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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 110 to 112

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♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 110♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

CELIne walked into her room and sat quietly on the bed waiting for Salvador to come home, He came back but late.

He walked into his room

CELIne ran after him He tried locking his door but she sneaked into the room Salvador left the open.

And sat on his bed.

” uhhm are you okay”, celine asked him.
” am working on buying you a house, you can’t stay here forever.
” are you still mad at me
” did you do anything wrong

” well i already rejected all the offers
” what !
” well you didn’t approve anyone it means you didn’t want them.

Salvador scratched his hair.

” I never said that, the only thing I don’t support is contesting under sponsorship I don’t know why crisella is so hard headed even Miranda never contested Under sponsorship that’s y she never loses a crown.

Depending on those men can frustrate a young girl, just when they know you are close to your goal they will start requesting for all sorts of things and when you look back to all you went through to get there you will surely give in to them.

Even if you later win that crown you will live with regrets.

Secondly if it was another man that wanted you I would have agreed but I know Carlson he is obsessed with beauty, He has 10 wife’s.

If you want to contest Celine cos I know you do, wait, the contest is still far by then you must have gained your stand as a model

even if you haven’t am still here I will sponsor you. But don’t rush into that now, concentrate on commercials for now let go of contests.

O.a made you an offer that’s what I want to hear, more good news eg n.v wants you, things like that it will make you famous and rich with this two things
( fame and wealth) there is no contest you can’t win.

” I understand

” so all the offers you rejected what will we do

Celine laughed

” I didn’t reject anything, just kidding.

Salvador hit her head.

” okay, you will travel with Paula for o.a’s commercials.

New York tour is next 7 months from now, so you can still meet up when you come back.

U have a lot of offers and works in Switzerland, that means Paula may come back before you, but I still trust you, you are not a kid.
Your assistant will meet you at the airport.

Your new manager will also meet up with you but the person I chose is not yet back so he will meet you in Switzerland.

Your travel is Giving us enough time to finish producing
” right skin “and publishing it to the world.

Your manager is someone I trust in this game he will handle your pay.

You will get busy with time , you are free to do cream commercials, undies, make up, bikini, music modeling, product commercials, kiddies shows, fashion shows, runway, soap and body works, you are a perfect model you fit into every category so make your money.

But anything out of the industry, especially under sponsorship should be cancelled.

Do not contest for any crown, when you came back home you will tell me the crowns you want to wear.

Miss world
Miss universe
Miss perfect
Best body
Miss elegant
Best cat walk.
Citys Top model
Face of beauty
Most beautiful celebrity
And many more.

Any crown you want you will go for them on your own, independently, with your money and your pride.

I know you will have crazy Money by then but even If you don’t, I will surely sponsor you in all.

Remember switzerland will be your base even when you are done with O.a feel free to travel for your shoots but always come back to Switzerland until you are done totally, then you can come back to the city.

That way my friend will always look out for you, That’s the owner of O.a Andrew though he likes women so u should be smart around him don’t let him play the “give me a night and I will give you the contract ” game with you you should use your brain

While in Switzerland always look out for contracts that will pay you.

High school not less than 15 mill per shoot
N.v not less than 40 mill per contract
Coca their commercials pays stupid money.

Contract modeling with Vera cruise, Victoria Cartore, Angelina willson, calvin , etc.

Getting one of them is great for your carrier.

Remember the more famous you get the more brand ambassdorship contract offers you will get

But in all you do always use your brain, dont ever use your body, you have to be very smart., the more famous you get the more enemies you get that’s y am even scared to let you go.

Watch what you eat, what you drink, and always, always maintain your beauty.

Keep the right company of friends by your side and just be yourself. I know Paula and she is a wild girl ..she’s crazy but I still let you train in her house that’s how much I trust you..

While in Switzerland learn her good sides don’t learn her bad I beg you… don’t let her believes change your value…in this industry only one mistake can bring you down to number one
…e.g. this model
laurietta asinas. She was booming widely , she got fame but she had careless sex with someone for a crown she didn’t know it was all a set up by her fellow models who were jealous of her.

