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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 116 to 118

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♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 116♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
Next morning.

Celine sat quietly in her room with her phone lola tapped her

” are you expecting a call.
” the shoot will start in one hour and Miranda is almost ready, Calvin should call me now.
” what if he does…
Just then her phone rang it was Calvin celine smiled.

” hey, morning, daniella here, who am I unto
” this is Calvin, you forgot your card.
” oh nice of you, how’s the shoot going
” it has not started yet, i still have enough time to choose another model, since I have not called my model yet and I still need you.

” awwwwn I wish I could help but I cant my schedule is really, really, really.

Celine gave Lola signals and she started talking

madam you need to go now

Madam your schedule is really tight

Madam you don’t have time for this call

Madam Salvador needs to meet.

Celine gave her a thumbs up.

” am so choked up I can’t even breath, am so sorry pls use Miranda.

” ok thank you.

Celine dropped the call.

” I don’t understand ur plan madam

” if I accept now he won’t call Mira, and we models if u don’t get a call on the shooting day you will know you’ve been dropped.

But thats too good for miranda, i want him to call her on phone and tell her to come.

” you are mean

” and when she arrived at the complex, I will then accept Calvin’s offer and make him drop her in public.

He has to drop her In my presence, i want to see the look on her face.

” what if your plan backfires, what if salvador speaks up for Miranda, it’s his complex hosting the commercial and Miranda is his model.

” yes Salvador is just too kind hearted, he might spoil things.

Calvin sat with his assistant

” sir what did Ella say
” its hopeless, good things are hard to get.
” too bad, do I call Mira now.
” yes call mira the shoot will start in 1✔
” ok sir. But better clarify with Ella cos Salvador will get angry if you drop Miranda in the middle of the shoot.
” I already clarified with Ella She can’t come.
” ok am Calling Mira.

Calvin walked out.

Celine rushed into her shower.

” madam won’t you stress yourself, i mean you still have a party tonight.

” well i guess I will happily stress myself to make Mira cry…..

” Minutes later Celine walked out and started dressing up.

Her outfit arrived
Just then her manager called.

” tell me
” royal drinks wants to use you as their. B. A, the need your face for the commercial.
” who is their other choice.
” Miranda

” hahaha am in.

” great pens also. Want you as there face for the year.

” mmmm nice, am in but what I really want is high school

” if U get Calvin you are close to high school, the owner of high school will watch that under wear commercial Miranda is doing today.

” nice

” the two contests you are doing fell into new York your that’s miss world and miss universe but just know Miranda is competing for miss universe And miss world too and Salvador is her sponsor for miss universe.

” my own Salvador, why
” maybe you should ask him.

” ok thanks so how about Victoria and Vera.
” Miranda is still their forever finale gown model.
” that’s more reason y I want them.
” and that dinner gown cover I found out who the male model is.
” who Liam?
” no Danny.

Celine removed the phone from her ear and placed it on her heart for a while she closed her eye to control her tears.

” madam are ok.
Celine signaled her to stay quiet.

” cancel it. Celine said
” are you crazy.
” you know I still love Daniel.
” when did you start missing business with pleasure.
” I can’t be with Danny for more than 30 minutes without tearing up and telling him that I am Celine, do you want him to die.
” I still believe that report is fake

” did you meet the doctor.
” yes he said he will give me feedback later.

Celine dropped the call. And ran out of the house.

” madam.
her guards followed her with two cars.

She ran fast with tears in her eye, people thought she was jogging they didn’t know she was trying to run away from the pain in her heart.

As she ran tears filled her eye all she thought of was her days with Daniel, all his promises to her.

But Daniel It seems like I am your doom ,Like we were never made to be.

Clara why did you let this happen I thought you approved of our love.

Why didn’t you get Danny’s memory back for me. Clara why did you keep quiet.

I recognized you right, i asked you to help me love Daniel. But you didn’t.

Celine wiped her tears She kept running she got to a road that was divided into sections she tried crossing without conciousness, just then another car was came out from nowhere and almost ran her over , when someone dragged her back From behind.

” are you okay, why do you want to kill yourself ” the person yanked, she turned and it was Daniel…

His guards ran out

” sir are you ok
” am fine.
Danny was talking to Celine but she wasn’t even listening as she was in dream land … just looking at him . He tucked his hair behind his ear.. and swiped his hands to her face.Celine shed tears

” Danny”,she said

“daniella what are you doing
” Danny!! “, She cried more and more .

