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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 124 to 127

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 1 to 3
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 121b to 123

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 124♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By #moreexperience
(6zney )

Celine looked at Danny for a while then she gently nodded. She moved back letting him come In.

Danny moved his hands up and switched off the water well he didnt want to get wet.he walked in and carried Celine up into his arms she stupidly still held her towel tight … she was really scared of the doctors report.Danny placed her on the bed and she smiled with satisfaction he moved in on her and dimmed the room light Celine pulled him into herself and their lips met .they kissed passionately for long minutes she brushed her fingers all over him .he pulled off the trouser and moved deeply into her.she felt his Leg deeply in between hers he was with her just like she wanted. She felt Danny’s hands deeping into her thigh while brushing the towel up at the same time. She entered a deep prayer.
God please I know i shouldn’t do this after seeing that doctors report but please I know i am praying in the middle of a sin but please Danny can’t die because of me please I didn’t want to agree but i really love him and I desire him too so I couldn’t say no to him so don’t let him die please. Please. It’s better I die instead amen.she stopped praying that was when she realized Danny wasn’t touching her again . She opened her eye and he was right in her face she looked in his eye and smiled tearfully. She wondered why he stopped until she looked down at her chest and realised she was holding the towel tight with both hands why praying . She got shy what did she do. He smiled at her then brushed his fingers up to the towel while hotly fondly fondling her br**st at the sane time he chuckled
” should we drag it….
“No ,sorry !
Celine hastily removed her hand and brushed it behind him he kissed her lips then down her neck …Celine got drunk in love. He removed the towel completely and brushed his fingers into her as he licked her from her neck down to her shoulder bone he brushed his fingers into her thigh and licked her down her cleavage Celine moaned out.Danny pulled her deeply into him and covered the bed sheet over them he cuddled her deeply into himself Celine was happy if not for anything at least Danny was all over she felt him everywhere.he presses his lips into hers again and the kissed deeply as Celine pulled him to deepen that kiss their tongues locked she got the same old feelings again all the feelings she missed. She felt his his lips down her ni**ple she gasped out pulling him down while moaning out his name like he was made for her…. he made love to her like he knew it was her . he feathered down her neck then she felt his fingers deeping below her she moaned out out as he massaged her clits perfectly and pressed in at the same time Celine groaned taking her Lower lips into her mouth . he stroked her beautifully She wrapped her fingers round him and he pounded her through it. She loved feeling his sweat all over her as he came in and out of her in a slow rythym…. then his thrust grew faster making them both moan into each others lips.

She was glad he didn’t use protection but she was worried that he might pull out… she wanted him to cum inside her so even if he didn’t remember her for life she would have her own Danny…. she came out of her thoughts and looked in his face while moaning gently . she knew from his facial expression that he was about cumming as he reduced his pace and stroked her a few more times… and Just the perfect moment when celine wanted him inside her he tried pulling out she was fast enough to notice his plan before he did it. she wrap her legs around him trapping him to herself .she pulled him into herself and brushed her fingers behind him beautifully. he froze and did what she was waiting for She felt beautiful as He laid everything inside her. She gasped you were made for me daniel where the words that lingered on her lips. she didnt even want him to stop holding her she wanted him to fall asleep on top of her. He fell weakly to the bed she turned and wrapped her fingers around him.Danny was trying to figure out the memories he was getting. He got so much memories but none of them where clear.he wondered why it was tonight of all times he had a lot of question to ask her but all till tomorrow
She felt his sweat mix with hers so beautiful …..

Danny released inside of me again This time I am happy cos my chances of getting pregnant is high and even if I will kill him ,
i would have my own little Danny and i would love him so much. She smiled and touched her tummy.
She wrapped her arms around him and just held him in her arms that was were he should belong

Danny placed his both hands on his fore head for a while he was getting too many memories

” what’s wrong
” uhmm nothing.

Just then Sandra got to the door She gently opened it and saw celine on Danny’s chest she closed the door back.

Just then Mr king arrived her.

” did you find Daniel.
” yes he’s safe he just wants some time alone.
” omg finally I am sure the drug should have worn off by now
” yes sure
” good job today dear am going home
” ok.