The video came out just like that no industry , firm, company or product wanted to use her again she was renamed face of shame.

Just like that she went down you see why u must be care full of friends and company.

” yes I understand

I look forward to see your pictures in 20 billboards after you travel. U really did well for yourself am proud of you

Celine smiled

” am letting you go, I know these times will change you, but please don’t change too much I still like the old you better.

Celine smiled as she hugged him.

” I will never disappoint you.


miranda was tired of looking through her laptop she dropped it on the floor her assistant stood facing her

” there are no pictures of this Daniela anywhere, salvador has not published her to the world

” only the sponsors saw her the world will now see her when the cream is produced

” aarrgh am so curious I might die.
” me too.

Miranda fell to her bed

” I really wonder how Danny is doing and when Danny will come back.

Celine had already prepared for her travel, Salvador was working on the documentations.

Crisella hugged her

” promise me you won’t come back the same way
” never.
Crisella smiled

” is Paula ready ?”, salvador asked
” yea in a few. Crisella said
” Call jewel she will replace Paula for now
” for the shoot?”, crisella asked
” yes
” ok.

Crisella walked out with her phone.

Celine sat back all she thought of was Daniel, how could she do this.


danny worked through series of walking exercises and simple home workouts which made his stay in the hospital so stressful.

The doctor watched him
” Danny will leave tomorow , the remaining of his memory he will get it from home

” yea he Is stronger now.

” write the report, tell them that the remaining memory is very light to acquire all they have to do is remind him of the person show him pictures, voice notes and tell him stories about the person. They can show him videos too if possible

sure I will write it down.


Paula arrive at salvadors house

They had Waited for her till they cancelled their travel.

She rushed into the living room her maid carried her bag .

Salvador looked at her like a movie
She sat on the Handle of the chair where Salvador sat

” sorry, sorry, sorry where is Celine
” her room

” am. really sorry, something came up
“do you ever change. ?

” we will leave first thing tomorrow morning thats why I came now

” ok no problem, remember to back before 7th you have a commercial.

“wish me luck.
” good luck.

He pecked her cheek and walked into his room.

Paula ran into Celines room.

” wow the late comer arrived

She lay on the bed she didn’t even care whether she was lying on top of Celine

” ouch heavy

They both laughed

” so what kept you

” my boyfriend , what else, we had to spend quality time together, you know what I mean?

” I miss Danny Paula, I might die.

She fell to the bed.

” you won’t

She touched Celines hair

” two of you will be together at the end just like fairy tales you will have your happily ever after

Celine smiled

” I feel like returning to his house as a maid and just holding him every time I want.

” you will hold him anytime you want but not as a Maid rather as a wife, a rich wife

” silly, lets sleep tomorow is a long day.

” I know right.

They slept off

They next morning paula and Celine headed out both wearing their eye glass with Jean bom Shots.

they looked we like twins.

The maids put their bags in the car.

Salvador watched them from outside

Its better you go far before I start falling in love with you, go now that am still trying to define this feeling. He said to himself.

He was still in thougt when celine hugged him.

He smiled and held her tight

” am already missing you
” me too.

She held him tight till Paula started dragging her out but she won’t let go.

” we are runing out of time.
” Salvador smiled

Finally Celine let go off him and waved at him.

Salvador waved at her too.

She entered the car and off the went.

Salvador walked back into the house and placed a call.

” what stage is production on right now.
” still primary
” make more progress come on.
” working on it.

He dropped the call looked around.

Wow he was really going to miss Celine.

celine and Paula walked down the airport.

They both held their glasses on their hands

Paula pointed to places and Celine smiled.

Danny also arrived at the airport he walked down with his guards.

The press tried rushing him but his security threatened them not to stress him so they walked behind him.

He looked very simple, he wore a gold chain slippers and a gold bracelets his hair fell freely and he walked down perfectly.

