June 18, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 23

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 23 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????
???? Anna’s P. O. V????
Yeah I did the right thing.
I can’t watch my friend getting hurt and sacrificing her love for a so called bitch Lisa.
Telling Andre where to find Lola is the right thing so I shouldn’t feel bad about it.
What I did is the best thing for Lola and I know Andre won’t let her go again, not even out of his sight.
I just saved my friend’s love life.
Awwn I’m so proud of myself.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I took in his manly cologne through my nostrils as he already had me in his arms.
He held me tight like if he blinks an eye, I will disappear.
“oh Lola ” he breathed out with one hand around my neck and the other on my waist.
He pulled away from the hug and cupped my face then kissed me passionately.
He looked at me then hugged me again.
“OK what’s going on here ” we heard a voice which belongs to Derek.
I pulled away from the hug and rested my head on Andre’s chest with his hand at the small of my back.
I could feel the tension between Derek and Andre and I know if I don’t do something, Derek will be hospitalized.
“he’s just a friend, my childhood friend ” I whispered to Andre and he gave me a look that says “are you serious ”
“I trust him, so trust me too ” I whispered to him again and I could feel him relax.
“Andre we need to talk ” I said and pulled him to my room.
“Lola please don’t say you won’t come back, please come back ” he said as soon as we entered my room.
“Andre I can’t, start a new life with Lisa and forget about me ” I said and looked away.
“I can’t do that cuz I love you and only you, can’t you see Lisa is trying to tear us apart, she’s not sorry for anything and she just came back to ruin my life ” he said, cupping my cheek to look at him.
“Lola I love you, I need you so please come back into my life cuz without you my life is meaningless ” he pleaded and I could see his eye welled up in tear.
“Andre you don’t ” I was saying but held it when I felt something coming up my throat and I ran into the bathroom and threw up.
I tidied up and came out.
Andre carefully walked me to the bed and sat me down gently then sat beside me caressing my cheeks.
“are you pregnant ” he asked and I looked at him with shock.
“huh, n-no” I stuttered a little.
“really ” he asked and smirked.
He moved closer to me like he was gonna eat me then held my chin up to look into his eyes.
“are you pregnant ” he asked with authority like he used to do and I got scared not even knowing when the word “yes” escaped my lips and he chucked while tears came rolling down my cheeks.
“come here ” he pulled me into a hug and I sobbed quietly on his shoulder with him caressing my back.
“sshh it’s okay, it’s okay my love ” he cooed softly.
He wiped my tears and kissed me deeply and I reciprocated.
“so Derek, thanks for taking care of Lola ” Andre said as they shook hands.
“no need for that, Lola’s my childhood friend so anything for her” he said and Andre chuckled.
“don’t worry man, I’ll invite you to our wedding ” Andre blurted out and I rolled my eyes.
“even if you don’t do that, I will ” I pouted and went out.
Andre came out secs later, put my bags in the trunk, opened the car door for me and he drove off.
Now I will really fight for my love.
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
“are you trying to blackmail me” I said into the phone.
I was seated on the couch in the hall [ parlor ].
“but I told you I was only gonna offer myself to you once after the DNA test and I did, so why blackmail me ” I asked.
You must have find out by now.
Yes I bribed doc Antonio to fake the DNA test and what he got as a reward was “my body”.
He’s calling me now, trying to blackmail me that if I don’t come to his house for him to have me again, he’ll expose the truth about Alec not being Andre’s son.
“look Antonio, I’m not a slut ,I just slept with you so you could fake the DNA coz that was what you wanted, my body and we agreed on it once ” I stated rudely into the phone.
Gosh! I have to take this one outta my way too.
“OK fine, I’ll meet you at your house at 20:30” I said and hung up.
I laid back down and my eyes drifted to the door direction and my phone fell off my hands as I see Andre and Lola standing there with smirks plastered on their faces.
OMG! ????.

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