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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 121b to 123

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 124 to 127
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 119 to 121

???????????????? 121 B ????????????????????????

Celine and the Hoffman’s
by moreexperience

Maybe short but am being careful rewriting this before I remove or add something that correspond to season 4


She covered his body well so he won’t get cold because of her desires.
She closed her eye and fell to thoughts from where she slept off.Danny awoke he moved his hands to the bed and touched some one he rembered when Sandra lay there but she didn’t feel like Sandra cos she wore a Jean .Celine gained consciousness when someone touched her tummy she wanted to open her eye but she enjoyed him touching her so she formed sleepiness . Danny ran his hands down her thigh that was when he confirmed it wasnt Sandra he opened his eye and it was daniella he got shocked he looked around .

” what ,how , when did she get here..
He moved closely to her and just looked at her face with his head on his Palm. he knew a very kind of powerfull attraction and need clothed him.there was something about her she felt like she belonged in his arms. She’s so beautiful Danny said to himself and each time I meet her I just get so needy of her … this strong desire to just have her close to me I wonder why.

He moved his fingers to her hair and brushed her hair sweetly while gently massaging her for head ,she looks like a goddess asleep he said to himself as tucked her hair behind her ear Celine melted .. she felt happy Danny gently moved her hair which rested on her shoulders then he removed the ones that fell on her cleavage he wanted to see her skin in fullness and he did Just then his phone rang Celine felt disappointed she used that opportunity to open her eye.
Danny picked up and placed his on hands in his face

” arrgh tell me
” Nicky is back
” and
” she wants to meet later
“Must we meet
“I gave her your suite address
“Ok whatever
He dropped the call and turned to Celine who sat up she organised her hair

” ummm Ella , what are you..
I mean ,when did you come here
” Oh just now
” ok he dropped his phone on the counter
” uhmm Danny do u feel sick
Danny sat down
” just head ache ,I dunno
He banded his hair and fell on the pillow
Celine opened her purse and handed him drugs
” what.
” for headache
” actually i am not interested
She even forgot that Danny doesn’t take drugs ,this was going to be the 3rd word war.

” u are sick how will you sing tonight
” i dont need your drugs ,go already .he used the pillow to cover his face Celine got frustrated she felt like hitting him .she brought out the drug herself and removed the pillow from his fAce
” no i hate drugs
“Please, how will u sing
” it’s not your singing
” AAAHHH open
” no, i really won’t
” AHHH Celine pushed the drugs into his lips
Danny looked around and realised there was no water in the room he opened his palm
” give it to me then u go get water
” no ,your mouth
Celine pushed it into his mouth and smiled successfully

” wait while I get water
Danny nodded
Celine rushed out and Danny removed the drug
” Jesus I almost died.he tried throwing it out the window when
Celine rushed in with his bottle water Danny held the drug in his hand.
Celine walked in Danny pretends as though the drug was in his mouth and took the water from her.he drank water and dropped the bottle then he smiled..

” you see, done.
Celine opened her Palm
“Give it to me
Danny laughed
” give you what?
” the drug Daniel
“Hey how can u …I told you
” please
” fine
He gave her the drugs she looked at him and got emotional she hated the fact that he was in pain but how will she make him tAke this drug cos right from time he never took drugs.

” Danny how will you sing with serous headache
” me … don’t worry
” but what if I showed how to take it, it won’t be bitter I promise
” ok .u win
Celine nodded
Danny sat up
” ok .
Celine took the bottle from him and filled her mouth with water then she dropped the drug and swallowed it.Jesus she all must died so bitter the stupid drug melted fast but she smiled.