He wore a red transparent shirt and the first 3 buttons where open exposing his gold necklace. And he’s silver stonned belt.

He held his white phone and his hands.

He picked his call it was his mom.

” mom
” were are you, we are waiting for you outside
” am almost there.

Danny walked faster while trying to drop the call when he ran into Celine she almost fell but dragged her up.

That was when celine recognized him he still held her hand she kept looking at his face.

Paula watched them silently.
Danny finally let go of her hand

” am really sorry, don’t mind Me. ” Danny?
” sorry have we met?

Celine stepped back away from him She felt her beat sinking and her soul shattering.

Danny recognized Paula

” miss jason.
Paula smiled as he wrapped his hands round her waist and he kisses her cheek

Then she hugged him Celine still watched him as a movie

Danny let go of Paula

” are you traveling
” yes sure
” safe trip.
.he touched Celines hands

” am really sorry again , he walked past her.

Paula dragged his hands back he turned

” don’t you recognize her, really.
” do I know her, am sorry who is she.
CELIne removed Danny’s hands from Paula’s hands and let him go.

Danny was lost looking at celine
Just then Danny’s guard tapped him

” lets go.

He rushed out.

Celine couldn’t control her tears, she placed both hands on her heart and almost fell to the floor but Paula caught her

” Danny doesn’t know me.
Paula hugged her.
” lets go, the plane is almost leaving.
” am not going , am tired, I can’t do it anymore, this pain is bigger than me Paula, how long will I smile to the camera when am dying inside. Am tired I need Danny, am dying already. Am dead.

Paula hugged her while listening to the Plane announcements

They really had to hurry

Celine was still in Shock she sat on the floor.

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 111♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

Paula dragged Celine up

” lets go
Celine wiped her tears.

Just then a girl walked to them

” hi, am lola your new assistant, miss Daniela I was scared I would miss you.

Celine looked at the girl for a while

“I was…. expecting you.

“ok lets go madam

She carried Celines bag and walked in front Paula held celines hands

” lets go celine.

Celine nodded and both of them walked out she still looked back to see Danny

Danny got outside he’s mom was there with Miranda already, Gretel sat in the car pressing her phone.

He waved at them and Gretel ran out of the car and hugged Danny.

” I missed you Danny
” I missed you too.
She held him tight then she left him he hugged his mother.

” mom
” missed you.
She held him tight.

Then she let go off him and he hugged Miranda

” best body queen
Miranda smiled
” I hope that’s not all you remember of me.
Danny smiled and they all left for home.

Mr hoffman had already arrived home he hugged danny

” how are you son
” good as new
Mr hoffman smiled.

Then he walked back to his room Danny sat down on the couch and the maids took his bag to his room.

He looked around

” no place like home.
Mrs hoffman smiled
” what and what do you remember Daniel
” uhmm nothing much I guess, just enough.
” which part is more blank to you my love
” is there a woman In my life mom, I get memories of a woman somehow but it’s not always clear, i feel like something is missing, Was I single before the accident.

“how can you be single you have a girlfriend. “, gretel shouted
Danny sat up
” really, who is she
” Celine “, gretel shouted as her mum covered her mouth
” miranda. “, Mrs Hoffman said

Gretel fought her mind hand off

” mom what are you saying
” honey Mirandas maiden name is Celine Gretel just found out.
” but that’s not
” to your room before you get grounded, stop getting involved in adult issues.

Gretel stormed into her room. She suddenly stormed out and stormed into her fathers room.

Mrs hoffman rushed after her

” honey
” mom and Miranda are deceiving Daniel
” how
” Danny is dating Celine how can she tell Danny that he is dating Miranda
” what!! Is that what she said.

Just then Mrs hoffman rushed in and dragged Gretel into her room.

” are you going to keep blabbing
” mom what are you doing, I will never support you.

Gretel tried storming out when her mother dragged her back and forced the doctors report into her hand

” I have reasons for my actions

Gretel opened the file and covered her mouth with her hand.

