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Hidden Beauty. Episode 14

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????❤️ HIDDEN BEAUTY ????❤️

Episode 14

????✏️ JOY’S POV ????✏️

” Mom , I wanna go out ” I told my mom coming out from my room , she stood looking at me bewildered

” What’s with that look mom? ” I tapped her in a loving manner

” The last time I checked, my daughter doesn’t go out late at night, so , where are you going? ”

She asked me and I scratched my head

I had to quickly think of something to convince her

” Uhhmm , actually , there’s so much heat in my room so I wanna take a walk around the neighborhood, I won’t take long ”

” Fine , be careful Alright” she said, I nodded and dashed out

I was walking in a fast pace

‘ what if he doesn’t come? He might have tossed that paper away ‘

My subconscious mind told me , I shaked my head furiously

I have to convince him , he just can’t leave now

I mean why should he leave when I already found out this amazing side of him

He hurt me , yes I know. But I can’t even hold a grudge against him , with what he did to me

I still find him so innocent and untainted , I found myself in front of the school gate

I checked my wrist and it was already six minutes past nine , I sighed and turned to my right to pass through the back exit door

I took a few steps and turned only to find the gate unlocked , I looked around and saw his car at a far end

He is really here , I happily entered and went to our class , I saw him standing afar. I think he’s lost in thoughts

” Williamson , hey ” I half yelled and he turned back with a sad face, he came to where I am standing

” I didn’t know you are going to come ” I said and he looked at me with this sad face

His ocean blue eyes were watery like he was going to burst out anytime soon

He is trying hard to fight back the tears that tend to fall from his precious eyes

I felt a sharp pain in my heart seeing him looking like that

” I’m sorry joy ” he said , I didn’t know when I touched his cheek and cleaned his tears

” I’m really sorry, I hurt you so much ,

I caused you a lot of pain , I stigmatized you ,

I embarrassed you , I thought it was fun but my conscience won’t stop disturbing me these days

It was so inhumane of me , but what could I have done. I have no one to tell me whether I’m doing the right thing or not ” he sobbed harder

Looking at him crying is causing me a great deal of pain , I can’t bear this

My heart feels like it’s gonna burst soon

” It’s fine , you already admitted it , I know everything. I heard your conversation with the teacher this morning ” I told him , he looked up

” I must have looked so pathetic right? ” He asked and I shook my head negatively

” I hated you for everything you did to me but what I heard this morning changed my perspective about you

I grew up with a loving , caring and supportive mother, also with a good brother

But you grew up with none so I feel your pain

The pain of not having any guardian like other people

The pain of not being loved by anyone. I understand you ” I told him sitting down , he looked at me with guilt written all over his face

He looked at his watch like he was in a hurry to do something

” I just want to ask for your forgiveness , I know it’s too much to ask from a cruel soul like me but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me ” he pleaded , I took his hands and smiled

” You mean it ? ” He asked with a smile escaping his lips , I nodded and he hugged me quickly

Did he just hug me ? He hugged the ugly duckling?

” Did…di..did you just hugged me? The ugly duckling? ” I stammered a little , he touched my lips with his index finger

” You are not ugly , you have a beautiful heart and your face….it’s…not ugly.. it’s just ” he choked on his words

” I have to go now , I have somewhere to go , I’m glad that you forgave me and I will be forever grateful to you because you changed me ” he said and turned to leave, I held his hand and he looked back

” Don’t go ” I told him , he looked surprised

” I know you are traveling out of the country , I don’t want you to leave. You said you changed right? ” I asked , he nodded

” I want to see that good side of you William , everyone will miss you , I will miss you , prosper will miss you. Please stay ” he looked happy and he hugged me again

This is a surprise hug again

” Thank you so much ugl…i mean joy, thank you ” he said with joyful eyes

I look at my wrist watch ” 10:30 pm? ” I exclaimed with my hand

” I have to go now , it’s already late ” I stood up from where I sat

” I can drop you home ”

” Well never mind, I’m used to it ” I smiled broadly

” This is an offer you know? You just can’t turn me down ” he said and I agreed

I walked out of the school gate with him and he locked it , I didn’t even bother to ask him how he got the keys

We walked to where his car is and we entered then he drove off, there was an utmost silence in the car