She wiped her tears with the back of her hands. She tried being strong but this one was bigger than her. More tears came streaming down.

Danny looked into her eye and wiped her tears with his hands but she kept crying the more ..he dried her tears the last time and hugged her tightly.

” did you loose someone, its not worth killing yourself over…”, he brushed his fingers behind her hair gently Celine held him tight.

Danny Someone didn’t die, but I just love you so much I can’t believe i will bring you death, I can’t believe I have to learn to live without you.

Lola started crying In the car as she heard celines little sobs.

“why is love so wicked. “, lola said

Celine finally let go of Danny and zipped up his jacket .

” the weather is cold and you have …… you might get cold… “, she stuttered .
Danny moved her hair.

” hey .. you will be fine don’t cry anymore.
Celine wiped her tears and ran away she ran back home in a heavy speed and the cars followed her back.

Celine freshened up immediately. That was the end of her tears, seeing Danny made her hate Miranda the more.

Lucious called the doctor

” doctor keeping someone like Daniela waiting is not making sense

” about what ?

” the report you gave on Danny Hoffman was sent back to you for clarification.

” what is clarification, i wrote my report myself, every thing I wrote there is true and spotless.

” then you must be a crazy doctor to give that kind of report without reasons.

” I dont understand this, hold this call let me check out the report you send.

” am a very busy man, check out that report and call me back, miss daniella is not happy with delay.

Luscious dropped the call the doctor went to his system and borought out the report luscious sent.

” what nonsense this is not my report
” Mrs hoffman must have changed it
” Mrs who but why
” call her sir.
” of course I will, for now send the main report to Mrs Daniel.
” y don’t u call ciara first before giving feedback to daniella.

p. Ws commercial complex.

Everything for the shoot was ready.

Salvador sat down with Vera cruise, discussing some business terms.
N.vs founder was there too as well as the founder of high school. discussing some business terms.

Everyone Miranda dreamed of was there present.

Everyone watched, including Paula, crisella, jewel, Jennifer.

The shooting stage was ready the undies were set out too.

Just then Miranda arrived she was so happy and so proud because she knew other models will be jealous of her.

” am happy for Mira this is good for her carrier”, paula said
” that’s if daniella will let her have peace. “, crisella said
” this shoot will take Miranda far. “, Jennifer said and walked to her car she was travelling to Canada for a shoot.

” Calvin with your support the shoot will start in 20. “, director said

Miranda sat comfortably on the chair and they dressed her hair first.

Just then unexpectedly Celine walked in.

CELInE waved at crisella the press almost ran into the complex with her.
She walked with style and her assistant walked by her side.

Celine pecked Salvador from behind

” daniella
” got me
” even your breath is pretty.

Celine smimed and walked towards Calvin.

” oh Calvin
” goddess
Celine looked at Miranda so irritatingly that Calvin got discouraged.

” is that….. the model. Ouch.
” well.
Celine dragged his hands
” lets talk inside.

Both of them walked out and Celine locked the door.

” I dropped my schedule for you, I will do the shoot.
” but
” but if you chose someone else, I better go.

She rushed up and Calvin dragged her back.

” I need you Ella you know i want you. dont worry I will just text miranda
” no dont text her, I mean that’s too boring. She will feel insulted.

Celine dragged him out and stood facing Miranda with both hands on her waist.

Calvin looked at Miranda for a while and ordered the hair dresser to leave.

” Mira you know what happens in this business,

” i dont understand.

” well there is a little change my dear,

CELIne carefully cleaned his shirt with her hands on his shoulders.

” the model will be changed .for some reason daniella will do the shoot. You will do the later

Celine started clapping for herself.

Miranda couldn’t even talk she was shocked

” am really sorry.

Salvador wanted to talk but Celine looked at him. He was placed a dilemma. He decided to walk out quietly

” but Calvin I trained for 8 months for this

” I know and I am sorry but I have my reasons.

” am sorry dear, life of a model..Celine said

CELIne moved to the seat where Miranda sat.

” am a very busy person . And I am runing out of time so get out my dear.

Miranda couldn’t even stand up the embarrassment was just too much, people laughed at her. She almost fell but the make up artist caught her.

Lola instantly disinfected the chair and perfumed it well then Celine sat down smiling. .

She waved at miranda happily .

” good bye my love.

Just then Miranda remembered celines threat to her at the pool.

Miranda was shocked she couldn’t even look at anybody’s face she forced herself not to cry.

