July 30, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 25

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 26 (Final)
The Possessive Snob. Chapter 24

The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 25 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????
???? Semi Finale ????
???? Lisa’s P. O. V????
I walked up to Lola and Andre’s room to meet Lola sleeping peacefully.
After taking my man away from me, she thinks she can enjoy her life.
No way!
I brought out the knife I held behind me and went over to her.
I’m gonna stab her and she will be out of my life forever.
My leg hit the table beside her bed making some noise and she opened her eyes and gasped as she saw the knife in my hand.
She raised the pillow and hit the knife from my hand making it fall to the floor.
I went over to the bed and yanked her hair causing her to wince in pain.
“you bitch, you think you can enjoy your life after ruining my marriage ” I pulled her hair more.
“let me go ” she cried out tapping my hand.
“if you hadn’t come into his life then he’d still take me back ”
“you bitch I said let me go” she cried and managed to pull my hand off her hair.
“you would never enjoy your life coz I’ll make it miserable ” I said and slapped her.
“you good for nothing imbecile ” she said and slapped me back.
I yanked her hair and she yanked mine as we fought, pulling each others hair.
“Andre will never accept you ” she said and she pulled my hair while I pulled hers too.
“you two face sized beast ” she said and pushed me to the floor and ran out.
I sprung up, picked up the knife and ran after her.
She ran down the stairs just then the door flew open and in came Andre and Matthew.
She ran into Andre’s arms and he wrapped his arms around her protectively.
He looked her up and down and saw her hair messed up and the dried tears that plastered on her cheeks.
He flared up, glaring at me with clenched jaw.
He sprung forward towards me but Matthew pulled him Back.
“relax man, we came here to solve things not worsen it ” he said to Andre.
“well I’d gladly worsen things if she ever lays her hands on Lola ” he spat angrily while Matt nodded looking at me.
“Lisa ” Matt called coming closer to me.
“Lisa is Alec my son ” he asked and I scoffed.
“what if he is ” I asked rudely.
“but why did you lie to me, you took him away from me why did you have to do that ”
“listen, I don’t have time for these questions and answers, Andre is accepting me back into his life and it’s final ” I seethed truthfully.
“never ” Lola spat out, still in Andre’s arms.
“Lisa what is wrong with you, Matt loves you and he’s ready to take you back can’t you see that ” Andre asked and I laughed out loud with tears sliding down my cheeks.
“too bad I don’t want him, it’s you I want and it’s you I’ll get ” I said with a wry smile.
“Lisa you are not in your right senses, common this is not the girl I fell in love with, the Lisa I knew is different, the Lisa I knew is selfish but not to this extent, Lisa come to your senses ” Andre said and came in front of me.
“Lisa this is not you ” he said and cupped my face with his hands.
“well I’ve changed coz people change everyday ” I said and brushed past him like I was going towards the couch but I went straight for Lola and held her with the knife around her neck.
“no Lisa please don’t do this, please ” Andre pleaded as his eyes well up in tears.
“Lisa you don’t have to do this ” Matt added coming closer.
“don’t you dare move ” I cried and tightened the knife against her throat and he stopped on his track..
“don’t move ” I ordered and slowly walked Lola out with the knife still around her neck as she sobbed quietly.
I pushed her inside the car and entered too then drove off in high-speed.
I looked through the middle mirror and saw another car following us and I know it to be Andre and Matt.
“Lisa stop the car ” Lola cried and I turned the knife to face her.
“keep shut or I’ll cut you into pieces ” I warned and increased my speed.
“Lisa slow down ” Matt screamed with his head out through the window.
I turned and looked at Andre and Matt from behind with a smirk on my face.
“Lisa watch out ” Lola yelled and before I could even see clearly, the trailer in front of us hit our car making it to change direction and bump into a big tree and that was all I remembered.
???? Andre’s P. O. V????
“Lola ”
“Lisa ” Matt and I screamed at once as their car hit the trailer then bumped into the tree.
“OMG, Lola, my child ”

The Possessive Snob. Chapter 26 (Final)
The Possessive Snob. Chapter 24

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