July 23, 2021

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My Master. Episode 34

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It’s just 3 days until the day I’m supposed to get married to Darrien.

My mind hasn’t moved from Kayden and what he must be going through. All I have been thinking about is will he ever forgive me if I get married to Darrien? Will he understand that all that I did was for him?

I hadn’t seen Darrien since the day he left me in here. The only people who came into my room were the maid who would bring me food and fresh clothes everyday and the wedding planner.

The wedding planner was a very patient and kind lady. That was the only way I could describe her. She understood my situation. I mean let’s face it, the circumstances just didn’t allow for a wedding. And I was in no mood whatsoever to be planning a wedding I did not want. A wedding I was being forced into.

I have been sitting in this room for what feels like forever and honestly I was getting bored. All I did was lie on the bed and listen to the wedding planner telling me the progress of ‘my wedding’.

“Talia” a voice rasped, jolting me out of my though.

I looked up and saw Darrien standing by the door. I had been so absorbed into my thoughts that I had not heard him coming in.

“What? No hug or kiss for your soon to be husband?” He said with a smirk that sent a chill down my spine.

I rolled my eyes at him and got up to sit next to the window, staring out through it.

“Is everything okay, my love?”

I cringed at the last two words.

“I am not your love” I sighed in an exasperated manner.

Darrien chuckled darkly at this and I rolled my eyes at him once more.

He walked towards me and my heart began hammering in my chest.

In as much as I would have loved not to show it, I was terrified of the man. He had my life, my baby’s life and Kayden’s life in the palm of his hands. And he had complete control of the Council.

“My father requests to see his future daughter in law” Darrien stated simply.

“I do not want to see that monster. ” I seethed, my anger finally seeping out of me.

Darrien snickered.

“You don’t understand what is at stake here do you. Your precious little Kayden will be dead before the sun sets today if you do not do this.” He said harshly, his words hitting me like a ton of bricks.

“No! Kill me instead. I’m the one defying you. Why do you always have to bring him into this. He has nothing to do with it” I screamed tears instantly welling up in my eyes.

“Kayden has got everything to do with this. He is the reason for all that I am doing. Now get your ass up, we are going to see my father.” He said harshly.

I swallowed the bitter pill that there was really nothing I could do to stop myself from seeing that monster.

I stood up, silently wiping the tears off my flushed cheeks and I walked towards Darrien who silently turned around and led the way as I followed closely behind.

I breathed in the different air as I followed Darrien through the meandering passageway. This was my first time out of my room and I had to admit it felt good to be breathing in a different type of air.

I followed behind Darrien timidly. I was not looking forward to seeing that monster of a father. And I was silently praying that for the sake of Kayden’s life, I would be able to contain the anger simmering silently inside me. The anger that had me clenching and unclenching my sweaty fists. I was a bucket full of mixed emotions. I was sad, angry, nervous, anxious but most of all I was completely and utterly heartbroken. My heart felt like a million shattered pieces, and only one person was going to be able to glue them back together.

And in my heart I swore I would do everything in my power to get my man back. I would fight for Kayden the same way he had fought for me.

“Are you ready?” Darrien asked and I simply nodded.

He pushed the two double doors that were now in front of us and he ushered me inside.

“Ah, the beautiful lady Talia, we meet again, though on different titles now. Last time I saw you were a pet tied on its leash like the fucking dog you were ” Lord Darrien paused looking at me up then down.

“Now look at you, you are now the useless human mate of a deceased Lord”

I shook his head at his words.

“Kayden is not dead” I said through clenched teeth causing the old man to laugh as if I had told the joke of the century.

“Sweet Talia, Kayden is as good as dead. With the way he would do anything to keep you safe, finding out you are getting married to his enemy’s son, his cousin, would absolutely kill him. We won’t need kill him, he would do it himself. We will just be there to watch” he explained.

I smiled at him lightly.

“You have really proven beyond my doubt that you know absolutely nothing about Kayden. You don’t know how much of a fighter he is. He would never quit on me and his baby like that.” I said then turned to walk away.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe this meeting is over?” I said then walked out of the room eager to be get out of the toxic environment I had just created.

I walked down the long passage ways, ignoring Darrien’s voice behind me. All I needed was fresh air, so I ran towards the nearest exit I could find.

I pushed the door open and was relieved to find myself in the backyard garden.

And that was when I finally let the tears fall.

“My love” a voice said. His voice actually.

And it wasn’t in my head. He wasn’t using telepathy. It was his actual voice, the soft deep baritone I had been missing.

“Kay.. Kayden” I stummered my eyes darting all over the garden, looking and searching for my source of happiness. I was hyperventilating.

“Relax Talia. I don’t want you to stress yourself and compromise the safety of our baby” he said.

Tears were running down my cheeks like a perennial river feeding a waterfall.

“Where are you. Come out so I can see you. Come and take me away from here, I know you can do it.” I began shouting.

“I love you Lia” his voice said with a sigh. I could tell he was saying goodbye. I could tell that this was him bidding me farewell.

“Kayden, you can’t do this to me!” I screamed, my hands pulling at my hair.

“You can’t leave me here!” I sobbed, falling to the ground like the pathetic little girl I was.

I lay there on the ground, sobbing and calling out his name in a feeble voice.

My life was over.

I felt myself being lifted off the ground softly. I knew it was Darrien, I just didn’t care anymore.

I wanted to die.

“He loves you Talia. Don’t give up on him.” I heard Darrien say in a soft voice but I was way too exhausted to register what he had said.

“I love you too Kayden” I whispered. I just knew he was listening.

And I knew he heard me, and the soft kick the baby inside me made.


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