August 5, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 24

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 25
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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 24 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
I stood up to my feet with a pounding heart..
Have they been there the whole time? Did they hear my conversation?
Those questions kept finding their way to my mind.
“wow wow wow, so you’re a home wrecker all along ” Lola said, clapping her hands.
“why are you sweating all of a sudden, afraid we now know the whole truth ” Andre asked and I touched my forehead and I noticed I was transpiring.
“it’s not what you think ” I tried defending myself.
“oh no need for explanations Lisa, just go up there, pack your things and trash out ” Lola remarked rudely and I felt the urge to land a slap on her cheek.
I sprung forward to hit her but stopped my hand in mid air when I heard Andre say “don’t even give it a try “.
“if you know what’s good for you, get outta of this house and our lives forever ” Andre said and I smirked.
“oh really, remember I’m still legally married to you and I still have right over you ” I said smiling devilishly as I watched Lola’s sad expression.
She touched her head like she was feeling some pains there.
Andre noticed it and held her.
“come I’ll take you upstairs, you need to rest ” he said and took her upstairs.
Such drama.
???? Andre’s P. O. V????
I laid Lola gently on the bed and covered her with the duvet.
I sat beside for some mins before she fell asleep.
I don’t want her to see what’s gonna happen between Lisa and I coz I’m really gonna murder her.
I wend downstairs to meet Lola on the couch with an evil grin plastered on her face as she sat and crossed her leg.
“legally married you say ” I asked and chuckled.
I brought out the divorce paper I kept behind me and she gasped.
I’ve filed for a divorce ever since Lola moved into my house
I already signed it and Lisa has to sign it, in an easy way or the hard way.
“well well well how smart of you but I’m not gonna sign it ” she said and scoffed.
“oh really ” I said and held her neck from behind then tightened my grip on it as she winced in pain.
“you’re gonna sign it ” I said between gritted teeth.
“I’m not ” she struggled to say.
I tightened my grip on her neck and she cried out.
“let me go ”
“are you signing it ”
“let me go you bastard ”
“if you don’t let me go, I’m gonna scream and wake up Lola and I don’t think you want her to see this side of you ” she said and I smirked.
“that’s if I let you scream” I said and before I could say another thing, a loud scream escaped her lips and I let go of her.
Soon Lola came running downstairs looking scared.
“Andre what happened ” she rushed to my side and I hugged her.
“it’s nothing, nothing at all ” I said, glaring at Lisa who held her neck gasping for air.
“let’s get you back to bed ” I said and took Lola upstairs.
I laid her on the bed and laid beside her.
She laid her head on my chest making her lay partly on me.
I caressed her hair and her arm as I waited patiently for her to fall back asleep.
She fell asleep and I quietly sneaked out to another room.
I don’t know how to get Lisa to sign the divorce papers
I brought out my phone and called Matthew.
He picked up almost immediately.
“hey ” he said into the phone, his voice hoarse and barely a whisper.
I know something’s wrong.
He might have betrayed me but he’s still my friend and I care about him.
I’m even glad he took Lisa away cuz I met someone better, Lola.
“Matt what’s wrong ” I asked.
“are you really asking me that, isn’t she there with you now ” he said and I didn’t get him.
“what do you mean ”
“Lisa, you got her back right ” he said.
“she left me for you just like she once left you for me, Andre I know I fucked up but Andre I really love Lisa, I love her a lot ” he said and sniffed and I know by now he’s drinking.
“wait for me, I’ll be at your house soon” I said and hung up.
I need to solve everything once and for all.
I pressed the doorbell for the second time and Matt opened the door and I went in to see liquor on his table.
He’s been drinking.
“Matt, what happened between you and Lisa ” I asked.
“nothing much, just one day, she told me she doesn’t love me anymore and that it’s you she loves and also Alec is your son, I did a DNA and Alec is truly your son ” he said and I sighed.
Lisa is really a pain in the neck.
“Matt I’ve moved on and I don’t need Lisa, Alec isn’t mine, she must’ve faked the DNA test just like she did mine ” I said and I saw a glimpse of happiness in his eyes.
“so you mean Alec is truly my son ” he asked.
“that’s what it seems ” I said and he smiled as a tear slid down his cheek.
“what about Lisa, do you think she’ll want me back ” he asked and I sighed.
“that I don’t know coz I think Lisa is loosing it ” I said and he arched an eyebrow at me.
“don’t look at me like that, Lisa is really loosing it and she needs a doc ” I said.
“if we take her to the doc, probably she’ll sleep with him again ” I thought to myself.
“Lisa is still legally married to me and she has refused to sign the divorce papers ” I said and ran my hand through my hair in frustration.
“so what do we do ”
“I don’t know, maybe sue her to court and present all her crimes, stealing a child from his father and claiming another man is the father” I said and he glared at me.
“and faking a DNA test result ” I added.
“so you really love Lisa and want her back ” I asked and he nodded.
“OK then, I have a plan ”
“what plan and if it didn’t work ” he asked
“then we go through with the first option ”

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