July 31, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 97

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Venessar High School

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers

Episode 97

Sean’s POV

“You killed her ?” I said with tears pouring from my face as I watched Kim lay to the floor motionless.

“Yes ,I did. ” Professor Lucas replied.

“You killed my wife. My happiness despite the fact that I agreed to come back to the band ”

“Common! Not like you have a choice ” Professor Lucas said and I grinned.

“I do have a choice. Kill me. I’m not coning to your forsaken band” I said and he start to look to his gun and to my face.

He pointed the gun at me and I closed my eye gently.

“I’m not killing you” He said and I opened my eye.

“I’m wiping off your memory once again. ” He said and I stood angrily.

“Killing me is better. I wouldn’t stand and watch you wipe away my memory ” I said and he laughed.

He signaled for his boys and they all held me and forcefully pulled me to the ground.

I heard a sound of a bullet and I could hear professor Lucas scream and fell.

I looked around wondering where the bullet came from.

The men of professor Lucas had left me and are now eye-searching around with their gun for where the bullet cane from.

“Take him to the hospital real quick” One of the man said and a man brought his phone to call the ambulance but he fell as a result of another bullet that hit him by his neck.

I arched my brow wondering who is behind this. They all went into hiding knowing fully well ,that the person must be planning to take them all down.

I lay where I am. I do not want to make any silly move so as not to be a victim of bullet.

I looked at Kim on the floor and more tears poured from my face. Professor Lucas was still gasping for breath.

I really do not want him to die. I want him to rot in jail.

“Sean ,carry Kim and bring her outside here. I got you covered ” I knew at once whose voice it is.

It’s Stephen.

Stephen had come to safe me.

I carried Kimberly’s dead body to the exit of the house ,I finally went out of the house and I saw Stephen.

He walked close to me and collected Kimberly from me.
Hot tears steamed down his face.

“My little sister , are you dead for real?” He asked amidst tears.

“Too early to die ” Kimberly replied.

Venessar High School. Episode 98
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