” the doctor said the remaining 20 percent of Danny’s memory brings him pain and discomfort that we should make sure Danny does not remember that memory.

If he does he will die. So what, do you want Daniel to die, because of Celine, a girl who left with a man.

The news would be shared round the house both the maids, his manager and his assistant

No body should ever remind Daniel of Celine.

Gretel I can’t believe you, you think your mom can really deceive Daniel like that.

I am just trying to use Miranda since you already brought up Celines name.

The initial plan was to tell him that he was single.

She wiped her tears

I can’t believe my daughter.

Gretel instantly hugged her mother and Mrs hoffman smiled.

Yes I changed the doctors report not only for you but for your dad also. She said to herself.


Danny sat with miranda in the living room .

Miranda folded both legs on the couch.

” am really sorry Hon, how could I forget u
” it hurt but it’s ok.
Danny smiled
” are you hungry.
“no danny

Danny dragged her up from the chair

” I need to shower.
Miranda followed him into his room she sat on the bed

” No place like home indeed “,Danny said

Danny removed his shirt and fell to the bed he placed his head on the pillow

“bath daniel
” am suddenly weak

Miranda touched his hair

” are you ok, do you feel head ache.

Danny smiled

“a little.
“oh it will stop.

Danny slowly closed his eye and Miranda just kept looking at his face.

This is wrong, this means am really cheap, well his mind is blank of Celine now and its easier for him to fall for me. She said to herself as she bent down and kissed him.

Danny chuckled

” why do you like kissing me in my sleep.
Miranda smiled
” like this
She kissed him again
” seems the head ache stopped.

Miranda smilled as she lay on his chest.

He looked at her face Miranda already closed her eye so He kissed her again.

” criminal act. “, miranda said

Danny chuckled as he touched her hair.

” I love you, you know right, I just really love you so much that its controlling me, am… just obsessed with you, I don’t know how you managed to put me in this state but pls don’t ever leave me, dont ever leave”, Mira said

She held him tight.

“I am here.

He kissed her fore head,

She really loves me so much, I wish I can remember more, its ok everything will change with time.

Mr king and Sandra sat over coffee

” I really don’t understand that medical report “, sandra said

” neither do I but we have no choice , we have to accept it”,Mr king said

” yes we better not endanger Danny’s health . “, sandra said

” of all the memories to lose why was it he’s most beautiful memory. “, mr king said

” it pains me more, I am so confused. “, sandra said

Early morning
danny walked out to Miranda in his room he tied his wet hair behind him, his body was dripping wet.
He wore a diamond earing .

” good morning Mira
” thank you
” one minute.

He walked into his dressing room Miranda sat back facing the t. V

He walked out wearing a white short he held his singlet in his hands

He came up to Miranda on the bed and lay her side she wore white short and a singlet.

Miranda wrapped her arms around him Danny gently brushed his fingers into her top

Miranda chuckled as she rose to him he gently slipped the top out and cuddled her into his arms she wore a pretty red bra…..

She bent to Danny and he kissed her lips Miranda kissed his neck deeply Danny brushed his fingers behind her Miranda smiled when he unhooked her bra.

Just then he got a heavy headache he got memories of doing the same thing to another girl

he remembered doing the same thing before but he couldn’t see the girl she was so blurry but Danny knew she wasn’t Miranda

Memories of passionate love making over powered him. The grip so tight, the scratch, the screams, he felt it all so strong he remembered her nails which wounded his back.

The memories kept confusing Daniel and the face was so hard for him to figure out. It was negative coloured

He lost the passion to hold Miranda

Miranda noticed the difference in his countenance she knew he was going to withdraw very soon.

Danny pecked her lips and lay by her side in his white pillow

” something is not right.
Miranda lay on his chest
” Danny I understand, and I am not in any haste.

She kissed him. Danny looked in her face and touched her hair.

” sorry, maybe next time
” it doesn’t matter as long as we are together.

