June 17, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 15

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written by KAS admins
????Episode 15????
I can’t believe Joy has stupidly believe that con artist again, what is wrong with her.
What kind of effect does the idiot have on her that she just can’t see the true Williamson.
He’s a playboy and a jerk, I stomped into class in anger and stopped at Williamson’s seat.
“Whatever you are planning, you better stop it because I won’t let you hurt my sister anymore, do you understand?” I said to his face.
He just stared at me, “She needs to be protected from people like you so please do her a favor and stay away from her”
I saw Joy walk in and I left for my seat, she sat down and our calculus teacher came in to start class.
I’m still gonna talk to Williamson when I have the chance to.
Jerk, I will never let him near Joy.
So Williamson is now friends with the once ugly duckling, Who we never saw her real face until days ago.
Joy is very beautiful, Williamson is such a bad friend for betraying me.
He betrayed me, I know he’s apologized to her and she has forgiven him.
They’re now good friends and I’m just the evil one, I won’t let this happen.
I have fallen for her the moment I saw her beautiful face, I regret everything I did. And I only acted according to what my friend was doing but now he let me out to the dogs.
I also want Joy, I like her now and I wouldn’t let Williamson think he can have everything.
Williamson is very unpredictable and cunning, Joy can’t be sure of what he wants.
Maybe to just use and dump her, I can’t accept this. I am not breaking my friendship with Williamson, he’s my childhood best friend.
But I sure won’t watch him grab everything that’s supposed to be mine, I don’t wanna be in his shadows anymore.
I’m going to get Joy for myself.
Joy really has a heart of gold, here I was thinking she’d ignore me to get back at me for all I’ve done.
Instead she’s been nice and good to me, I know Feathers isn’t happy with it.
I’ve done things far worse for him to believe I have good intentions now, it’s okay for him to wanna protect his little sister.
I’d do the same but I’m not giving up yet, I want to be good friends with Joy and make up for all the pain I’ve caused her.
The bell rang, everyone went out except Prosper and I.
He came close to me with a straight face, what is wrong with this one?
“You’re such a jerk Liam” he said.
“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.
“No longer the ugly duckling, trying to play nice. Apologizing to her without telling your best friend, it’s called a betrayal. I can’t believe you”
He said and walked out, I sighed and covered my face.
This is just too much for me, how can he think that? I almost left the country yesterday, I couldn’t even concentrate with anything.
I would apologize to him later, everyone thinks I’m weird or crazy today for greeting the ugly duckling and not even troubling her.
“Hi Will” a voice said and I looked up.
It’s Selena, looking at me in a flirty manner. I don’t really have time for this.
“Hi Selena” I replied.
“How are you doing? I heard about what happened between you and that ugly thing” she said.
“It’s over now”
“Well she has to pay for everything she’s done to us, we have to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget”
“Don’t do anything please, just forget it” I said frustrated with her.
“What do you mean by that? I don’t know what she’s fed you but I’m going to have my revenge if you don’t want to” She yelled standing up.
“Fine but know that I’ll make your life a living hell if you hurt her” I yelled back.
She flinched and walked out in fear, I’m still the king of this school even if I’ve changed.
How about I start using my power in the right way? First thing is to stop bullying and hate speeches.
I walked to the cafeteria and saw Prosper chatting with Joy, why was he angry if he could apologize himself.
They suddenly seem acquainted with each other, the students are so focused on them.
Some stared at me as I came in, Joy saw me and smiled, I returned the smile and left the cafeteria.
I should get something to read at the library to get my mind off things.
I sat down at my usual corner ignoring the jests of the students at the cafeteria.
I brought out my lunch and started eating slowly, I felt someone sit at my table.
“Hi” he said.
“ummm… Hi” it’s Prosper.
“is it okay if I sit with you? Although I’m already sitting” he asked.
“You’re free, I don’t own the school”
He sighed, “I know I’ve been so awful to you, I don’t know what to say than I’m sorry. Please forgive me, I regret everything I did to you, I’m very sorry”
I stared at him in awe, Prosper’s apologizing to the ugly duckling?
I looked around and students are staring at us murmuring.
Someone suddenly bangs my table, it’s Choisey.
“You stupid bitch, I’m cleaning toilets and you’re here eating when that’s where you deserve to be!” She yelled.
“Choisey leave her alone?” Prosper said.
“What?! You’re supporting her now?”
“if you don’t leave this instant, I will be forced to forget you’re female” Prosper seethed.
She walked away angrily, I turned to look at Prosper who smiled.
He just defended me, why the sudden change of heart?
“So where were we?” he asked
“it’s okay Prosper, thanks for defending me, I forgive you”
He smiled, “No thank you”
We continued eating and began chatting ignoring the stares.
Williamson walked in, I smiled at him and he smiled back.
Wow he’s really changing.
Feathers should come and see this.
“You’re so stupid Joy! How can you even talk to those people? Can’t you see it’s all planned?” Feathers yelled.
We just entered the house, he’s still so mad at me but I’m trying to make him realize that Williamson is a good person.
“You don’t understand Feathers, they’re changed and nice now” I said.
“”That’s what they said the last time, except they didn’t act like it. Keep being so dumb Joy, I won’t be there to console you when it happens”
He said and went upstairs, I sighed and slumped on the couch.
Why is Feathers being so difficult?
A message popped up on my phone
Was wondering if you’re less busy to see a movie with me tonight.
Text me back if you’re interested, don’t ask of how I got your number.
I have my sources..
Williamson ????
I smiled and jumped up, am I not suddenly lucky.
He’s asking me out, I’m going to say yes.
????Since you’re begging, come pick me up at 7????
I sent it, he replied immediately.
????Lol, Will be there soon????
I rushed upstairs to prepare, I’ve got a date for the first time in my life.
He isn’t ashamed to take me out, can’t wait to be there!

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