June 18, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 21

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The possessive snob ????♍️
Chapter 21 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????????
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
“good morning cup cake, I made us breakfast ” Derek said from the door and I smiled.
“OK ” I said and got up to go meet him but felt something move up to my chest then my throat and the next thing I knew, I was in the bathroom throwing up.
What’s wrong with me?
After some mins, I tidied up and came out to meet Derek.
“are you alright ” he asked and I nodded.
My stomach growled and we looked at each other.
“common I’m starving ” I said and walked past him.
I walked to the dinning, inhaling the sweet aroma of soft turkey tacos with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.
“hmm where did you learn to make all these” I asked and put a spoon full of mashed potatoes in my mouth.
“from my girl friend maybe” he said and I smiled.
“it’s good to see you now have a girlfriend after years of loneliness ” I said and he gave me a look and I chuckled.
Derek watched with mouth open as I devoured the foods on the table.
I don’t eat this much but I don’t know why I keep eating and not getting satisfied.
I belched out loud as I already finished all the food including the one Derek served himself.
I took an hanky and wiped my mouth and my eyes drifted to Derek as I noticed him staring at me.
“uhm, are you still hungry, I could make you another breakfast ” I said as I already ate his breakfast too.
He gently shook his “no” as he looked at me with shock.
“don’t look at me like that coz I myself don’t know what’s wrong with me, I don’t eat this much before ” I blurted out and he blinked his eyes then smiled.
“OK Lola, I’m off to work, there’s still food in the kitchen for you to devour and if you need anything, call me ” he said and winked.
He cleared the table not allowing me to do it then he left for work.
I on the other hand, switched on the TV and laid on the couch watching it spiritually as I already dosed off.
???? Brianna’s P. O. V????
My doorbell rang for the third time and I yelled “coming ”
I took my bag, already dressed for work and I opened the door to see sir Andre.
“good morning sir ” I said and bowed but he walked past me into the house.
“where’s she, where have you hidden her ” he asked walking around the house.
“who sir ” I asked not getting him at all.
Okay I did get him a little. He’s looking for someone and and that someone is a girl.
“who sir ” I asked.
“don’t you dare play dumb with me, where’s Lola ” he yelled.
“Lola ” I asked.
“OMG what happened to Lola, where’s she I mean what happened ” I asked as it dawned on me that it’s my friend Lola he’s looking for.
“Anna, don’t play dumb okay, if Lola left my house, this is the first place she’ll come to” he said.
“but she isn’t here ” I stated calmly not forgetting he’s my boss.
“then where could she be ” he asked and ran his hand through his hair.
“have you checked her apartment ” I asked and his eyes lit up.
“OK let’s go” I said and luckily for me, he allowed me to follow him.
After some mins of driving, we pulled at Lola’s apartment.
We got down and went to the door.
I pressed the doorbell for like hundred times but no response.
The light weren’t even on.
I went to ask some neighbours around here and they said she didn’t come here.
“apparently she hasn’t been here since she left to live with you ” I told sir Andre and I watched as he closed his eyes in pain and he reopened it.
“have you called her yet ” I asked.
“for million times yes ” he said with an hoarse voice.
“any other friends where she could’ve gone to” he asked and my mind drifted off to Derek.
Derek is Lola’s childhood friend and if she didn’t come to me then she went to Derek for sure.
Why did Lola leave his house at the first time, I’m too scared to even ask.
I can’t tell him about Derek coz Lola must have her reasons for leaving the house.
“is there ” he asked bringing me out from my “think” world.
“no” I lied and he sighed and walked to his car.
“where to sir ” I asked.
“to look for her ”
“where ”
“I don’t know, anywhere, the streets ” he said and got in his car then drove off.
Good, now I’ll have to hail a cab.
I brought out my phone and called Lola.
After the third dial, I gave up.
I’m gonna try it letter.
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
“have you found her yet ” I said into the phone.
I was on the phone with my boy that’s helping me find Lola.
“no madame, I’m still looking ”
“OK be fast with it and make sure you find her before Mr Salvatore does” I said and hung up.
I have to find her first, no matter what.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
My eyes flew open as I looked around and noticed I was still on the couch.
I sat up rubbing my eyes as my stomach growled.
Now I’m hungry again, what’s wrong with me?
If I’m not wrong, these are the symptoms of pregnancy.
Jeez! The thought of it is giving me goosebumps.
I went to the kitchen, devoured everything I found, drank a lot of water and belched..
Satisfied, I went up to my room, took my phone and I saw 36 missed calls.
33 from Andre and 3 from Anna.
I threw my phone on the bed and took my bag.
Took some money and went out to get a pregnancy kit.
I came back and went to the bathroom for the test.
I have to know what’s wrong with me.. Can’t bear eating like a starving lion, devouring all of Derek’s food.
I looked at the kit in my hand and my eyes widened with my mouth open.
I’m pregnant!!

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