She held him tight and Danny ran his hands through her hair

” I feel her, her grip, her breath, she’s different, she’s so real, I can’t see her face but I don’t think it’s Miranda, her hair is longer, there is another woman I have been with, Someone who Is inscripted in my soul. Was I cheating on miranda, what’s going on. “,Danny wondered to himself.

“Although I want you to touch me and I want to feel you inside me everyday, I will wait till I own you fully, as long as you are with me that’s enough. Miranda said to herself as she held him tight.

Just then her phone rang

” Danny I have to go, my manager
She rushed up Danny stood up ad dragged her hand back.

” am really sorry, don’t feel bad, I promise to make it up to you, am really sorry Hon

” its ok Daniel, I know you must have a good reason.

Danny picked her top and Miranda raised both hands up, he slipped the top in and miranda kissed him then she rushed out.

What do I like about Miranda, she’s pretty I know but, maybe it was just her looks I guess.

He tried his land line but it was hanging he stood up and rushed out

Maids room

” who will occupy Celines bed now?”, Mary asked
” looking at it makes me miss Celine”, Mildred said
” i wonder which maid will replace her. “, Mary said
” that doctors report sounds fake “, Emily said
” we don’t know yet so let’s not talk about celine to Danny so he can’t die. “, mildred said

Just then Danny knocked on the maids room.

He opened the door

” um the line was hanging I need cold milk
“sure sir “, Emily said
Danny looked at the bed

” did a Maid travel. ?
” oh that’s Celines be……
Mildred covered marys mouth with her hand.
” don’t mind her sir
” ok

He ran into his room and Emily brought him his drink after which she left.

There was a” Celine ” Gretel mentioned her, now a Maid mentioned her, I have a tattoo of her on me.

Mirandas maiden name maybe CELINE but is miranda a Maid.

Something is not write, I just feel it, I feel it very strongly.

I better stop thinking about this, it’s stressing my brain.

Mother can never lie to me. And even if I cheated on Mira I should stop now.


♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 112♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By moreexperience
(6zney )

Danny’s room

Danny lay quietly on his bed.

Weeks have flown by no one wants tell me about this celine girl.
Not even king or Sandra, my days are just slipping away with work.

I still can’t make love to miranda, I don’t even know if I ever loved her. It’s been weeks but this relationship still feels blank.
5 weeks slipped by like 4 days of my return. Still difference.
Everything should have balanced by now. God help me out, I don’t want to hurt Miranda but I just wanna know the truth.

Gretels room ????????

Gretel was on the phone with simeon.

” so what’s next

” I just really want Celine back, there are so Many things I want to ask her, so many things i want to tell her

” should i find that Ethan boy for you.
” can you
” piece of cake
” please do
” ok.

Gretel dropped the call just then Danny walked into her room and fell on her bed

” even your accident didnt change your character
” why should i knock, you are such a kid, what are you hidding
” my boyfriend should hear that
Danny smiled
” Gretel is a big girl
” I know I am

She lay by his side

” did i ever date a girl named CEline
” no, you didn’t, why?
” her name rings a bell
” thats not possible.
” I hope so
” Danny concentrate on miranda, that’s what boyfriends do, stop stressing your brain you might make Miranda feel very bad you know, just stop trying to remember you are still very important to me I can’t lose you.

We wrapped her arms round him almost in tears

Danny smiled as he touched her hair
” who said am dying.

Gretel wiped her tears with the back of her Palm and just held him tight.

Danny kissed her fire head just then his phone rang

” tell me
” you have a shoot, did you forget
” no but I lost interest
” cool, you are coming to the studio right or did you forget you will sing in Veras show.
” I didn’t forget the show but I forgot that am singing
Mr king smiled
” the city is expecting a hit from you soon i think it’s time you sang with Nicky what do you think.
” ok i will see to it.
Mr king dropped the call.

” studio here I come,

Gretel smiled at him just then she remembered

Oh no Celines pictures are filled in that studio, what to do. She thought to herself.

Danny rose up from the bad and pecked her.