As she walked she kept trying to fall

Miranda got outside and her guards followed her. She entered her car and started crying like a baby.

Miranda cried like a child, she remembered everything she lost for this single show.

She called Danny on phone.

” my love
Miranda started crying
” Danny where are you.
” are you okay
” am not
” go home, coming over.
Miranda dropped the call.

I will never let her take you Daniel. You are the reason why I must have her defeated. Daniella better get ready for it.

celine smiled as the made her up,
She picked up her phone

” Lola I want to tweet
” well am going on I.g.”, lola said
” am going to the net. “, paula said
” what do you guys wanna post “,crisella asked

” Calvin drops model”, miranda milbert, in the middle of a shoot and choses daniella Daniel over her, what a shame on Mira. “, celine said

” bomb
” posted.

CELInE smiled widely and soon she got dressed up for the shoot

Mirandas heart broke when she saw Grided pictures of her and celine on line.

Her face was filled with tears She couldn’t believe fans Photoshoped her pictures.

all her beautiful pictures were collected and Photoshoped into crying faces and people mocked her.

Miranda is a loser. *

She met her nightmare*

Team daniella for life *

Real competition began. *

City’s top model is in tears *

Miranda threw her phone out of the car.

Celine was already on set

She did the shoot evidently and wonderfully well.

She couldn’t stop smiling. She thought Miranda a very big lesson today.

She had no space in her heart for pity.

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 117♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????


Minutes later after the shoot Celine had already changed.

She tried walking out when she saw Salvador who stood by his office with both hands folded.

Celine walked towards him and he dragged her into his office and locked the door.

” what was that celine I don’t understand you acting like a slut.
” Salvador I can explain

” Celine what you did was heartless and that’s not you.

” Salvador

” i could have defended Miranda but you know why I let you win

CELIne sat down and placed her legs on his chair.

” come on Salvador, I was just having a little fun.

” how did you even get Calvin to do this, are you now sleeping with him

” am not, come on
” what you did is not acceptable Celine.

” that’s because you don’t know what Miranda did to me. This is just the beginning Salvador, if you are not with me then you are against me and its not over untill its over.

” and it all goes back to a man, you are killing your fellow woman for a man.

” did you know, all those marks on my skin when you picked me up.

Miranda inflicted that on me.

All the knife and razor marks on my face it was Miranda.

If I starved if I bled it was all Miranda

And she did all that for Danny, but I have not even done a single thing to her yet.

Am not stopping untill i am satisfied.

Celine grabbed her bag and rushed out .

Lola came to her

” am tired lets go
“are you ok
” am fine anythng from luscious yet
“no nothing
She entered her car and the driver drove off.

Mirandas house

Danny’s car just arrived.

3 guards walked out and stood by the their car.

Danny walked out of his main car with only one guard who followed him as he walked fast almost runing he held only his phone in his hands

He looked very simple wearing a white tracksuit.
And a very simple slipper he packed his hair behind and wore a silver watch with one ring , then diamond earrings on both ears.

he knocked on the door the guard waited outside.

A maid opened up

” she in
” yes.

Danny ran upstairs in a haste, he already felt the smoke coming out of her room , finally he opened her door.

Miranda was on her bed,she wore a white singlet and a white Calvin Klein p*nt which seemed like a short too.

she folded her legs over a cup of wine and She Smoked with tears in her eye.

Danny sat quietly beside her and wiped her tears with his white towel carefully untill he didn’t see any tear again.

Miranda turned to look at him he collected the cigarette from her hand and dropped on the table he removed the glass of wine and kept it on the table.

Then he hugged her.

” its ok, don’t wet those pretty eyes.
” Danny it was too painfull, I couldn’t bare it. I still can’t bare it.
” what happened
” why not log in already. They are laughing at me everywhere, so y not log in.

Danny brought out his phone and logged in that was when he saw all the updates.

” how could Calvin do this.
” it was daniella, it was all her plan.
” I don’t understand are you guys friends
” I told you we are not

” then why would she do this to u, she can’t act without a reason, did you guys have an issue in the past.

” well

” never mind I Will ask her myself.

” no no what was I saying its not daniellas fault, she’s totally innocent No need to ask her anything.
” I thought so too.

Danny placed a call instantly to Mr king. And Miranda wrapped herself around him from behind listening to his call.