” you see …not bitter ,Ur turn
Danny nodded and took the water he filled his mouth Celine moved closer and put the drug into his mouth . Danny wanted to throw up she used her hand to cover his mouth.he forcefully swallowed it he almost cried.
” it’s so bitter..
” sorry
” arrrgh mum ,am finished..
He hugged Celine ,Celine didn’t know whether to hold him or not she still needs to control herself before she blows her cover doctors report had not yet arrived
She gently wrapped her arms around him
” just then lola rushed in.
” Angelina is here
Danny unlocked from the hug but his face was really pitiful Celine almost laughed ordinary drugs what kind of mommy’s boy was Danny .
” Ella lets go
” Oh ok

He kept his phone in the bed and walked out Angelina arrived with the outfits, minute later everything was set for the shoot. Their first outfit was a wedding gown for Celine and a matching suit for Danny.
Sandra smiled, She imagined their wedding. Celine Got so emotional but she forced herself not to cry. After the wedding outfit they shoot for dinner wears started. angelinas dinner gown designs where awesome, totally awesome.

Prestigious high

” check this out, online voting for city’s top model, ends tomorow by 10pm, miranda or daniella. The position goes to the first model to get 6million followers in the new platform. “, tasha said

“omg am so DANIELLAS”,gretel said
” Miranda has been laughed at too much, no one would vote for a loser. “, Susan said
” I already voted, team d. D”, keila said

” i will call my boyfriend right now, he has to vote daniella. “,gretel said

” I will text Ryan too. “, k said

” we married women don’t vote.”, gelai said
” we married men don’t vote too”, Stanley said .

They both kissed each other.


Both Celine and Danny already changed into their normal wears.
Celine walked to Danny who stood with Angelina she seconded him

” am really sorry the finale outfit had not arrived
” its getting late,Danny said
” it will come soon, just one gown and its a mask concept. So it won’t take time.
” ok
” you guys should rest, it’s coming.
” ok.

Both of them walked into the suite Lola wanted to join them but Sandra dragged her back

” what
” nothing let’s just talk…. hy am Sandra
“But I should follow my miss
“Dont worry tell me about yourself
Lola sat with her.
” so my name is Lola

They walked in … they shoot got Celine very emotional she almost cried she didn’t talk she just stayed quiet Danny watched her quietly as she sat down beside him

” Wil you come tonight
” yes
” am glad ,are u sad again
Celine looked at him and tears streamed down ,Jesus what was she doing she looked in his face he picked his phone and started humming sweetly this made celine smile,. just then he sang out

????I wanna love you asap ..oh baby ” he smiled Celine looked in his face and smiled .he laughed softly, only his face took her Pain away.
????I wanna kiss you asap..oh honey ……. Celine tried controlling her emotions he looked in her face and said “hey ” Celine chuckled and he continued singing.
???? not loving you , is my death
????not holding you ,is my tears oh sweety …..
He chuckled sweetly and sang out his voice so killing and attractive.Celine smiled

???? love you ,love you ..that’s my last name
????kissing you baby oh that’s my hearts wish
????will you love me asap,oh baby.
Celine become happy he looked at her face
” there you smiled…he fell on his pillow .
Celine looked at him just then the doctor texted her so she stood up in shock and fear

” Miss daniella the report is true and not falsified, Danny should not be reminded of the memory that led to his accident , that memory he lost, he lost for a reason, forcing it back will push him to insanity or kill him.

Celine suddenly started shivering she couldn’t control her tears any more. She screamed out so loud then she placed both hands on her fore head.

” are you ok” Danny stood up
” why, Danny y, why me !,she shouted at him crying.
” hey what happened.

Celine ran into the shower with her phone and sat on the floor, She switched the water on and cried like a baby, even her cloths got soiled Danny walked into the shower and bent down beside her.
He touched her leg which she folded together. She couldn’t stop crying Danny moved her hair.

” stop crying, it’s ok, no matter what it is, it’s ok… He moved closer and hugged her. Celine still cried so much soon both her and Danny where wet…. Danny desingaged CELIne looked in his face and cried the more..
Danny wiped her tears and ran his fingers down to her lips celine rolled her eyes at him.He touched her lip for a while then he moved his hands to her hair and leaned closer…. Celine also moved closer and he kissed her lips which was filled with tears ,more Tears still streamed down celines eye as she deepened the kiss. She couldn’t control the tears. They both opened up and their tongues met …the kiss was never ending… She remembered the doctors report and tried withdrawing from the kiss but it got difficult
She felt Danny lift up her top from under……..


♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 122♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????

Danny kissed Celine passionstely, he felt like he had tasted those lips before, the passion was intense, he wanted more.. celine couldn’t control her tears anymore. She felt Danny’s hands. Slowly coming under her

Before Danny could raise Celine withdrew from The kiss and ran outside.

Danny was glad she went out because he was trying to control himself but it didn’t work. Not again, what was I doing. I have not even been able to make love to miranda, I can’t believe I got trapped by daniella. .

Danny tried runing after Celine when his phone rang.

” uhm tell me.

celine kept walking into the ocean non stop with tears in her eye. She walked down and fell into the water. She cried heavily and knelt down.

Clara!!!! Why!!! Where where you. I told you to help me love Daniel but you watched them take him away from me.

Why!!!!! Why didn’t you help me like you promised. Why didn’t you fight that spirit that took Danny’s memory.

Clara have you heard, I will bring Danny insanity, I will bring him death. Then why did i make all this money. Why did i work hard.

Clara!!!! Come out and anwser me. Why did you keep quiet, I really trusted you.

If I loose Danny what did i gain. She shed tears.

She walked down into the water carelessly. The water got up to her chest but to her surprise she was still stepping on the ground, She really wanted the water to drown her but it made no difference. Just then she felt a very heavy wind. And then from under the water. She felt the wave push her Out of the water. Till she got to shore. She stood on the outer part of the water and the breeze seized.

Celine wondered what happened.

She turned back and walked inside but she saw foot prints on the floor. Like someone was walking by her side. Celine looked around in shock. She couldn’t see anyone just then she heard Claras voice very Cleary.

Celine, I want to tell you something. Clara said.

Celine looked around in shock.

” This night, sleep with your face up so I can easily tell you something. I will come, wait for Me, don’t forget…..

Celine looked at the floor and the foot steps stopped. She smiled widely as she ran into the suite..

Angelina had already arrived with the remaining outfit.

Celine ran into the dressing room Lola already ordered another red pant and bra when she saw celine enter the ocean.
. Celine instantly removed the wet ones and changed into her gown for the last shoot.

“are you okay”?Lola asked
” am fine.

The shoot didn’t take any much time. Soon it was over.

Danny rushed into the dressing room first. He kept checking his time.

Meanwhile Celine still wore her dinner gown as she conversed with Angelina.

Minutes later she was done. She ran into the suite room. To change, She thought Danny had left but she saw sandra leaning on his car. She wondered where he would be.

She walked into the room and there he sat on the bed.

She collected his look from hair to toe. The make up made his face cuter. His half wet hair fell freely , His pink lips, She smiled she loved kissing him when he was sleeping..
He sat quietly and placed both hands in the bed as though he awaited someone.
He looked cold already and it was all her fault, she prayed in her mind that he doesn’t fall sick at night.
Just then Danny saw her he smiled and stood up. His height and his fitness drop dead gorgeous.. She couldn’t believe she was checking out Danny now he was hers all the while. She wondered if she was falling for him the second time.
Danny walked closer to her and slowly drew down the hands of his sweater

” are you cold ?”, celine asked
” a little, actually I need to leave right now am really running late. He checked his time.
” ok
” but, “he moved his hair “actually I just wanted to apologize..uhmm for the shower,am sorry for doing that, like that ,trust me I don’t behave like that.
” oh its ok I mean uhmm its not a big deal not that its not a big deal its just that uhmm its all right.
Omg what am I saying I am a top model whom my fellow model kissed and I just Said its ok.
” am really sorry, I know Mira is your friend and all so forgive me for trying to seduce you .. he smiled and Celine smiled he has such a seductive personality.

