July 31, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 93

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He and her V

Written by Oyebamiju Samuel Feathers

Episode 93

Camilla’s POV

I walked back home sullenly. My heart was heavy. I do not want to believe that I’m barren. But what could be happening to my womb. I should have being pregnant.

On getting home ,I met Tucker sitting on couch outside the house.

He stood up as soon as he saw me ” Camilla ,what’s wrong!” He asked and I find a sit for myself first.

I lowered my head and exhaled.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” He asked again.

“I found out I’m not pregnant. ”

He was quiet for a while after which he sniffed.

He hummed and I looked into his face. ” All is going to be fine”

“Does that mean I’m barren?” I asked with a teary face.

“Barren! Never. We just started making love few weeks ago. Common! You are sure going to get pregnant ” He encouraged me but I wasn’t moved.

“Did you think I should go for text to inquire if anything is wrong with my womb?”

“I do not think that is necessary , common! Let’s just give it time ” He said .

“I’m scared. Barrenness is real. Let me confirm if I’m truly barren so I can start sourcing for solution already” I said still looking at his face intently.

He sighed. “Alright then ,if that’s what you want ”

“Thanks ” I said and decided to go for text the following day.


Grace’s POV.

I went to the the hospital that Tucker uses to see the Doctor that attends to Tucker and his siblings. Including Camilla and I.

“Hi Doctor ” I greeted and he gestured for me to sit.

“Welcome Mrs Grace ”

“Thank you” I said and dipped my hand inside my hand bag and brought bails of money.

I dropped it on his table.
“I overheard Camilla saying she’s coming to text what exactly has gone wrong with her womb , just tell her that she has no womb”

“Ma?” The doctor yelled.

“Calm down ,check the money and agree. ” I said and he lowered his head to the money on the table and counted it.

“Wow! But that will be….”

“Shhhhh…” I shut him. “Just do as I’ve said. ”

He nodded. I smirked and walked away from him.

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