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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 1 to 3

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4 (Chapter 4 to 7)
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 124 to 127

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 1????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story moreexperience ????
(6zney ).



Celine sat quietly waiting for Danny in the bright lights.she had been ignoring vera’s call for a while now…..
Meanwhile Danny arrived at the garden he walked in through the wrong route this made him circle the garden round in search of Daniella. He couldn’t find her.

Paula texted Celine that the plane was about leaving.she looked around but there was no sign of Daniel so she picked up her car keys and stood up..she looked around again before she walked out..

She followed the other route and just as she walked out Danny walked in.

He looked around there was no one.he sat down with his hands to the chair.

” What did i expect ?. He asked himself.

Celine had already drove off in high speed she wished she met Danny but it was out of her control , a lot of things where at Stake already.

Celine arrived at the airport she was indeed lucky.she ran into the plane after all set procedures. She sat beside Paula and salvador who read his magazine silently.she knew he was mad.

” Celine did you later meet Danny”.Paula asked.
” no , I couldn’t “, celine said.
” don’t worry you will surely meet him in New York “. Paula said .
” I hope so “, Celine completed.

She gently touched Salvador .

” Tell me Daniella ?
” am sorry …
” I know you need Danny but I thought u had matured enough to set your priorities right .

” am really sorry , I will change”, She said. this made Salvador smile.

Celine gently leaned on Paula quietly as she imagined what would have happened if she met Danny.

Hoffman’s family house????⛲

Danny walked into the building with his phone on his ear , he just walked out of his car so he ran into the building. The maids outside bowed gently to him.

He placed a call to Jennifer .

” Jennifer I thought u over grew pranks so u are still a kid “.
” I wasn’t pranking you didn’t u meet Daniella “.
” no I didn’t , no one was there , I will soon do mine.
” Danny i swear it wasn’t a prank , Daniella really wanted to meet

” why ?.

” well it’s best coming out of her mouth.
” anyways how are you , how was your trip?.
” it was fun , am currently on another one..
” safe trip .
” thanks.
” am hanging up now .
” ok , see you at the glass show.
Danny smiled
” sure thing “, he said .

He dropped the call and rushed into the house gretel watched a movie with his mom.he’s dad sat facing his glass cup of water …..

” mom this princess was the one that poisoned the king”,Gretel said.
Danny chuckled
” I told you its not her “, ciara said.
” Ahhh this woman won’t hear word , Dad who are you with “, Gretel said.
” am with my only daughter gretel , the princess is wicked “,he’s dad said.

Danny watched them gently they didn’t even notice him.

Just then he walked out and wrapped his arms around his mom she looked up and kissed him gently.

” I side with mum , that princess is very kind “, danny said.

His mum smiled and held him tight.

” that’s y I love you “.
” I love you more., Dad hy”.
” I and Gretel don’t need you “, he’s dad said as Gretel ran to her dad and hugged him.
Danny smiled.

As he kissed his mum and rushed into his room.

Guilt had started eating Mrs hoffman up ..if only she could just confess

Danny dropped his bag when when his phone rang

” Sandra .
“Sir you need to meet up with whites day out tomorrow in New York “.
” I know I didn’t forget the glass show , do you know who Vera chose for the cage.

” I have no idea , till we arrive .
” ok that’s better .
” Sir we need to leave really early.
” mom I know !!!!
Sandra chuckled.
Danny dropped the call.

????New york????
Celine and Paula and Salvador had arrived.

Salvador was just close to his car , he’s driver had come to pick him.he waved st them.

” see you at the show guys “. He said.
Celine waved “have fun”. She said .

Minutes later a car came and took her and Paula.

” so tell me about your residence “. Paula said.
” that love estate , I rented the suite there , its just too pretty., amazing pool, spacious , romantic.
” but very expensive.
Celine smiled..

Soon they arrived at the estate.Celine rushed out and Paula rushed out behind her.

” wait Paula , why are you here .
” I and my boyfriend are your new neighbours !!!”, Paula said grinning.
Celine knocked her
” it was you who bought the next suite “.
” yeahhhh I love it here”.

Paula rushed further Celine smiled at her .

Celine guard’s and her assistant moved her bag.