” its fine Danny

” I won’t try that again. That’s for sure. I need to just. ” He checked his time again . Celine was more bothered because she knew Danny will fall sick this night. He already showed full symptoms of cold.

” i need to leave so see you later .
He tried rushing out but celine dragged his hands He turned.

” uhm did I forget something
” If you don’t mind, can I … hug you.
Danny smiled
” please.

He moved closer to her and hugged her.. then he unlocked Celine waved at him He walked a bit and returned to her.

” why don’t we go together, everyone left, I don’t feel okay leaving you here with only Lola.

Celine nodded.

Danny carefully unzipped the gown which she removed and he dropped it on the bed. Danny carefully collected her spotless skin. From her red pant to the bra. And the diamond stone on her belly button. He saw the love diagram from the side of her pant he knew it was part of a tatoo but her pant covered it. He decided to stop looking at a girls panties .
But why would she draw a tatoo there,that deep,she must be a wild girl i swear..Her waist bead lay perfectly . Her figure was really perfect he said to himself.
Celine gently lifted her pant up she tried taking the white polo which the suite kept for visitors. Danny raised his hands above here and gave it to her.

Celine picked her car key she instantly wore the polo. It was really shot. It just covered her hip. Totally Paula’s fashion.

She wore her gold chain slippers then she turned to Danny who still looked at her.

” lets go
” wow, you look like the reason why women can seduce men
Celine smiled.

Both of them walked out and Lola cleared out the room.

Danny entered his car and waved at her. Celine enters her car . Danny waited for her to leave first. Immieditely after Celine drove off Danny told his driver to drive off..
Both of them left.

” sir where to home or penthouse
” penthouse Sandra but I need you to go on an errand for me
” what kind.
“I will tell you latter
Sandra smiled and looked at him.
” so uhmm
” so uhmmm what
” did you guys … you know
“I dont know ..
” u know what I want to say
Danny chuckled
” no i don’t.
” all the while in the room alone you guys didn’t ,you know
” we didn’t ,happy now
” but why .. I know u made advances for sure cos u can’t resist a woman u like you will be like”hey hotie I want you in my bed ..
Danny laughed
” u know I changed ,that was before I don’t do night stands anymore ,jeez.
“Yes I guess
Danny smiled
” that Daniella there is something about her
Sandra smiled
“Figure it out then


Celine felt happy , the day wasn’t as bad as she had hopped. If Celine would kill Danny maybe he should just fall for daniella but now how long will it take for that to happen .

” home right
“yes home I feel sleepy
“Ok .


Ciara sat quietly on her bed when the doctor called

” hello
“I already sent the fake report to daniella
He dropped the call.
I can’t believe Celine changed so much ,how come… she has become the kind of woman I want for Danny someone who will make him and not run him dry… I prefer her compared to Miranda she is much more homely and kind ..she’s the perfect daughter in law

Gretel and my husband love her so much but…..
Infact I need to meet Ella.

Sandra just arrived the penthouse from the Danny’s house where she went to get the stuffs he needed. She wondered if he really needed this stuffs or he just wanted to send her away. It was time for the show and everything had been set… she checked her time he still had few hours left . she opened Danny’s room door without knocking. Danny sat quietly with his kneel high up and his hands on his hair . Sandra carefully looked round the room.
” uhm sir, have you been here long. Danny nodded and gently stood up. He placed his hands on his fore head. Sandra looked into his blue eye it was no longer bright like it was in the afternoon it was dim and hotly seductive .she knew Danny was acting like he was high but Sandra didn’t see any cigarette or wine around the room.
” uhm do I still have time?
” yes.. Sandra replied
Danny nodded and walked into the shower.
Sandra instantly started looking around the room. I know danny is high, I have known him for long. When he’s high he becomes unusually quiet and overly sexy. She opened his drawer that was where she saw the drugs. She froze .. and looked at the bathroom door She sat back.

