Carlson.

HAve you forgotten what you went through in the hands of Arthur when he sponsored you.

Should I remind you of the pain in your eye when I bought you.

Do you want her to experience that too

I am attracted to celine I admit it, but when I make my business decisions I don’t miss it with pleasures

Am not her boyfriend or husband I have just said my own. You guys have the final say. U are free to send her to Carlson but don’t call me if something happens.

He walked out on crisella and ran into the compound from where he drove off..

Celine rushed crisella

” what’s wrong, why is Salvador angrily ?
” oh its nothing celine

” is it about the offer, doesnt he want me to accept anyone

” what Salvador thinks is just an advantage, its your body and your money .

Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 110 to 112
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 104

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