She walked further and slipped her hands into the fountain of water.

She looked into the white pool it was so romantic.

She walked to Paula and both of them rushed in .Paula undressed in celines living room.She dropped her cloth then she removed her shoes.

” What about your house “. Celine asked.
” until Liam comes we are room mates for life “, Paula said as she fell on the bed.

” I will freshen up I still need to meet vera’s crew “, Celine said as she rushed into the bedroom.

” have fun while I lay quietly meditating. Paula said.

” crazy bitch”, Celine shouted.

2 hourz⏰ later .
Vera cruises fashion house ????.

Celine stood comfortably still as measurements of her was being taken .She wore a black tight which was very short and a black strapless bra.
The diamond stonned white gown was being amended.
Vera wrapped the tape round her waist

” Vincent you see what I said , you need to reduce the waist by 2. Vera Said.

” ok sure I just wanted her to breath “, Vincent said.

” that’s not the fitness “, Vera added.

Vincent started amending the gown.

Celine looked around all veras designers where too busy. Designing AND sketching.

” Vera do you have another show after ” whites day out ?.Celine asked.

” no but we are getting ready for the designer of the year award. Vera said.

” but Victoria always beats u in the competition”, another designer added.

Celine noticed the change in vera’s face.

Soon they where done with the diamond stonned gown .

Vincent brought it close to Celine again for her to wear.

She wore it and he zipped up.
She resembled Cinderella ,She smiled with her hands on her waist as she looked herself in the mirror.
The glass show I can’t wait to see Danny , she said

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 2????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).



Celine looked beautiful.in her gown She was happy and she was really fulfilled only danny was missng from her life.

Vera tapped her .

” you look beautiful”.
Celine smiled as the designers removed the gown from her..

She wore her jacket and walked down with Vera .

” for the fashion competition I need you as my finale gown model

” I am honoured Vera , but it’s all untill then.

” ok dear.

Celine smiled gently.

She arrived outside and gently closed Her jacket covering her bra with her hands as she rushed into her car.Her driver returned her to the suite.

She walked into Liam and Paula making out in her couch.

She shouted.

” Paula!!!!!, you guys are corrupting my couch.

Liam smiled.

” I will be in my room , both of Better be gone before I come down. She said and rushed up.

Paula smiled and kissed Liam to continue what he was doing.

Celine changed and walked down she couldn’t find them .She ran out and there they sat facing the pool.

Paula placed her leg on liam Celine suddenly missed Danny so much.

As she walked closer to them Liam dragged her to sit beside him.

She sat down and gently leaned on his shoulders.

” I know everything will change when Danny comes to new York , have faith Celine “.he said.

Celine smiled as she looked up.

” you had really suffered a lot dear friend , u deserve a break “, Paula added.

Celine smiled and gently looked into she looked into the water..

Hoffman’s mansion

Danny lay on his bed facing upward with one hand behind his head and one hand on Mirandas lower back.
She lay on him wearing a black pant and bra.

They had already packed up their stuffs.

” Miranda why did you pack your cloths in my bag.
” it’s more romantic that way , we will search for what to wear together.
Danny smiled.
“Danny our vacation ,we missed it.
” don’t worry we will use new York tour as our vacation…are u happy now.
” yes I am”,.She rested her head on his chest.
” how is jenniefer ?.
” she is allright .
” ok.
“I rented a suite already , u need to see the picture “, Miranda said.
Danny smiled and looked into her phone.Wow it was pretty nd romantic.so colourful.
” Danny what do you think?.
” its nice , I like it .Danny added .
Miranda smiled seductively and licked his nipple into her mouth Danny chuckled.she licked him down to his Tommy then she went lower licking him steadily very close to his shorts band while arousing his desire by running her fingers on his short like she wanted to pull it down.Danny moaned gently and she smiled
” oh heavens Mira….
Miranda chuckled sweetly just then Danny’s phone rang he stood up and picked the call Miranda sighed and fell on the bed.

Danny came back inside and lay beside her on the bed and covered her.

He made a mistake .he hadn’t even called her daniella after one night.She might feel insulted.Danny thought to himself as he sent her a text.

” hy miss, sorry I hadn’t checked up on you , are you safe.did you travel.”.