Celine you are suddenly costing Danny more right now. You were his inspiration to do a live show without getting high, he faced a crowd of millions with you. You were his drug, his highness. Now you are gone. I can’t believe took drug’s again I just pray its only for the show. He already dropped this he can’t start again.
Sandra walked out and called Mr king on phone.

” Danny’s mom tell me
“Danny took drugs again
” great
” did you see the crowd waiting for him, he needs inspiration , he needs to get high if not he won’t be able to do this show perfectly
” but what if
” he wont start taking drugs again I know that’s your fear.trust him
” but you know Danny might misbehave, he misbehaves when he is high, last time we had to pay of the girl that claimed she was pregnant for him
” security will be tight, he’s bouncers will be every where and once the song ends he would go directly home. No chances.
” but
” every artists gets high before they go on a live stage. It’s totally normal.
” if only Celine was by his side he will face any crowd with her,
“talk later.
Mr king dropped the call.

Sandra tuned just then Nicky walked in.

A crazy young pop star who looks drop dead gorgeous, she’s the number one female artiste in the city. She wore a black short jean skirt and a black singlet. She obviously wasn’t dressed for the show yet. She had a tattoo on her neck. She wore a nice leg chain. She wore 3 ear rings. Shes a crazy dancer. her long hair fell freely Her full hip already forced the skirt to fit. She was really pretty.

” uhm is Danny in
“Haha who is Danny
“Andy come on I don’t have time
” ummm well Danny is…
“don’t worry i will go

No Danny is high this girl might try seducing him

” actually Danny is practicing
” I just want to tell him something, can I?
” no
” what!!
” of course , go on in.

Sandra watched her go inside.Sandra scratched her hair Nicky is a bitch, she’s high right now too. She always had her eye on him I hope she doesn’t try anything funny. Omg when Danny is high getting him is as easy as drinking water. What a wild girl. Sandra walked down into the living room. Leaving both of them.

Danny already walked out of the shower. He wore a white pencil trouser Topless. exposing his perfectly molded physique. He moved his hair back and slipped his legs into his white foam slipper he tried opening a bottle water just then Nicky walked in. She walked closer to him Danny kissed her cheek. Nicky placed her hands across his neck.
” u ready ” she asked him
” well ,yea kinda.
Nicky brushed both hands down to his waist she looked up to his face and smiled seductively while caressing him with desire

“I need some inspiration Danny
She pushed herself up a bit and kissed Danny him Danny pulled her waist into him and deepened the kiss although while brushing his hands behind her.he lifted her singlet Nicky raised her hands up and Danny slipped the singlet out in a haste …
He pressed his lips into hers again and kissed her their Tongues met their fingers wondered. Nicky kissed him deeply then feathered her lips all over him Danny brushed his fingers behind her and pressed her soft skin into him he brushed his hand down to her perfectly louder butt Nicky moaned out .he pulled down her skirt . Nicky smiled and dropped it she pulled him to the wall just then Sandra knocked and ruined everything.

” tell me” Danny said
” sir you need to go.
Nicky kissed him again.
“Uhmm 40 minutes.
” what,.. ok.

Danny lifted her to his arms and they kissed and carressed each other leaning on different walls in the room..

Danny balanced her carefully on the wall and ate her neck and lips passionately…down to her cleavage.

Nicky finally pushed Danny to his bed where He sat smiling. SHe instantly rose up to Danny.. and lay him flat on the bed .

She kissed his lips slowly .She feathered her lips down his ear to his chest as She kissed his lips and he brushed his hands behind her and unhooked the bra which she dropped he pulled her into his arms and licked her down her shoulder bone.
Sandra knocked again.
” sandra stop ….. oh God
“Sir U really don’t have time.
” just Few …. awww oh God . That was Nicky dipping her fingers into his Jean She carefully unzipped and Danny tried slipping out her panties Sandra knocked again.. Danny sighed

” sandra !!
” Miranda is here
” what!!

