July 26, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 13

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????????????hidden beauty????????????

????Episode 13: freaking for you????

???? Joy????

What is my mom even saying????,

does it means she derives joy when am sad .

I just wanna go around with my pretty face not with my scar

Am really angry with my mom and feathers????????????

I didn’t mean a thing to them right?
What does she mean by those words?

Is someone after me? why can’t I go around with my pretty face.

These thoughts came running through my head as I laid on my bed

They left a lot of scars in me????
But she’s still my mom

What is her reason????
Why does she wants me to go

around with my ugly mask????????
Its unfair???? its just too much.

I couldn’t eat nor sleep???? . the thought of how Williamson kept

staring at me innocently came running through my head again????

My feelings for him died already, its not coming back

Its gone for good.

I admit he’s still good looking and has sweet scent all over him.

But his heart is dirty and ugly just like my mask????

I heard a knock on my door..
I sat on my bed and the door creeked open.

Mom and feathers,????????????
What do you want now I said harshly.

Common my child, everything I did was for a reason????

The school is a bad place filled with jealousy and hatred

Ever since your dad died I know feathers won’t always be there to protect you.

I had to glue that mask to your face..
Just to cover up your incomparable beauty..

So that friends won’t get jealous and try to hurt you .

I only wanted to protect you from lustful boys

Who will only go after your pretty face and body

I warned your brother feathers to keep it a secret..

Am so sorry joy????
I never meant to hurt you this way????

I could no longer hold it????
Yea she’s still my mom

She only did that to protect me right?

Its okay mom, don’t cry anymore, and am also sorry for acting rude.

I was too blind to see your reasons

Her hugged her tight and my brother feathers also joined????????
What a lovely family I got????

????Next morning????

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror..
Damm, what I see is a beauty diva????

There are a lot if people I wanna change, I wanna be the reason they turn from their devilish ways…

I got the perfect idea for that????

I picked up my mask and glued it gently to my face…

Now am good to go..
I ran downstairs to meet my mom and my brother

Yea yea, they looked shocked to see me wearing the mask again..

Don’t be surprised guys , I got a perfect plan.

I pecked my mom and ran out if the house without taking breakfast.

Only Williamson and prosper knows about the face behind this mask..

Buh am gonna hunt them with it, maybe they could change for good huh?

I was pretty late…
I walked into the class as usual, waiting for the insults of the day

Hey guys look here
The ugly duckling is here????????

They all burst into uncontrollable laughter…

My eyes met with Williamson, he looked confused and shocked

He’s in deep thought huh?

I got to my seat ignoring everybody …

The time went fast like a moving machine .

Throughout the class period , Williamson didn’t talk to anyone, not even prosper…

He looked like he was dying silently, my mom thought me how to show love..

But after all what Williamson has done to me????
I don’t think I can forgive him .

I heard the bell for break

I headed to the restroom to wash up,
I decided to take a walk round the school.

I walked to a corner where I saw Williamson talking with our form teacher…

I could see tears flowing freely from his eyes????????
My heart melted????????????

I adjusted to listen to their conversation.

Ma’m , I have greatly hurt someone, I don’t know but am truly sorry for hurting her so bad

I don’t believe she will be able to forgive me????

I lack manners, I was never loved, I was abandoned.

While growing up, all I felt was hatred and pains..

My mom died after she gave birth to me, she was shot by a Lady who admired my father for long..

She was so ugly and irritating

After I heard the story several times from people and my father..

I derived joy in intimidating the ugly and less privileged people..

But now I see my wrongs..

Nobody taught be respect, how to love, I called nobody mom..

My dad is always busy..although rich

I grew up all alone????

Am so sorry for hurting joy..

I can’t stand the pains anymore .

I will be leaving the country for another school to start a new life afresh

I just hope you can pass my message to her he said in sobber.

I ran with tears in my eyes to the school garden..

I don’t know why am crying..

Now everything is clear…
I grew up with my mom and brother who showed me love but he didn’t.

I was taught how to love but he wasn’t.
I have someone I call mom but he doesn’t..

Am melting away, his words struck my heart so deep.

I don’t know this feeling in me right now..
He’s gonna leave this country soon..

Am gonna forgive him????????????
He did everything out of ignorance

He lived in so much pains all these while

He was wearing a happy face while his heart was heavy.

I managed to gather myself up and walk back to the class..

I saw his sitting alone, the class was empty..

He looked right into my eyes, his smooth face and skin… I feel sorry for him

I wrote a letter and gave it to him without saying a word????


I slowly opened the letter…

Huh? She wants to talk to me? At 9pm

I feel so guilty even to stare at her????

My flight will take off by 10pm…
Am just gonna apologize and leave her life for good????.


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