July 31, 2021

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My Master. Episode 35

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Emmanuel Uc


The gown was beautiful. It was a gown fit for a happy and proud bride. I was not that bride. I was not fit to wear this gown at all.

But there I was, wearing my wedding gown, with my makeup and hair done to perfection.

“You look beautiful lady Talia” my wedding planner complimented me with a genuine smile which I couldn’t help but return.

I took in a huge breath, turning towards the clock to look at the time. Darrien had insisted that the wedding be held at night. I understood the whole vampire and the night thing of course. What I did not understand however was his obsession with having the wedding the same night as the night he was supposed to pass judgement on Kayden. Just after to be exact!

I knew he wanted Kayden to suffer but I just felt as if something was off.

There was a small tap on the door and I turned abruptly towards it, a huge part of me hoping it would be Kayden. It was a dumb thing to wish for considering his trial was taking place right now, but I still couldn’t help hoping for the impossible.

I was disappointed when I saw that it was not Kayden, but my disappointment ebbed when I saw Emily’s head peeping through.

“Emily, oh my God!” I squeeled happily. I ran towards her, well I tried to anyway. It wasn’t easy with the killer gown I was wearing, but I managed to get to her in record time.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her as I pulled away from our hug.

“Well I’m here for Kayden’s trial. And your wedding of course.” She said with a bright smile.

“You are here to see if I actually sold myself to the devil aren’t you?” I asked and she looked at me with a sad expression.

“If that were the case, I wouldn’t have agreed to be your maid of honour would I?” She asked tryig to ease the sad atmosphere that had suddenly ruined our happy reunion.

“Thank you for all you’re doing for me. You didn’t need to go through all this. Your family has been through enough already.” I sighed.

She smiled sweetly at me.

“Well I’m here to take the bride to the main hall. Apparently the Council meeting is over. People are heading to the main hall for the ceremony.”

My eyes bulged at this and my heartbeat went haywire.

“Darrien has already passed judgement on Kayden?” I asked thiugh that wasn’t really the question that was in my head.

“I left just before the judgement was passed. Darrien requested that you be brought to the main hall for the ceremony immediately.” She said softly.

I did not understand why but I nodded my head slowly as Talia grabbed my hand and helped me walk out of the room.

We walked in silence. We were both sharing the same feeling at that moment, anxiousness.

I needed to know what had taken place in that Council meeting before I gave up my life to Darrien.

As we walked to the main hall, my eyes were darting all around the house, searching for any signs whatsoever of Kayden but I did not see any sigh of him. Emily led me into a room that was just near the main hall. Before I entered the room and glanced over at the doors of the main hall. The place I would seal my fate.

I took in a huge breath and pushed my self into the room Emily was leading me into. I looked up as I entered the room and Remy’s eyes met mine.

“Remy!” I gasped in shock.

“What are you doing here” I asked him.

He smiled sweetly at me.

“I’m here to walk a beautiful queen down the isle.” He said and tears welled up in my eyes.

He came close to me and pulled me into a hug.

“Hey, queens don’t cry” he murmured softly and I hugged him back. Remy and I had never been close, but I needed the comfort.

We pulled away from the hug and I turned towards Emily.

“Thank you so much guys for coming to support me. I really hope you all understand why I’m doing this.” I said.

“You’re practically family Talia, of course we would come support you.” Emily said “I have to get going, it’s time for our entrance.” Emily said kissing my cheek.

She reached for the dooknob and opened the door but she turned towards us before exiting and said,
“A maid is coming to get you in a few minutes.” +

I sighed loudly as Emily left the room.

“You need not worry Talia, just trust Kayden. We all know he does not lose without a fight.” Remy said reassuringly.

I was about to reply him but was stopped when I heard music playing in the main hall, signalling Emily and whoever else was in my bridal entourage was entering the hall, which meant it was almost time for me to go as well.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door and a loud,

“Lady Talia, your presence is now required at the main hall entrance.”

I took another huge breath as I took Remy’s hand and he led me out the door and towards the main hall door which was closed.

I was finding it hard to breath. This was it. I was getting married to Darrien.

The doors opened and I looked up and saw everyone standing up, looking at me.

It felt like I was frozen. Remy tugged on my hand as the theme song began playing.

I hooked my hand into his arm and we began walking. It was a surreal moment. One that should have been the best moment of my life but in actuality it qualified as one of the worst.

I began walking down the aisle, and in that moment I thanked Remy for being though, else I would have falled flat on my ass in misery and anxiety.

All eyes were on me and it honestly had me feeling a bit out of my depth. All these vampires, staring at me. They were all here in this hall to witness me, a human, getting married to their Council Head. It was surreal.

I chose to look at the floor cause it was a long ass walk to the front. I continued walking, zoning out several moments as I allowed my thoughts to travel to Kayden and the baby growing rapidly in my stomach.

Now as we approached the makeshift altar that had been setup at the front of the hall, I lifted my head up and finally looked at my bridal entourage. I frowned as I saw Dalia there. She frowned back at me. My eyes moved on to Emily who looked at me with a huge smile on her face. Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at her and i chose to look away.

My eyes moved to the side where the devil stood. I avoided his gaze completely and I chose to focus on his groomsmen instead.

I froze dead in my track when my eyes landed on his face. A huge lump formed in my throat as his hot gaze pierced through my skin. I felt myself getting hot. What was he doing here?

Remy tugged on my arm lightly, reminding me to continue walking. I resumed my walk, but my eyes never left his. I couldn’t believe I was looking at him. And I can’t believe he was there, looking at me as I got handed over to another man, while I was carrying his baby.

I felt angry. I felt nervous. I felt guilty.

I reached the front of the altar and Remy took hold of my hand softly and handed it over to Darrien, who I still hadn’t looked at. I felt my hand being placed into Darrien’s cold ones but I really couldn’t react. Not only was I beyond words in that moment, I was also beyond actions.

Darrien took my face in between his face and forced me to look at him rather than Kayden, whose face was blank and void of all emotions.

“Hey baby girl, eyes on me” Darrien said wiping tears that I hadn’t even realised I was shedding.

I looked at Darrien and bile rose to my throat.

He took my hand and turned towards the crowd.

“Before this ceremony begins, I have an announcement to make” his voice boomed echoing in the entire hall.


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