Danny instantly stood up and zipped his trouser he picked Nickys singlet which helped her wear.
” my bra
“Uhmmm ,its fine like this .
He picked her black skirt and hastily slipped it in.Nicky pulled it up her hip. She kissed his lips again
” sorry
” after the show good?
” sure… why not.
She wore her slipper then She opened the door and walked out

Danny sat on the bed waiting for Mira …ouch he was clouded with desires .he placed both hands across his face . No one came he stood up and opened the door he looked around Sandra came to him

” andra where is Mira
” You were making a mistake I had to stop you. Both of you are obviously high .
” what!! , GAAD
“Sorry”.. Sandra said innocently while looking up at him.

Danny looked at her for a while she carefully traced his eye which ran down her lips to her hair then her neck and down her chest with desire she used her fingers to move her singlet up covering her chest well . He closed his eye for a while and opened them again.Danny never looked at me like this before ,like he wants me. What if we … She looked at his seductive self she ran her eye from his hair down to his tummy… she swallowed..

Danny took one step closer to her he tried touching her then he withdrew his hands and tucked his hair behind his ear .

” uhmm Sandra can u go ,I will meet you at the show.

” but are u going to stay here alone it’s ok I can stay with you she walked into the room


♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 123♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By #moreexperience

Danny locked the door behind her. Then turned to her… Sandra tucked her hair into her ear..

“I will start arranging your stuffs sir.. we are almost runing late… she tried running out Danny held her hands she turned to him .

” uhmmmmmm ” she looked at the door closed door. He moved his hands to her waist and pulled her into himself. She licked her lips innocently while looking at his face ,she didn’t even know whether to touch him.He moved his fingers under her top and brushed it up gently then kissed her neck …. he tried kissing her lips Sandra closed her eye tight and screamed

” Jesus ,am still a virgin sir… she heard him Chuckle so she opened her eyes and he smiled and kissed her by her cheek.. then he removed his hands from her top

” I know , even If i was drunk I won’t do that against your wish.

Sandra smiled and he gently shifted her then he walked back into the shower with his fingers across his face.

Is he still having headache. He is just too hard to resist if i had a night with Danny omg a lot of things will change,i might get pregnant and become his baby mama,he is too kind this means I will have full access to all his wealth but even I dont pregnant who doesn’t want to be in Danny’s arms he is just every woman’s dream… but the real reason I won’t do this is because Celine is an innocent person.she’s too kind and she doesn’t deserve this from anyone.

She parked up all his stuffs carefully and ran out.. I hope he doesn’t get take more drugs it seems he is coming back to himself…but that crowd can make someone faint jeez.

She rushed out of the room and packed the stuff in his car.

Gretelz room

A crowd of teenagers made noise Untill her mother dragged her out.

” Gretel what’s going on
” we are getting ready for Danny’s live show.

She started singing and dancing.

“Love me (A. S.A. P),
“Love me (A. S.A. P)
“Love me (A. S.A. P). Gretel kept chanting.

” you are too young to attend an all night live show.

” mum don’t start
” this is 9 p. M you are free to go but the driver will bring you home by 11.

” come on mom, when is the show starting.

Mrs hoffman walked out. Gretel ran into her room tasha was already playing the music. The hit was wow. The kept dancing and shouting.

“am gonna look so hot”, keila said
” its been so long Danny danced, this will be great. “, Tanya said
“can he dance?”, Angela asked
“what, perfectly. “, tasha said
” how can he be good in every thing. “, angela said
” omg I won’t stop shouting. I must touch him today.”, Mandy said
” the result for city’s top model is out. “, keila said

” Miranda got 5. 5 million followers. But daniella got 6million. “, Mandy said

” yeeess wooooow. “, gretel shouts

All of them hugged themselves.


celine walked out of the shower.

” you won, mirandas picture will be removed tomorow. Lola said
Celine smiled.
” where Is Paula
” getting ready for Danny’s show
” I feel weak but Danny is not feeling strong so I need to be there.
” ok the show had started. Danny will come out soon.