We are not acquainted to each other so we don’t know what to even talk about

He kept stealing glances at me, anytime our eyes met I always feel my cheeks heating up

Holy shit what’s this? I fanned myself with my hand , I don’t even understand this sudden heat

I turned and saw him glancing at me again , I coughed and turned to the other side

I could hear him chuckling , I felt a smile on my lips. How the hell did I smiled? I touched my cheeks

” Are you alr….. ”

” I’m perfectly okay ” I stopped him midway

I got home and got out of his car , I waved him bye ” I will see you in school tomorrow ” I told him and he left

I sighed and went in , I tip-toed in to the house and I saw my mom sitting on the couch

” Why did you come back so late? And who is that person that brought you home ? ” Mom asked me half yelling

” He is my classmate ” my response came out sharply

” He? Classmate ? ” She asked confusingly , I faked a yawn and try to act like I’m feeling sleepy

” I’m tired mom , I have to sleep now. Good night mom ” i kissed her cheeks and dashed into my room , I laid on the bed

Thoughts of Williamson ran into my head and I found myself smiling unnecessarily

Joy ! Joy ! Stop

I shaked my head and dug it into my pillow

???? ✏️ Williamson’s pov ✏️ ????

I’m so happy today , joy really forgave me. I’m grateful to her for this

I’m glad that I don’t have to leave again , I won’t have to live in regrets anymore

She isn’t angry with me , she might be ugly outside but her heart is pure and beautiful

I wonder how we are going to relate in school tomorrow , are we going to act like nothing happened?

Just move on like before? Hell no

I don’t want that , there’s this feeling that makes me want to move closer to her. I don’t care what other people say but I will be friends with her

I don’t know what I’m feeling but I will figure it out sooner , i can’t wait to get to school tomorrow.

???? NEXT MORNING ????

???? JOY’S POV ????

The rays of the sunlight found it’s way through my window and it penetrated right into my eyes

That hurts , I stood up angrily and looked up at the wall

” What???? ” I exclaimed loudly , it’s 7:00 am. How the hell did I sleep that long ? I grunted angrily and jumped down from my bed

I quickly went to take my bath and wore my uniform, I ran out of my room and saw my mom coming out from the kitchen

” Good morning mom ” I looked around and didn’t see Feathers

” Mom , where’s feathers? ”

” He left ”

” Left? He left already? Why didn’t he wait for me ? ”

” Because you were asleep and he didn’t want to disturb you ”

” That’s not an excuse but I have to leave now ” I said , she gave me some money and I left home

I got to school and decided to pass through the front gate today

” Whatever anyone says is none of your business ” something told me , I walked through the gate with my head up and I heard many students talking among themselves

I turned a deaf ear and focused on where I was going

I stepped inside the class and I saw the same awful stares I always saw from my classmates , I scoffed and went to my seat

I looked around and didn’t see Williamson

Did he leave after all I told him? I faced my book sternly

I felt someone standing in front of me , I looked up and met William’s gaze

” Hi joy ” he smiled broadly

” Hi ” I muttered , ” I thought you left ”

” I’m here now , how are you? ” He asked

” I’m fine as you can see ” he turned around , I laughed. His actions made the students look at us in awe

Prosper who was looking at us from afar had a weird look , I turned and saw feathers looking at us

He came to where I was and dragged me outside

” Are you out of your mind? ” He spat angrily

” Calm down feathers , what’s wrong with you? ”

” Why are you talking to Williamson like that? He has brainwashed you again right? ” He dragged back his hair

” He didn’t brainwash me , he is a good guy and he already apologised to me ” I touched his shoulders , he flinched

” So you trust him now? You just can’t believe his lies okay, he might be planning something bad, his heart isn’t the same with his looks , wise up sister ” he shook me continuously

” Calm down , I know you don’t like him. But with time I hope you get along ”

” If this is your decision then fine it’s okay but if anything happens I won’t meddle in it ” he said and walking away

” Feathers wait , are you angry at me? ” I asked loudly , he stopped and turned back

” Of course I am , I’m telling you, don’t believe anything he says. He is very cunning ” feathers looked very concern

He doesn’t even know anything about Williamson

” But… ” I tried to talk but he walked away, I shrugged my shoulder and went back inside the class


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