July 25, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 25

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Never knew she’s beautiful.

Episode 25


“Okay ,she has gone crazy again” He muttered to himself and walked to his sit.

I continued working and he didn’t say any more word.

Closing time finally comes and he start packing up to start going home.

“Sir ” I called and he paused what he was doing and looked to my direction.

“Erm…are you going home already?” I asked.

He looked at me very well and shook his head. ” I’m not going home ,I’m going to the mortuary ”

He faced what he was doing and he finally carried his bag and walked outside.

I picked my phone and put a call through to him.

“Aw ,hi baby” He said to the pretty me.

“Hi” I replied so softly.

“I’m really surprised you call me. Just closing work for the day”

“Amazing. Have you sacked your secretary already?”

“Huh! Does that mean you have agreed to come and work in my place of work?” He asked.

“Of course. As long as you pay me twice of the amount you pay your previous secretary” I said and he went mute for a while.

“Fine. I can just sack her right away. When do you wish to resume work ?” he asked.

“Tomorrow ” I replied.

“That’s so close. Okay,give me a minute” He said and hung up.

I looked to the phone and smiled.

He came back to the office few seconds later and start patrolling round the office.

“Are you searching for something sir ?” I asked.

“No. ” He replied ,looked at me and bite his lips.

He went to his table and brought out a letter ,he scribbled something into it and came to me.

He watched me and walked away from me.

He looked nervous.

I knew he wanted to give me that sack letter but why isn’t he able to. I mean; he could even say it with the word of his mouth.

He walked to me again and rested his two arms on my table.

“Ugly girl , I’m sorry ” He said and stretched the letter to me.

I collected it sullenly and tried to open it but he suddenly snatched it from me.

“Don’t worry ” He said and walked out.

I’m confused. Why didn’t he want to sack me?
Thought he really hates me

Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 26
Never Knew She's Beautiful. Episode 24

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