Mr king left and Sandra took the to next room.

CELINE was both happy and unhappy that Danny didn’t recall Any memories .She watched him close his eye and fall to his sleep.She wrapped her arms around him. She couldn’t Just let Danny go , she held him so tight like her life depended on it.she kissed his neck then his lips. She smiled finally she had an opportunity to kiss him in his sleep again. She lay on his chest Just then she remembered Clara so she faced upward and Danny wrapped his hands round her Tummy she smiled as she looked In his face..She closed her eye just then she saw Clara smiling at her.She wondered if she was dreaming.She opened her eye but She didn’t see her anymore.She closed her eye quietly.and listened to hear Claras voice.

” finally I was waiting quite a while for you to stop what you were doing ,so beautiful
Celine smiled.
” did you know that doctors report was fake.
” really.
” its fake , Danny is having issues getting your face but he’s memory is coming back gently without faces .it’s blury.if you want Danny to remember you u know what to do.
” what
” renew the blood covenant .his memory will Come back. This is possible because neither you or Danny knew another woman or man you kept yourselfs for each other.
” he never slept with Miranda.
” no but he soon will if u don’t act fast , do well to meet ciara, she has something to say to you.
” ok .
” bye.

Celine thought she was in reality she didn’t know it was dream.She tried waking up but she was already too tired to cut her sleep short..She slept happily Danny was hers.She woke up early the next morning with a smile Danny never slept with Miranda she said to herself She turned to look at him on the bed but he already left. Only the breakfasts was on the bed she sighed with frustrations and picked the coffee.She wrapped the bed sheet round her body and looked around but he wasn’t there .
She walked back into the room and sat on the bed when paula walked in She looked around the room and smiled .

” finally.
Celine smiled
” who did you sleep with
“no one
Celine smiled.
” it was danny. Danny made love to me all night Paula
Paula hugged her
” am proud of you
” am so happy finally the truth is out
” the report
” yes it was fake.
Paula hugged her again.
” I need to meet Danny Paula
” I wish you can I was looking through your schedule today and you don’t even have a break plus Danny is very busy right now. Him and Nicky are being interviewed by star time.

” I know my schedule is really tight am doing the glass show for Vera tomorow in New York .
” wait Vera chose you for whites day out.
” yes that’s the first show for new York tour right
” yea
” Danny is singing there
Celine smiled
” ok quick question did you guys use protection or u didnt use protection , because you have like 3 beauty contests in new York tour and 10 shows . Plus your inauguration as n.vs b.A. and salvadors show for right skin you are just starting your carrier you can’t get pregnant celine

” If I get pregnant I will gladly drop modeling and hold unto Danny secondly we didn’t use protection so raw so beautiful I can feel my little Danny kicking
Celine smiled and touched her tummy
” what!!, this girl has gone Cray Cray
Celine hugged paula
” you don’t know what Danny means to me.Paula smiled .

” but you are kidding right cos am serious,tell me so I know what to do. If your belly gets fat Salvador won’t be happy secondly u have a lot if things to loose and Mira will replace you everywhere.
” I know call that Paula
” so did you guys use protection Celine
” yes sure , we did. Celine stood up
” I know u are drunk in love but i hope you are telling the truth cos once today passes my tea won’t flush anything ,9 months is soo calling????
” Paula stop being bothered we used protections I swear.
” seriously where and when did he get it
” what am I saying ,i mean Danny pulled out. He is good at that he didnt drop anything stop being bothered.
” why do I have a feeling u are lying
” come on why will I lie and stop talking about it you are making me shy.
Paula smiled.
” ok
Celine heived a sigh of relief.

” but Celine are u not worried about your future
” with Danny
” when u get married and pregnant what if danny can’t give you a baby boy
” why
“Cos he is a girl
Celine smiled
“You are silly
” am not , he’s too cute. He looks like a girl. Jeez .
” hahaha Paula
“I will be your neighbour in future so when I get pregnant I will spend time with Danny so maybe my son will get his eye and teeth
” silly you
“I will surely do it .
” hahaha till then
They both laughed
” mmmmmm she had sex
“Stop Paula am shy
They both laughed

Just then Lola rushed in

” what

” Mrs hoffman wants to meet ,
i told her your schedule was tight but she came here herself . Shes in the next room.
” am coming.