” ok lets get ready.

Lola walked out and Paula walked in

” ummm daniella why are u glowing .
Celine smiled and hugged her
” Danny kissed me
” what
“I swear ,i think he is attracted to daniella
“I guys didnt ….
” well I flinched
” why.
” the doctors report ,i was scared he might remember Celine and die.
“Ok so let me get this straight ,u had dreaming of a night with Danny for 7months and when you finally got the opportunity you flinched ,Salvador made advances u flinched,Andrew made advances u flinched,Tyler ,Tristan and all the cute guys you ever met u flinched and now Danny too you flinched all this flinching are you a rat.
Celine smiled
” u might not get that lucky again but if you do tear off your cloth baby.
Celine smiled
“U know how to make my day
“I swear I do.
They hugged each other

They both entered the car soon the arrived at the show. They came me really late. Danny was already singing on stage. Both of them found a sit in the crowd . Their guards stood behind them. Danny looked awesome on stage ..he’s make up was attractive.

He danced with his boys. The hit was so great. Paula was shouting. Just then Nicky rushed in with her girls. Her costume was like a high school girl.

And her outfit suits her perfectly. Her school skirt was really short. The rest of her dancers dressed like cheer leaders.

Both of them killed the show. Danny shaked people who raised their hands to him on stage as he walked by.

Nicky finally rapped with her hands on Danny’s shoulders. She Rapped perfectly well and did a dirty dance on him while

Every body clapped. People took pictures, People made videos.

” wow she is good Celine
” whatever must she touch him like that
” jealous
” but why are his bouncers on stage, they didn’t come on stage last time.
” isn’t it obvious, Danny is high, he’s not here. They are trying to protect him, He might fall from the stage If he gets carried away. Watch carefully once the song ends he will dissapear.
” cute
Paula smiled.
” he’s dancing is so attractive
” I didn’t know Danny danced.
” did you even enjoy your relationship with this guy, u don’t know anything about him
” I was an inexperienced little girl, all that mattered was that he loved me and he showed it.
” the noise is getting much.
” the show is already going viral on line..

Back on stage Nicky bent down on all fours and crawld up to Danny singing. She danced crazily.

” she is perfect”, gretel said
“omg subtle. “, keila said
“the boys are dancing again. mandy said

All of them clapped. Danny danced so perfectly and attractively. Many of his fans already rushed on stage to touch him but the bouncers pushed them down..

Minutes later the song ended. Both of them walked out of the stage. Danny wallked into his dressing room. Where he changed. People still clapped no body wanted to leave. Reporters kept reporting. Personalities left one by one..

Danny changed into his casual outfit. He looked around for Sandra He didnt see her so he walked down with his guards from the other side. He didn’t want any crowd.

He placed his hands on his fore head he felt a little head ache. Just then Nicky caught up with him, her guard’s followed her. She brushed her fingers from his belt to his chest licking her lips Danny smiled

” danny it was awesome.
” finally.
” are you leaving, I mean we could go upstairs. The crowd is obviously much and my manager had not arrived neither had yours so let’s wait in my room or yours ,she smiled
“but I need
She whispered into his lips
” lets finish what we started.
She smiled seductively. As she dragged his shirt.
” where is Sandra
” maybe she’s coiming.


Sandra walked about till She ran into Celine who was leaving

” what’s wrong sandra
” looking for Danny, Nicky said he went this way.
” but he can take care of himself ” no Danny’s high he needs to go home Before any pretty girl uses this opportuinuty to get pregnant for him, am so confused I was not suppose to loose sight of him it was Nicky that sent me out. Why didnt I figure out her plan
Celine got worried.

” don’t worry I will look this way.
” ok.
Sandra rushed out with the guards who followed her.

” Paula will u wait I need to find Danny

” pls do we don’t need another miranda in Nicky, did you see the way she looked at him like a cup of ice cream.

