July 26, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 22

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 22 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????????
???? Andre’s P. O. V????
“Lola where are you ” I yelled as hot tears kept streaming down my cheeks.
Where else do I look for you?
Please come back, come back.
This is all Lisa’s fault.
Had she not come back into my life then Lola would still be with me, I wouldn’t have lost Lola.
Lisa must pay for this.
I’m gonna make her pay.
I have to go back home to confront her.
I wiped my tears and looked around not even knowing my way back home.
I revised and started following the familiar route I passed before.
It’s all Lisa’s fault and she’s gonna pay.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I sat on the couch, thinking everything through.
I can’t believe I’m pregnant.
The door bell hit my ear like a loud whistle and I sprang up and ran to the door.
“hey ” Derek said coming inside.
“welcome ” I said smiling.
“are you alright, I’ve been at the door for like 2 mins now ” he said, feigning anger.
“I’m sorry ” I said and looked down.
“come here ” he took my hand and sat me on the couch then sat beside me.
“now I’m all ears, tell me what happened to you ” he said and I sighed
“trust me you don’t wanna know ” I said and he scoffed.
“doubt me I wanna know everything” he said and I chuckled.
“well it’s about my relationship with Andre Salvatore ” I started.
“aahh I feel like strangling Lisa with my bare hands” Derek roared as I already told him everything.
“don’t worry Lola, you guys will be back together again ” he said and I smiled as a tear escaped my eye.
“Andre really has good tastes ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
” I think he has something for brunette and petite woman like you ” he said and I nodded in agreement coz Lisa is a brunette which I am too, she’s petite and I am too.
“that’s …” I was saying but trailed off as the door bell rang..
Derek and I looked at each other.
Understanding our looks, we nodded negatively meaning we both aren’t expecting anyone.
“OK I’ll get it ” Derek said and went to get it.
Derek opened the door and was pushed away by an angry Anna.
“where’s she ” Anna yelled and stopped on her track as her eyes landed on mine.
“we need to talk ” she said pulling me up by my arm.
“hey careful with her, make sure she doesn’t get hurt ” we heard Derek say from down stairs.
“Lola what is wrong with you ” she yelled as we were already inside my room.
“nothing ” I said and moved my two shoulders up.
“Lola do you know the situation you’ve put Andre, do you know how he’s running mad scouring the streets just for you, a billionaire in the streets just for you Lola and you say nothing ” she half yelled saying the last part more like a whisper.
“Lola come to your senses, Andre needs you, you need him, don’t be too weak to fight for your love ” she said and I collapsed on the floor crying.
Everything she’s saying is true.
“Lola what’s wrong” Anna squatted down to my level.
“I’m pregnant, Anna I’m pregnant ” I cried and laid my head on her shoulder.
“that’s it Lola, I’m done with you hurting yourself, I’m done with you playing the good guy and always getting hurt, I’m gonna tell Andre where to find you and it’s final”
“no Anna don’t, please I beg of you, don’t tell Andre where I am ” I cried more.
“it’s OK stop crying I won’t tell him, just stop crying ” Anna said and wiped my tears.
“thank you ” I said and hugged her.
I watched my face and we went down stairs to meet Derek.
“I hope she didn’t hurt you Lola, coz if she did then she ain’t going home ” Derek said teasingly and we laughed.
“so uhm Lola, Derek, I need to leave now cuz I’ve got things to do ” Anna said and Derek walked her out.
“so I can see you made dinner ” Derek said and sat beside me.
“yeah coz you’ve got eyes ” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“you’ll never change ” he said and went upstairs.
“as if he has changed ”
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
“if you didn’t come then Lola wouldn’t have left me ” Andre yelled as he pushed me hard to the floor again.
“it’s not my fault Andre, she didn’t love you that’s why she left, Andre I love you and I’m here for you ” I cried.
“I don’t need you, you were never there when I needed you so why should I now” he yelled and grabbed my hand, his fingers piercing deep into my arm and I winced in pain.
“you are such a devil and I’ll never accept you ” he yelled and pushed me making me bump into the wall..
He was coming closer to hurt me more but thankfully, he’s phone rang.
He brought it out and answered it almost immediately like he was happy that the person called.
“yes Anna tell me ” he said walking away.
Andre has really become cold..
I can’t believe he hurt me like this.
I looked at my bruised arms and cried.
This is all because of Lola and she must pay.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
“but why does he have to be so possessive ” Derek asked as I was telling him about Andre from the very first time we met.
“it’s not his fault, after what Lisa did to him, he kinda blames himself for not protecting his love so that’s why he’s over protective over me not wanting to loose me” I explained and he rolled his eyes.
“and here I thought I was talking to someone with brain” I pouted and we both sighed when the door bell rang AGAIN!!
Like seriously, what’s up with this people.
“I’ll get it ” I said and went to get it.
I froze on my spot as I saw Andre at the porch.

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