Celine wore her white night gown and ran into the room .

She locked the door and to her greatest surprise Mrs Hoffman knelt down before her .

Celine smiled.

” you won , you made it, am on my kneels.

” wow the almighty ciara.

” I will crawl if you want me to but celine am not begging you to go back to Danny am begging you to leave danny alone.

” what

” Danny can’t regain his memory Celine, my son will hate me danny will never forgive me what I did to you was much.Celine I can’t loose my only son and if the truth comes out gretel will leave me too.My husband will leave me too if he finds out what I did.

I Will die ….so Celine please Danny already forgot you .just let him go please I beg you. Am on my kneels like you wanted .let my son be.


♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 125♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
By #moreexperience
(6zney )
Celine looked at ciara in shock she couldn’t even believe her .after everything she went through for Daniel.

” ciara really ” Celine asked feigning surprise
” can’t you forgive me for everything I did” ckara asked
” I forgave you and in the same way Danny will forgive you too ” Celine said
” you don’t know Danny celine,he is my son and he is very unforgiving ” ciara said
” I am glad you brought down your pride to ask for forgiveness but I can’t give up Danny, i really cant,what about me Danny is my life.
” please Celine ,only this one thing.” Ciara said
Just then Paula walked in.
” why Is it that all the women that love Danny act crazy” Paula said ..Ciara stood up.

” Daniel is your son ciara and your son Is in pain.daniella is his only source of happiness.she did everything it takes to be accepted by you but you still won’t drop your pride. if Danny gets angry at you you beg him. She can’t give up Danny because of your own mistake.Danny is hers. You pushed Miranda to your son.you are deceiving your only son. Are you happy.I don’t think so because very soon regrets will eat u up .if I were you I will confess now before his memory comes back.Paula walked out dragging Celine behind her Celine sat on the bed .

” what will i do to have ciara accept me Paula,she just asked me to leave Danny like I was some piece of trash.
“Celine she is just scared of Danny ,she’s scared of loosing her family
“I am confused,she just asked me a heavy favour Paula.
” change u have a shoot In a few hours I don’t want to hear anything about ckara don’t even think about her

Celine fell to her pillow Paula lay beside her just then Paula’s phone rang Just then Paula picked her call it was Jenny.

” miss Jason ” Jennifer said
” are you back?” Paula asked
” yes, just now.i can’t miss new York tour” Jennifer said.
” how was the trip?” Paula asked.
” fun ,but new York will be much more” Jennifer said
” sure. Hope you bought the gown for me ?” Paula asked
” yea i did , you will love it” jennifer replied
” ok cool , i will come to the house
” great…Paula dropped the call.

” who was that?” Celine asked
” Danny’s ex ” Paula said
” Jennifer she back?
” yea, she’s endorsing you for n.V.
” I kinda like her she’s calm .and the first day I met her I just fell for her colour she’s too white .it seems as she would get stained if you touch her.

” she looks like she lives in the water and she’s very lazy. She never stressed herself .all the connections she got back then was because she was dating Danny .and when she won miss world She didn’t even come out for the dinner gown section of the show…She said she got lazy but she still won. “Danny”.

” Miranda is really not using Danny well then.

“that’s because she doesn’t have time to aim for things she’s busy being obsessed with him but trust me if you don’t get Danny from Miranda before your contest world and universe just forget it Miranda will win.
” yea I know .I need to meet Danny today but am too busy and he’s too busy .how do I get him locked up in a room.
Paula checked her time
” yea star times Is interviewing Danny and Nicky today. I heard they want you in their next show.
” I hate that girl Nicky as for star times that will be in New York
” ok but you will hate her more when the music video is out .
Paula walked out.Celine rushed into the shower .


Danny’s car pulled over at star times.the press rushed over a crowd of citizens where already taking pictures of them.camera flashes did not even allow Danny to open his car door
Nicky sat beside him she wore a silver stunned show back gown which flattered her beauty.she wore a simple make up.had packed her long black hair up.she was indeed the city’s Nicky minaj like the called her ,hotness was all over.Danny tried looking out the car window she brushed her fingers to his shoulders he turned to look at her.
” is the crowd much.
” yes very .
” what to do
” we have to go.