He walked out.

Gretel picked up her phone to call Mr king but simeons call imterupted everything

” I found him, come out
” ok.

She ran out and simeon texted her her the address Gretel drove directly to that place without guards.

She got to a single room apartment, Ethan sat outside when Gretel walked to him.

His t. V, bed, fridge, generator was outside with price tags.

” heloo miss Gretel right
” hy, why did you stop work
” I was fired
” oh sorry but where is Celine, is she inside I really want to see her her number is not reaching seems like she changed her line

” Celine was never with me miss I dropped her off somewhere else

” where

” Salvadors house, the owner of p. W.

” ok thank you. So are you selling those

” yes

He touched the t. V

” the price is…

” uhm I will buy all so I will just.

She walked to her car and collected her check book which she signed and gave to him.

” next Tommorrow is the last date, I already signed so just write the amount you want.

” what

” don’t worry, any price is ok, it’s not like I can ever go broke anyways.

Thank you so much for helping Me with celine.

And as for the t. V and the others they are my gifts to you. H. B. D in advance.

Before Ethan could talk she rushed out.

Ethan instantly hurried his sick sister to the hospital.

Gretel drove till she arrived st salvadors house.

She rushed in the gateman didn’t even know what to say to her he just smiled at her.

Soon she arrived at salvadors door, Salvador opened the door and smiled

” Gretel hoffman, what do I owe this visit.
Gretel punched his stomach.
” ouch
” why did you take my lina away.
Salvador chuckled

” is that why you hit me.

Gretel slipped under salvadors hands on the door and rushed inside.

” where is she pls
” she traveled she will come back roughly six months or 5 I guess, its been 5 weeks she left, you came late.

Gretel wiped her tears

” where is her room.
Salvador opened the door.

Gretel walked in she kept touching all Celines property one by one.

From her pillow to her bed, then her toy and some of her cloths.

She sat on the bed and wiped her tears

” she was my angel, She made my life make sense.

Salvador sat closer to her

” she told me so much about you, She really loves you.

” I wish I can tell Danny about her but I can’t he will die

” Danny forgot her?
” yes and the doctor said we should never tell him about her.

Salvador smiled

Wow what a smart move ciara, u think you are doing CEline bad you don’t know you favoured her, you just gave her enough time to be as rich as your son.

Gretel hugged Salvador

” do you want to see Celine
” yes pls

Salvador placed a video call on the projector in her room

” i too I have not seen her since

It was an automatic pick up

Gretel smiled it showed Celines room everything was pink and colourful.

Her phone was on the bed a very expensive white phone

4 of her portraits where drawn on the wall.

Her hand bag was half packed on the bed

Salvador carefully collected everything that was close to bag

Her phone, her purse, her face wipe, and powder

He looked at her drawer that was where he saw a pack of cigarette.

Just then the heard celines voice.

” Lora did you reply Andrew, tell him I can’t talk business in his house, if he wants to talk we meet out side.

Also call that crazy manager of mine, tell him I won’t shoot tomorrow.

” done madam

” the screen is on some one is calling you were busy talking that’s y u put it into automatic pick up so u can talk.

” sorry madam Salvador is on call
” oh ok

I don’t even know what am wearing out Paula is waiting. She said to herself.

She rushed over to the screen both Salvador and Gretel saw her fully like they were with her

Her skin glittered the more she wore two diamond leg chains and one silver bracelet. She wore 1 golden rings and her Nails were well polished.

She wore a crop top with a white small short, and her hair was longer and she dyed it, her hip wider

Salvador noticed the diamond stone which replaced Her belly button . She wore 3 little earings. With a very small diamond nose ring.

Her figure was more. perfect

She wore two silver waist chains one in the middle and the other fell down her waist

Salvador couldnt talk he just watched her like a movie.

Celine just recognized Gretel she waved at her smiling.