” tell me danny
” how many shows do I have connected to Calvin
” like 8
” cancel it all.
” Danny what are you doing.
” infact sign me out of Calvin and metro, just tell them I dropped.
” but Danny u cant just disappoint him like that.
” no don’t worry he will understand he is pretty good at dissapontment
” done.
” can you just schedule a meeting between I and Calvin.
” Daniel please
” make it real soon.
” ok.

Danny dropped the call

Miranda turned his face and kissed him.

” did you tell him who’s woman you are I mean did Calvin know you are mine, how could he insult you like that.

Miranda lay on his chest.
Yes teach him a lesson if only daniella wasn’t Celine I would have asked you to teach her a lesson too but the thing is i don’t want you to find out anything.

Danny finally rolled to side on the bed and held his head in his Palm he raised her singlet and played the other finger on her waist bead

” I don’t know which one will be better, do you want Calvin to apologize to you publicly and own a duty to his apology or,Do you want the press to laugh at Calvin. Chose carefully or both will happen today.

” its ok if he apologizes.
” ok. expect that. He kissed her

I have nothing against Calvin he is just crazy my enemy Is daniella now Danny can’t help me fight her because he will find out the truth in the process. Mira thought

” you won’t pass the party tonight right
” I don’t want to go
” so who’s my date?, u need to show them that you are still strong.
” ok I won’t miss it.

Danny kissed her and she just held him tight

Calvin just dropped a call.

” how can Danny just do this. How can he drop out just when I need him most, I trippled the pay but his manager said money is not the issue

” sir are you sure Danny is not dating miranda
” I need a new model right now for new York tour mostly so please call Liam, let’s see If we can get him.
” sure thing , the shoot for the boxer shorts will soon start
” ok, thank you.

Mirandas room

Miranda stood by her cupboard while Danny lay on her pillow.

” I like those panties, cute
” well you won’t take them off.
Danny chuckled.
” just seeing u made me glad. I always said it, you are all i want.
Danny smiled

” tell me what do I wear tonight
” no matter what you wear you will still be the most beautiful woman in the room..
” awwwn.Danny you have your way around me … I already forgot everything that happened today.
Danny checked his time
” I should be leaving right about now.

Danny tried standing and Miranda rose up to him on the bed.

” ahhh why are you adding weight Mira
” Calvin’s fitness
” mmmm curvy queen.
She kissed him .
” Miranda I need to go .
” no am not in support.
She turned to her back and Lay comfortably on him.

Danny pinched her tummy she laughed

” Mira your hair is in my face.
Miranda smiled and turned to face him .she kissed his neck and and he tapped her back

” Mira I need to go
” Danny say you love me
” have I never said it before?.
” no .. you rarely say it and its very painful.
” well its not that much of a big deal I really love you very much
” Danny are you just saying the words or do you feel something for me…
Her tears dropped on his face
” this is serious ” Danny said to himself

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 118♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By #moreexperience

Danny moved her and stood up

” mira you feel better now right? Cos I gotta….. He checked time.

” i got to go.

” but you just came, i will start crying if you leave

Danny smiled
” you won’t
” I might.

She kissed him. Danny deepened the kiss …

” gotta go, i need to be some where right now.

” right now? , Danny you are starving me ,lets talk about it why won’t you make love to me , Dont u like my new body spray or is it anything …

” we Still have hour vacation right
” but
” ok fine I might come back tonight
” that’s sweet … Danny kissed her cheek and finally ran out.


celine lay in her bed with her hands wrapped around her leg.

miranda is still defeating me, every day I come home to my empty bed but she goes home to the man I love. Love is really heartless.

Right now he must be consoling her , kissing, hugging and making her smile. Because he is good at that. who ever said I am defeating miranda, in the real game she is still defeating me.
Just then Lola walked in.

” madam Paula Is here
” send her in..

Lola walked out Paula walked in she wore only a polo

” did you wear that from your house Paula!!
” i was driving come on…I saw the shoot you did … wow
“For the make up right…it was hot.
” so why are you teary, Danny again
” well, no.
” Celine enough is enough already, please move on you are not a tree, u need care, you need love, you need sex look at your skin, infact you need a man.

” its Danny or no one else Paula

” Danny is dating Miranda they kissed in front of you, they are having fun and here you are keeping yourself for him. You might wake up one morning and become a virgin again.

Celine threw her pillow at her.

” its been almost a year CELIne you have been starving yourself why? , leave your life to the fullest.I can’t do what your doing, stop surpressing your desires feel free like a bird ….. get a man ,try love again, have crazy sex ….Have fun and be happy.

