July 30, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 11

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????The Maid????
????Episode 11????
“I’m really excited for you…”,Nessa smiled at me.
“Seriously Nessa… you planned this all along. I trusted you and this is what you did to me….”
“We both know you didn’t love Christian. Justin was always on your mind”
“No he wasn’t…”
“Will you stop lying to yourself …. You loved Justin… and do you think Justin loves Tera. He always think of you and I have no option than to accept his proposal on this forced marriage”
“I hate you…”,I scrowl
“I know but you will thank me later. I know what’s best for you sis..”
“Please just tell Christian what happened”
“I’m not tell him anything Adria… Just think about it. Do you want this two brothers to hurt eachother because of you. I’m sorry Adria… see you later friend…”,as she framed my face and hugged me.
I just stood there motionless and still.
What the hell is happening?
Why is everyone agreeing with Justin and not me.
I’m the one kidnapped and hurt here..
Why him?
I walked around the room thinking about how I would escape from this nightmare.
And I’m not sleeping with him on the same bed.
“Do you you have anything to say wife”,he whispered behind me.
i felt his breath on my neck.
“l have nothing to say to you”,l yelled
“And besides l didn’t say yes to your proposal…”, as l removed the ring and threw it on the floor.
“But then you signed,Adria my wife”
“l’m not your wife”
“Of course you are and it’s now the time to perform your duty”
“What duty?”
“Make love”,he whispered as l felt his hand release my zip.
He trapped my hands as he nuzzled my neck.
“Justin stop!” as l was avioding his kisses.
l thought he would but rather he scoop me up as we went to the king size bed.
l was trapped by his body,he tore my dress as l tried hard to hit him.
He placed sloppy kisses on my breast suddenly emotion took over as l began crying as he continued with his rough harassment…. l bit him as he yelled in pain.
l ran as fast as l could but l fell on the stairs broking my ankle.
l didn’t give a damn about my ankle right now.
I just want to flee from this man and guess what the door was locked.
I’m dead!
l was trying my best to opened the door and l heard him;
“Oh Adria you can run but you can’t hide”.
l then realised his eyes was full of anger and lust.
Oh God please help me.
l didn’t know what to do.He is closer to me.
His hands either sides of my head trapping me with his body as he gazed at me.
He is really damned furious and if I don’t take care I would be raped tonight.
Suddenly the thought of taming animals popped into my head then l realised that if l concentrate hard l could tame in too.
l then hugged him tight as my hands raked through his hair massaging his scalp.
He was breathing hard in my neck as l continue with my process.
A few mins he calm down as l felt his hand rubbing my back too.
“Adria” he whispered and all l could do was look at him but I’m glad l calm him down.
I knew this wasn’t my Justin. He had been angry for a long time and I couldn’t do anything about it.
As l remembered the memories of what he did a couple of hours ago,l couldn’t stop crying.
i was really scared.
“Adria,I’m so sorry. l didnt….”
“Dont!” l stopped him as l tried my best to get up on my feet but I couldn’t.He decided to help me but I pushed his hands off as I walked slow to the bedroom.
l shut the door as l cry my eyes out.
He kept mentioning my name and continued apologising but l didn’t mind.
“Adria,open the door….”,he begged
“Please just go away…”
“Am sorry…”
“Just leave me alone”.
“Please…. open up”
“I hate you…”
“Come on…”
“Just leave…” and then for some few mins l didn’t hear his voice again.
l am so mad at him right now.
First,he forced me into marriage and now he tried to rape me if it wasn’t for my special gift,he would have messed up by now and I’m mad at myself for playing with two brothers feelings and for causing fights between them but then the truth is l still love him no matter what happens and l want my Justin back.l mean my old Justin.
l was still thinking till l drifted off to sleep.
lt was the rumbling of my stomach which woke me up.
l guess am so hungry and its..10:30pm.
l tried my possible best to walk to the kitchen to make myself a coffee for myself but then unfortunately,l slip and fell which worsened the pain in my ankle.
Suddenly l felt him carried me in his arms as he place me on the couch and made some hot coffee for me.l was drinking as he keeps gazing at me.
l couldn’t stand him and l don’t want him to touch me.l so scared of him.
“Adria,I’m so…… ”
“Please just stop..”
“I’m sorry”.
“I’m sorry” as l tried to touch her but then she moved away not looking at me.l can’t believe l did this.
I was so obsessed with her and really angry with my brother.
He betrayed me all this years and he was the one who tried to console me and told me to forget about Adria when he was with her all those years.
I’m angry because I couldn’t make up the years for Adria.
I’m angry because I should have loved her in the past.
I’m angry because I shouldn’t have made her leave.
I’m angry with myself.
I stared at her as she nervously sipped her coffee.
Her eyes really red and wet from her tears.
Her lips were swollen and red. I looked at her wrists and neck and I saw some bruises there.
I can’t believe this.
She sniffed and said ,”Thanks for the coffee… goodnight.” as she tried to walk but l carried her in my arms.
l didn’t utter a word neither did she argued.
l place her on the bed as my hands moved to her feet.
l started massaging her ankle as she gasp in pain.
She was still in the torn gown and it only remind me of what l did to her and the way she begged me.
Suddenly tears pricked my eyes as one drop fell on her ankle.
“Justin…”lts was almost like a whisper buh l didnt mind her
“Justin are u crying?”,she askedin surprise.
“l’m so sorry Adria” as my arms wrapped around her belly.
“Forgive me ,please.l was full of anger and jealousy just because you were getting married.l still love you yet l wanted to take revenge”
“Revenge? But why ?”
“When you wrote that letter,l was really heartbroken.l thought you didn’t love me and you played with my feelings”. as she raked her hands through my hair.
“But why did you write the letter. Don’t you love me anymore”
“Hm…..,l do”
“Then why did you do it?”
“Because your mom and Tera forced me to write that letter.l had no choice”
“What!” as l stood up buttoning my shirt up…
Tera and my mom was behind this. I can’t believe this.
My mom has been this horrible… I hate them.
“Wait….where are you going?”
“To end this mess” l reply.
“Huh….please don’t do it.We just got married”
“Buh you didn’t like the marriage any way” as l kissed her temple.
“I didn’t but I will endure it anyway…”,she smiled.
“Take care” as l almost walked out but then l heard a sound and l knew it was Adria.
“Whats wrong….Adria”
“My ankle”,she groaned.
“come on” as l carried her to bed.
We were both lying there for mins.l knew she just made that excuse so l could stay with her.
“I know what you are doing?”
“What….” she smiles
“You don’t want me to go”
“l don’t want you to create a scene there.Just spend time with me.”
“Buh l didn’t regret what l did”
“And What’s that?”
“Forcing u into marriage”
“Me either”
“Really? l love u Adria”
“l know and i love you too”
“Please just tell me you are mine…”
“I have always been yours Justin…”,I then ceased her with a kiss.
She is mine now and the love of my life… I won’t let her go…
“l want to bath”,she whispered against my lips.
“lf you like l could bath you”,i said as she gave me a shy smile.

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