Danny pushed the door and walked out he took Nicky hand and she walked out. The crowd toppled.Danny waved at his fans smiling beautifully he wore a black suit and the suit jacket flew freely.he wore a black gold stonned shoe then a gold watch and necklace.he wore a diamond earing as well as a silver stonned ear set .both of them looked hot cameras kept flashing..
Nicky held her purse with both hands Danny slipped his hands into her waist she smiled and he smiled at her they both walked in. Sandra walked behind pressing her phone. She held Danny’s phone too and his water .then his face towel.Danny’s guards walked with them.

Nicky looked in Danny’s face Danny smiled
” say it
“You want to say something.
” daniella ,who is she to you
” who
” she’s just a friend…come on… ” he took her hands and helped her walk up the stairs she smiled with satisfaction.soon the got into the hall they both waved at people. Then they moved into the interviewing room. Both of them sat down

” God we are so glad to have you both
” we are glad to be here” Nicky said
Danny smiled.
” ok guys we are going live in two minutes …… and we are live. Hello viewers guess who we have here it’s our city’s star Angel and our city’s sweetheart ….Nicky say something

” hey guys ,I love you all.
The interviewer smiled and turned the Mic to Danny who was using his phone.
” am sorry,don’t mind my manners,I love you all more than nicky loves you.
Nicky smiled and hit him.the interviewer smiled.
” wow love me (a.s.a.p)nicky what was your inspiration to write that song
” actually I had been crushing on Daniel here and I really wanted him to love me a.s.a.p.” she touched Danny
Danny laughed out
” sorry ,oh my God , sorry
” Danny that’s embarrassing” Nicky said
” am sorry dont mind me ,Nicky you are hot ..if we are exposing each other here then I am confessing that I crush on you too .infact are my hottest crush cutie.
Nicky smiled
” well I guess u got him to love you( a.s.a.p) then ” interviewer said
” I guess I did ” Nicky said pinching Danny to drop his phone.Danny smiled

” so Danny when are we expecting the video?.
” uhmmm its gonna be made today ,few hours from now
” so are we expecting something intimate I mean it’s a love song
“Uhhhmmmm ” Danny said
” we will make it the bezt we can ” Nicky said
” congrats love me asap hit more than 200 million views ” interviewer said
” Yea we are grateful to our fans”Nicky said taking Danny’s phone from him ..
Danny smiled.
” sorry .
” so are we expecting another hit from you both?
” uhmmm soon ” Nicky said
” soon ?
“Yes real soon ” nicky said
Interviewer smiled
” Danny I heard you are signing tomorrow at veras show.
“Yes I am honored to do the introduction for new York tour.” Danny said
” wow am already there
” k.
” ok fun time ,you will each answer random questions from your fans
Danny smiled” am game
” ok we are in ” Nicky said.
” ok Danny a fan just threw a question at you
” am scared ” Danny replied
” ok what is your spec In a woman?
” uhhmmmm which aspect
” physical
” well just hot.not too tall but not average, long hair, spot less skin , hot legs , wide hips . Silm waist ,pretty eyes , most importantly beautiful walking steps.
” awwwwn just like Nicky .
Danny smiled
Just like Ella he said in his mind
” so Nicky same questions
” my spec in a man
” yes
” just some one like Danny
“No that’s not allowed you have to list .
She turned her chair to look at Danny.
Danny smiled
” pretty blue eyes ” Nicky said
” hahahaha nicky you are describing him while looking at him
” Nicky smiled
” long pretty hair, beautiful nose , hot lips, broad shoulders, sexy figure, hot legs , pretty waking steps, gapped teeth, godly voice, long lashes, amazing skin.nice dress sense….
” omg Nicky stop you are making me shy” danny said using his hand to cover his face
Nicky laughed.

Minutes later the interview was concluded they both rushed out .the press and Crowd toppled.
They entered the car.