” you look pretty lina

” thanks missed you
” how are you
” am just here, missing you
” pls call do Me from now on
” I will
” I love you
” you know I do right

Gretel ran to the screen and Celine kissed her lip through the screen

” how was your exam

” amazing

” what about our boyfriend
” he’s okay, simeon is really great

” I love you gret

” but why did you go when I was sleeping, I bought so many things for you.
Like This
She borough out a silver necklace from her purse

” its pretty, give it to Salvador for me.
” sure but do wear it.
” I will.

Salvador collected the case

Gretel checked her time
” bye
She rushed out.

” Ella “, salvador said

Celine moved from the bed and sat in the chair are she faced Salvador directly.
She removed the gum from her mouth
” how are you?”, Salvador asked
” oh am fine, u

She was using her phone

” am great, drop your phone
” omg am so sorry,

Celine dropped her phone

” how many offers have you gotten

” alot, i have been so stressed lately, like i rarely even have time to myself. I just covered a Bikini magazine yesterday for match mags.

” match pays well
” yes, I guess
” so when did you start smoking

Celine turned to the table and looked back to Salvador

She laughed and scratched her hair.

” who, me?
” no me.
” I am not ….. I mean, I don’t ….. y are you asking so seriously.
” I never said its wrong it was just a question
” well.. it’s not mine it belongs to Paula
” does Paula live with you
” well… forget that, how are you.

” I am great, congrats I got a report from O.a, Andre Said you are doing great, he is planning in making you his brand ambassador.

” well that’s nice, can we talk later i really need to……

She picked her phone again
” i need to go. ” She rushed up.

” Lola get my shoes., Salvador laters right?

” ok have fun.

CELIne logged off.

She really changed Salvador thought.

Light opens on celine as She rushed out and met Paula in her car

” how was the shoot”, Paula asked
” it was totally awesome, gonna be out soon. Celine said
” nice, where is your car its not outside “,paula asked
” seems like Lola used it out, She is really stubborn

” she’s a kid “, Paula concluded

” is he still saying the same
thing ?”,celine asked

” founder of the show ?
” yea”, celine replied
” yes after I slept with him, he has a choice”,Paula said
” but one crown is enough he can’t give u two”, celine said

” that’s what he promised me”,Lola said
” on bed, come on, a man can promise you heaven and earth on bed “, celine added

Paula smiled ” so what’s Andrew saying…

Celine took a stick of cigarette
she lighted it and lay back.

” he should just tell me he wants me in his bed. Imagine he wants to talk more about business in his house. Salvador told me he likes women .”,celine said

” he’s crazy but, he can make you his brand ambassador”, Paula said

Celine removed the cigarette from her mouth.

” pls don’t advice Me Paula , u give the worst…

Paula smiled

” i wasnt going to say ” sleep with him” ,i was going to say ” why not sleep with him. “, Paula completed

Celine hit her and dropped the cigarette.

” listen Paula this body ..
” mmm
” these beautiful lips
” mmm
” these curves
” go girl
” all of this are not meant for Andrew…

CELINE increased the volume of the music in Paula’s car

” we should totaly hit the club Hon!!!”, Paula shouted
” why not, my manager already Said I dressed like a club girl today. “, Celine said

” lucious has bad mouth
” just like Salvador, he called me today
” awesome

” he saw the cigeratte u left on my table and he was, like, when did you start smoking?

” omg that was wet

” i was like no, I don’t smoke, I mean am not smoking, paula left it.

Paula laughed

” girl u are so spoilt”, Paula said

” u spoilt me, i was virgin when we met”, Celine replied

” Daniel was your first spoiler not me …

” yes my boyfriend who forgot me , you know I have done every thing to forget Danny right, but no, I still love that fucker.

She took the cigar again,


danny walked into the studio

He saw a man who walked out with many flexes and pictures which was folded together

Danny looked at the wall of the studio it was obvious those pictures were removed right now.

He stopped the man

” did u take those pictures from my studio
” yes
” can I see them.

He collected one picture from the man, he lifted it up

Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 113 to 115
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 105 to 109

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