” stop talking You are so deceptive, I love Danny and I can’t go to another man because I have desires when Danny is still on my mind ,I can’t do it…. I tried it before with Tyler in Switzerland the whole move on sex didn’t work ….. Danny is the only man I want to touch me …. if it’s not Danny it pains my heart so am gonna wait for Danny Paula he’s mine .now am going to bath because I have a party

” be carefull what you do with those hands in there.

” Paula leave my house
” talking out of experience.
” your making this more difficult.
Paula laughed

” just losen up the guy you are keeping yourself for is busy flirting.

She lay on the bed.
Minutes later Celine was done.

” paula please…stop trying to push me into thinking of what I have not been thinking of.

” ok u win am done spoiling your beleives but who’s your date for The party
” you know it’s Salvador.

Celine lay on the bed and covered herself Paula rose on her

” you know what, forget boys, let’s have one night stand. Celine laughed out and threw a cup of water at her.

Paula smiled.

” the party is gonna be fun i have another plan for Miranda
” can’t wait
” oh Isabella is calling me again
” celine the presidents wife just loves you.
Both of them laughed.


Danny sat facing calvin with both legs on Calvin’s table . in Calvin’s commercial complex

” Danny am busy, a shoot is ungoing and ur not talking.

Danny lay back on the chair
” did you know that Miranda is my girlfriend

” no but come on changes happen on this business every day
” changes happen but at least you text your model what kind of public embarrassment was that.

” I didn’t know you were dating Miranda Daniel. So forgive me, is that y u signed out.

” I have two options for you, option one stop every shooting activity happening today.

Go online and apologize publicly to my girlfriend and tell the world that you are not shooting today to respect her.

Then I will come back to you.

” I have an important shoot today, i will do it tomorow.

” option 2, I will forcefully close this place for today, you know who my dad is.

U won’t shoot today and I will still drop as your model.

And you will still be embarrassed because of the way I will shut down this place.

” how will you do that

” oh simple.

He lay back on his chair just then ten agents dressed in suite walked in with their I. D. And a search warrant.
Before Calvin could talk they started breaking things and chasing out the models.

” what nonsense
” sorry sir but please don’t interfere with issues of the law, you are free to call your lawyer

” but there is nothing illegal here, what’s going on

” well this place will be shut down today forcefully, the president is aware of this act so don’t get yourself in trouble.

That was when Calvin realised it was Danny’s hand work.

He rushed back to Danny.

” k you win, i accept the first option, now let them leave quietly.

Danny stood up and while walking out he texted them and they walked out.

His guards followed him to his car.
” What a spoilt crazy kid, omg, Calvin said to himself as he publicly apologized to Miranda. And closed the complex for the day with a note, “In respect of Miranda. ”

Paula saw the news of Calvin’s unexpected shut down.

“wow, when your boyfriend is filthy rich.
” what is it…. celine asked .
” hmm Calvin will only shoot tomorow, he’s using today to respect Miranda.

Celine logged in.

” check out the head line. Calvin observes a one day out to respect city’s top model Miranda Milbert. …Celine said

“her boyfriend retaliated , just know, until u get Danny back you are not fighting only Miranda you are fighting miranda and Danny.

” my love, will you now spoil my hard work, do you want to be my enemy. … Celine said

” and mirandas boyfriend cleaned her tears, she must be jumping by now. … paula said

Celine threw her phone out her window.

” feel like slapping Danny, why can’t he get his memory back and know that Miranda is an enemy.
Am doing all this for him, for us.
I just wish he was here so I can just beat him a little.

” you want to beat him in bed right.
Celine smiled
“you have a shoot with him tomorow right, beat him there.
you are forcing yourself to be angry but you can’t be angry because it was Danny’s doing, you can’t be mad at Danny, wow hot love.

” but I realy feel like hitting Danny …. I swear
” yes in bed
“Paula stop…. Celine hit her butt… you are making me miss him
Paula laughed

” at least miranda still lost this contract celine you still win

Celine smiled
Paula came across another headline.

Daniella Daniela has been recognised as the 6th most beautiful woman in the world, she has strong grounds to contests for miss world, daniella Daniel for miss world

Complete report from world wide beauty search. Number 6 daniella Daniela.

CELInE smiled
” the world just voted you to contest for miss world.
” I want to be this city’s top model first.

” you are just targeting everything Miranda has.


Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 119 to 121
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 113 to 115

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