” wow that was stress ” Danny said
Nicky smiled
” Danny you owe me a night
Danny smiled
” don’t start
“One week
Danny chuckled
” two nights
” stop
” 1 night
Danny looked at her
” 4 hours
” Nicky that’s you going Cray Cray
” but am I not pretty
“Omg u are hot
” then why did you follow Ella that night ,what does she mean to you.
” hey Hon ,that’s your car.” Danny said , Danny opened the door.
” bye
” ok
” she moved closer to him
” don’t kiss me nicky ” Danny said picking his phone
Nicky smiled
” fine
” Danny covered her gown well and she walked out her guards covered her .he waved at her Sandra rushed into the car and sat by Danny

“And I thought i was done with women
Sandra laughed

” I can’t believe Nickys reply when the asked her what was her inspiration behind “love me A.S.A.P.

” she said she wanted Danny to love her A.S.A.P.

” yea fans loved that response

” yea we are going to shoot the video now right.
” yea in like 30

” the girl doesn’t let me breath .

Sandra smiled

” Jennifer is back .and you promised to pick her up

” Miranda is back too double problem.
” your seriously caught up.
” text Jenny and call mira
” ok sure.
They entered the car.
” so how was your night with daniella.
Danny smiled so seductively.
” sir
” sandra stop spoiling me.
Sandra smiled

” sir I can’t believe you still do one night stands when you get attracted to a beautiful girl.
” no I don’t do that.
” you learnt that bad habit because a woman hadn’t rejected you before rather they fall to your feet.
” but seriously I thought daniella would say no.
” so how was she in bed ?
” lets say she was familiar. Wait I thought you were a virgin how did you know about peoples taste in bed Sandy.
” u didn’t know what u did to me yesterday
” really
” yes am pregnant I need money to remove it
“criminal u are a born criminal
Sandra laughed .
” but I feel like i have been with her before . Do you think I have met her before I mean before my memory
” I don’t know just try to remember .
” I have tried and I know for sure that daniella Daniel has been in my bed before but I don’t know how or when . But i feel it very strongly her breath is just so familiar.
” God help us sir but do you know you cheated in your girlfriend.
” I know and I feel bad .
Sandra smiled.

miranda asked her driver to stop driving.

She gently looked out her window where she saw her picture being torn out of the bill board. Tears filled her eye as citizens watched.

Daniellas video already showcased on the front side.Miranda wiped her tears.

Won’t celine stop , can’t she see that she won already, i don’t want to fight so can’t she please stop . When will she stop. Why is she pushing me.I know why I am letting her win.

Danny i stupidly chose you over my carrier. You are the reason why i cant fight back.

She turned to her right and people where already taking pictures of her. She gently smiled and waved at them as she wrapped her hands together like she was cold.

Jennifer arrived at the round about. She saw Miranda and rushed out of her car with one guard.

She wore a short black bom short with a pink jacket which she didn’t zip up .exposing her pink stonned bra. She folded her hair back and wore a black slipper. She looked simple but seductive

She ran out of her pink car in a haste holding her key .She touched Miranda who turned to look at her.

Miranda instantly hugged her .

Jennifer looked up that was when she saw the bill board

” I don’t understand what kind of nonsense is this …it’s an insult to just remove you like that.

” its nothing .

” why is this daniella girl going after everything you have.

” its just jealousy

” I can’t believe you Let them bring down your picture without a fight ….I am calling your boyfriend since you don’t know when you need to call Danny.

Jennifer collected her phone from her assistant.

” no, I don’t want Danny involved with daniella . its all right .

” you are really becoming too calm nowadays this Ella will soon slip everything away from you.

” its cool .
” Miranda I don’t understand you,get your act straight .

♡☆♡☆CHAPTER 126 / 127 ♡☆♡☆
¤ Celine and the Hoffman’s ¤
☆☆☆☆☆ Season 3☆☆☆☆☆
????????????Life of a model ????????????
BY #6zneymoreexperience

celine walked about n.v’s shooting center. She finally agreed to meet Jennifer and Salvador told her Jennifer to meet her at n.v….the shoot was delaying and it was

Just then Salvador called her.

” did she show up
” no
” maybe you should let Miranda have nivea .two bill boards are enough.
” if its Mira then no .

She dropped the call. She rushed out and in her haste she barged into jennifer and stepped on Jennifer with her shoes . Although she didn’t notice she passed.