” take my purse while leaving.

Paula left with celines bag.

Celine walked out with her guard’s some of her fan’s waved at her. Danny where ever you are control yourself. She said .

As she walked faster. just then she saw Danny and Nicky.

Danny had already turned to follow her she held his hands gently And the walked upstairs Just then Nicky felt someone drag Danny’s hands back She turned it was Celine She got angry.
Celine pushed her hands away from Danny’s.

” who are you” Nicky asked
” he’s not interested, so go, he’s leaving with me
” hey daniella how dare you, do you think you have the right to do this.
” yea kinda, he’s mine
” what the fuck. Danny come on….

Danny looked at both of them and just moved his hair which tried covering his face . he stood quietly like a pack of sexiness.

” I can’t even believe you Danny .
CELINE dragged Nickys hands out of his and pushed her further
She dragged Danny and he turned to follow her just then Nicky dragged celines hands back.
Celine turned and slapped her
Danny wanted to talk but Celine shut him up with a kiss.

After which she dragged him up past Nicky. . She entered her room where Lola reserved and kept her stuffs in case she felt too tired to go home.Both of them entered and she locked the door Nicky angrily entered her car.Danny sat on the bed and she sat beside him
” danny do you feel cold.
Danny smiled
” yes it started on stage
Celine touched his fore head

” it’s ok …it’s fine “, Danny said .

Celine tucked her hair behind her ear she was trying to avoid his gaze . He was just too drugging. She bowed her face dowm for a while then She stood up from the bed and she tried taking a step but danny took her hand. She turned in shock He just carressed the hand as he looked at her .

” I want you ,i desire you daniella
” what!!.
He gently pulled her hand and stood up behind her ,she felt him move her hair to her shoulders and kiss her neck gently from behind .. she missed him Celine looked up holding in tears, She didn’t know whether to agree or decline.She was still scared of the doctors report since he said no one should try forcing the memory out , what if after this night he dies .unnecessary fear filled her heart.but she wanted him more badly than he wanted her . She forced herself to move away from him. His eye got more drugging he moved his hair.

” uhmmm I will just bath Danny.she didn’t let him reply she rushed into the shower. where she prayed for mr king to finally come and take Danny home.She trapped herself there


Mr king and Sandra with like 6 bouncers walked about from room to room looking for Danny.

” omg this is not happening .
” i will search all the rooms upstairs
” be fast Danny doesn’t need a baby mama right now.
” I Will
” I will check the second floor.

3 guards followed Sandra and 3 joined Mr king..


Danny removed his jacket and dropped it on the bed. Then he removed his shirt.. he felt weird. He wore his slipper and drank water , he carefully drank like a lot of water . And slowly the effect of the drugs weared off.

Minutes later.⏰⏰⏰

Celine was finally done bathing she carefully wrapped the towel round her chest..

One day i will wrap a towel around my chest and walk out to Danny then fall into his arms and have him hold him because I belong to him but not today ,i will wait here here untill Mr king finds Danny.I hope he is feeling fine.. she looked at her skin and moved her hair. She tied the towel well just then danny opened the door without knocking , Celine gulped and closed her eye she opened them again.she looked at him from his lips down his chest then to his flat tummy.She folded her hands round her body she was freezing with love. she too wanted Danny desperately but she had to control herself.She didn’t want to look at his sexy self instead she started looking up and down in frustration with her lips pouted like a kid.

” I am fine now
“what ?
” am not high anymore, am sober but I still want you.
” I want a night with you daniella ” what
” please and i think am falling sick with cold too.
This statement made Celine smile is that blackmail ,she asked herself .

” oblige me …
she looked down in thoughts making her take her lower lips into her mouth .she looked at him again he placed his hands across his eye.

” i dont think i ever begged a woman for this but I can’t control myself around you , you make me lose control I don’t know why but I need u desperately . maybe after this night i can let you go from my thoughts. So please will you let me ?

Celine held her towel tight and looked down.

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