He dropped the phone nd lay beside Miranda on the bed.

Celine saw the text nd dropped her wine..
” it’s Danny “.
” he’s just texting you as a girl he slept with not as Celine.paula said
” at least am glad, Celine said as she texted him back.

” am great , how was your day and what are you doing now “.

Celine smiled a she dropped her phone.

Danny picked his phone which beeped.

” am sleeping and texting you , getting ready for my travel tomorow..

He smiled and dropped his phone.

Celine picked her phone again.Paula watched her smiling to herself carelessly

” that nice , cover urself well the weather seems cold..

Danny took his phone and smiled.he covered his body well.

” DiD you really want to meet me today.?.

Celine picked her phone up and smiled as she replied him.

” yes I wanted to ,but lets meet in new York “.

Danny chuckled softly .

” ok I Wil surely meet up with you “.good night.

Celine receive the text zhe replied him.

“Sleep well ,till then ..

She dropped her phone and picked her wine.

“Time flies fast , its already night. Paula said.

Liam stood up and dragged Paula up with him.

” goodnight Ella !!!.
” good night pumpkins .

The couple walked into their own suite .Celine sat quietly looking at all Danny’s messages .She kept smiling…

Minutes later she felt sleepy so she retired to her sleep.

Henry’s house ????

Henry and emma were in bed Emma carefully wrapped her legs around his waist locking her feet together . Her long red nails were visibly pretty. They made love…She moaned out as Henry came in and out of her in a beautiful rythym.both of them were sweating profusely..

He pounded inside her as he increased his pace.

Emma moaned out his name . She had really changed.She dyed her hair to Brown. She looked more beautiful. After a while Henry fell on the bed.and wrapped the bedsheet around her.

” I love you “, he said.
” I love you too and more.
Emma hugged him.just then her phone rang. She picked her call.

” Tell me “.
” prosecutor Emma the model has been found .
” dead or alive.
” fucking dead , in his pool..

Emma was shocked she rushed out if the bed .

” are the agents there..
” only c.I.a. “.
” am coming out .

Emma dropped the call and slipped in her pant.

She hooked her bra.
Henry just replied a text.

” tonia Wilfred was found in his pool .Henry said.
” that man had always been my suspect.

Emma wore her gown and Henry zipped it.

” has the forensics arrived ?.
” no not yet .Emma said.
” let’s go , I want to see there report myself .

Emma picked her file and they both rushed out .

” last 4 years , the water case I think both are connectTed. Emma said
” I was investigting Lia Anderson before the district head told me to drop the case. The unexplainable disappearance of such am exquisite beautiful girl ….
“One way or the other I know. He is involved .
” I wonder how he Will explain this one , a model drowning in his pool.
” it’s right time we persecuted that killer for murder.

Both of them rushed into their car and headed for the crime scene.

Soon the arrive .c.I.a special agents already sorronded the area.
Emma showed her I.d card and she was allowed to walk.in.

Forensics already carried out simple tests on the girl.Emma bent down and looked closely at her.She looked like someone who fell from heaven.
What was beauty. Her guess was right…he really had an obsession for beautiful girls .She was sure he was the killer..

She turned to the forensic expert.

” can a fingerprint be collected ?.
” no she as in the water for a long time so no finger print.he said.

SHe stood up and organized her handcuff.

ShE walked up to the owner of the house.

” you’re under arrest for murder of teenage model through drowning.”.

They man laughed out.

Emma locked his hands

” you can make your explanations in the station…

She ordered the officers to take him away.

Henry tapped her.

” Emma Jay is really dangerous.
” I know
” and you arrested him.
” it’s just for fun.he has power he will come out in 24 hours ..at least I have time to round sack his mansion.

Henry smiled at her.

The officers took Kelvin away.Emma looked at the innocent 19 year old model.what a pity.

She rushed over to her car.She felt really bad.

” don’t worry Emma you will lock him up.
Emma hugged Henry.

Minutes later they drove off

Next day.

Danny and Miranda had arrived new York.✈They headed for their romantic suite ????