Jennifer wore glasses . Her leg was bleeding owing to her soft skin .

” ouch, honey call that model . She stepped on me she didn’t even say sorry.

Her manager ran after Celine and stopped her .

” yes tell me
” you stepped on someone dear
” oh my god did i .

Celine ran back and brought out her white handkerchief. She didn’t even know it was Jennifer but she felt bad when she saw the blood.

” am so sorry .I didn’t see you.
To Jennifer and her guards surprise and even to lola’s biggest surprise she bent down and cleaned the blood on Jennifer’s leg with her handkerchief till she cleaned it off.

” am sorry this must be painful what can i do.
Jennifer was over whelmed , what humility.She looked up and jennifer recognised her .

Jennifer : um daniella ?.
She removed her glasses.
Celine sighed
” and it was you , really ?. Arrrgh my mistake…CELIne dropped the hankey on her leg.
Jennifer smiled.
” if you Want we can still meet ..
” yea we have a lot to talk about.

The both walked over Jennifer’s car where they leaned.

” why do you keep troubling Mira.
” because she’s the devil .. I am just pushing her to tell the truth.
” what truth
” she’s lying to Danny …Danny lost his memory and she used that to deceive him into dating her. But she’s not the one he was with.
” yes it was you.why didn’t I figure it out.you are the same girl Miranda pushed into the pool right..Uhmm the maid ..celine right.

” yea Miranda ruined my life she pushed me into becoming a model.

” no wonder Miranda doesn’t want to involve Danny in your issues.

” she doesn’t want him to look into me or maybe find out who I am
” I can’t belive Mira can be so heartless.
” neither can i.

They both laughed

‘ your traveling today right.
” yea kinda i have a show tomorow
” for Vera right , lucky .
Celine smiled.
” lets go so you can shoot for the magazine and bill board .
Celine smiled
” thank you
” new face of n.v U kinda deserve it . Congrats u have filled up 3 of the toppest bill boards in the city. Remaining one.
” getting there .
” lets go.

Both of them ran inside .

” alright daniella you will be shooting in 5 ” director said
” ok .
Celine ran into the dressing room.

” I need to sign on the wallpaper right.
” yea Jenny use the maker.
” ok..

Salvador sat with Paula .

” Paula why exactly do you want to travel with me.
” i miss you.
” criminal.
” i just wanna travel with you don’t worry am gonna stay with Ella .
” fine you win.
Is everything ready for our departure.
” yea daniella will be done shooting in like 1.
” ok cool so get ready .
” ok cool.

danny just opened Mirandas room door. Miranda sat on her bed. He smiled and waved at her

” hy, my love” he Said waving.
Miranda stood up and hugged him.
” missed you Danny
” me too.
” Danny how was your show.
” uhhmm it was great.
” that’s nice.

Danny fell Into her bed with head on her pillow

” Mira am hungry
Miranda smiled
” really?
” yes .really ,really hungry
“Ok in will meet the cook.
” am awaiting
Mira went out and returned
” she’s coming
” ok


celine was done shooting for the day she met Jennifer outside in front of her car.

Jennifer : you need to call Danny so you guys can meet
Celine : I no longer have time Salvador just called me
Jennifer : that’s why you need to call him now .
Celine : will he pick.
Jennifer : try .
Celine : ok.

She called Danny on phone .

The phone rang miranda picked up the phone .

Miranda : danny why Is daniella calling you and when did you guys become close.

Danny : oh is she….. well

Miranda : Danny ?

Danny : maybe its about work ..can I pick.

Miranda : no no way ..not in my presence.
Danny : I will put the phone on speaker for you .
Miranda : ok fine.

She gave Danny the phone ..Danny picked up .she wrapped herself round him .

Danny : hey …good day.
Celine : Danny are you busy .
Danny : no not much why
Celine : can we meet , uhm like right now before I leave.
Danny looked at Miranda .
Danny : where .
Celine : I already texted you.

Danny looked at his phone.

Danny : can’t we make it tomorow .
Celine : are you that busy.
Danny : don’t worry wait for me.
Celine : ok.

Danny dropped the call and tried standing up

Miranda : you are not going right.
Danny :I am
Miranda : you are starving
Danny : I will be back.
Miranda : I just came back . U should be with me.
Danny : but .
Miranda : Danny don’t leave me .
Danny : fine you win .I will just text daniella .

Miranda : I will help you.

Miranda lay on his chest and picked his phone.

Jennifer’s car

Celine : do you think he would come.
Jennifer : he should I need to get going am also traveling today.
Celine : ok.

Jennifer jumped down from her car when Celine received the text.

” I can’t make it maybe next time”.

Jennifer : I think he is with Miranda…
Celine : I almost expected that .
Jennifer : I will call Daniel.

She called him.

Miranda picked the phone again.

Danny : if you want put the phone in your Fridge Mira ..I don’t Care you are too stubborn.

Miranda : jennifer is calling
Danny : can i take this one.
Miranda picked the call and gave it to him.

Miranda : greet her for me .
Danny : Jenny
Jennifer : Daniel we need to meet.
Danny : why what’s wrong
Jennifer : I just said i want to meet you and u asked me why?
” I want to see you danny come out.
Danny rose up from the bed .

Danny : am coming .Just give me like 30.
Jennifer : Come ,someone is waiting for you,someone u want to see so badly.. JennifeR touched Celines hair smiling.

Danny dropped the call and rushed out.

Miranda : what’s happening to Jennifer .
Danny : uhhmm I need to take her to the hospital.
Miranda : should i come
Danny : no need …am coming.

Danny rushed into the compound and took his car.

Jennifer tapped Celine

Jennifer : lets go to the garden already.
Celine entered her car and they drove off.

Soon the arrived .everywhere was so beautiful.

Celine looked around, the trees had lights in them .

Celine remembered all her days with Danny and smiled ..finally her dream will come true

Jennifer : Celine you just came out on n.v’s bill board .

She showed Celine the picture .Celine smiled .

Jennifer : you are a star and new york tour will lift u higher ..congrats.
Celine : you are so kind .
Jennifer : am I ,anyways am still jealous of you ..you took my love from me .Danny is one man I find it hard to stop loving. I regret cheating on Daniel ,I couldn’t handle loneliness and Danny was always busy your case is different u live with him… i never wanted to cheat i was just carried away.I don’t know what you went through for him but trust me Danny is worth it,he’s worth every pain ,if he comes back this time .hold him tight.elope if you would .just be happy.just two of you .and maybe I will have a little girl call me aunty soon.

Celine smiled

Celine : I can’t believe Danny is coming.everything is about to change .am finally fulfilled.

Jenniefer checked her time.

Jennifer : the plane is about leaving …

Just them Salvador called Celine.

Celine : yes
Salvador : Celine you need to come over here now.Vera has been calling .you need to try your outfit so amendment can start…..where are you….you are already displaying on the Bill board This means you are done shooting

Celine : am waiting for someone.

Salvador : Celine its now or never Danny was your dream but you Became a model now you have other dreams ..Vera will drop you and if she does you will lose like 6 shows because they will see you as a lazy model…don’t loose 100 things for 1 person .

Celine : Salvador
Salvador : the plane will soon take off. I called you daniella ..

He dropped the call.

Jennifer : Danny is not yet here .what will you do.Celine . Let’s go together or will you wait for Daniel.

Celine : what do I do.

Jennifer : Wait..because even Daniel will wait for you.

Jennifer waved at her and rushed out.

Celine checked her time ..her phone was filled with text messages .even Vera had texted her.

Meanwhile Danny arrived at the garden.

Season 3 completed ohhh.

Watch out for Celine and the Hoffman’s season four .
Grand finale season.

Title – what happened in new York..

Will Danny meet Celine at the garden .

Will Celine chose her contract on new York over waiting for Danny.

The culprit behind Abigails death and Celines Demise as well as Victors death. What happens

Emma is back for something.

Vera cruises whites day out.

The convenant.

Where is lia Anderson.

Who won miss world

Who got the happily ever after.

Who got married .

What happens to ciara .c. hoffman.

What will Miranda do ..

Everything happens in New York tour

Who Is the face of new York tour.

Who and who lived as one till the very end
.don’t miss it.

Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 1 to 3
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 121b to 123

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