???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 3????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Danny and Mira arrived new York
The driver took Danny and miranda straight their suite.
it was just as pretty as the picture.Both of them rushed out of the car.Their guard and assistants carried their loads .Danny walked in holding Mirandas hands.and flinging it up and down Miranda laughed happily though Danny’s main happiness was meeting Daniella soon they got in into the house it was so pretty.they walked into the room and fell on the bed simultaneously.Their assistants organised every other thing.
Danny unbanded his hair and rested on the pillow .Mira removed her jacket and rested on the pillow they both looked up.
“Danny what are expecting from this trip?”Mira asked Danny smiled
“Fufillment ” Danny replied “what about you ?” Danny asked her
” ever since I met you everything I wish for is you so my biggest goal for this trip is to be with you till it ends and next years own.
Danny smiled
“Pretty ” he said
Miranda chuckled and pulled him up
” what ?”Danny asked her with a very childish face she smiled and rested him on herself Danny chuckled
” my weight will disturb you ” Danny said
” I don’t care as long its your weight ” Mira said Danny smiled seductively and closed his eye
” I have to sing tonight .. am really tired
” me too but what can we do ,life of models.
Danny smiled
“Come here
Miranda bent closer and he pulled her into a kiss she smiled and raised her face up.

If wishes were horses.I want you to fall in love with me in such a way that even if you get your memory back I will still be your hearts throb .Miranda said to herself looking upward.

Hours later .
Kelvin jaymans mansion ????⛲????
Emma and her boyfriend walked into The mansion that night with one of their crew members charles.they knew Kelvin will surely leave the station because he was very powerful.so they had few minutes to get evidence from his house Emma slipped in her hand glove and so Did her partners . The walked in.
the mansion was so big and quiet. No one was in there not even the maids.

” that criminal knew we will come here so if there Is anything we need he must have cleared it “, Emma said.
“Emma I don’t think this is kelvins main house he must have another house” Henry said
“I think so too,all I wanna know is why are too many models missing and turning up dead.?”Emma said
“And Kelvin is related with all the cases”Henry said
” not just models Emma most beautiful models like lia Anderson,Katrina whimpery,just the same taste of models same height ,hair,figure I swear if care is not taken the next missing or dead model will be this new girl….uhmmm whats her name
” daniella Daniel” Emma said wearing her handgloves well and walking out..
” yes d.d ” Charles shouted.

Henry walks further they all separated and searched.Henry bent down and touched the ground He called Emma she came to him.

“Kelvin based here but I think he recently moved” Henry said
“I think so too ” Emma said
“Does Kelvin have a live in wife ?”Henry said
” no he was never married ” Emma said
” a woman was here ..not a visitor a live in woman ” he picked the strand of hair on the floor it was golden and pretty.
” it’s a young girl not an older woman” Emma said ..”Kelvin kidnapped a young girl and she is living with him.
“Hmmmm sex toy …that’s what she is gonna be ” Charles said
” I will surely lock up that monster ,i swear ” Emma said.
She walked out she headed for Kelvin bedroom She saw a hair brush and picked it up She saw the same colour of hair Emma slipped the brush a white bag then into her purse .

She looked through the pictures which hanged around the room . All the couple pictures non was his face . Different faces and the husband was very ugly but the wife pretty. Why would Kelvin Jay keep other peoples pictures here .Kelvin Jay was such a handsome man so handsome like he fell from heaven.handsomeNess she never met before but he was very deadly. Emma took one of the couple pictures into her bag.

Emma rushed into the yard she walked to the back yard …… the place was already marked for investigation.

The pool was well protected someone couldn’t just fall in unless you were pushed in.
She remembered the finger imprints on the models neck.it was obvious she was strangled to death and then dropped into the pool.why did Kelvin kill that girl and how do I prove it .Emma scratched her hair.

The glass show

Celine was already dressed up . The show was heating up .She wore a white gown and a very big heavy cap.just like olden days in New York. She wore two white handgloves.her make up was lit.
She sat back stage using her phone . She watched the crowld from the curtains.

Everywhere was filled up.designers everywhere the red carpet was on. Models walked in everyone was on white.the show was lit the crowd toppled every minute. Vera wore a very amazing white gown.

Soon Salvadors white car pulled over he walked out with crissella.both of them looked awesome. They waved at the crowld.their pictures made the headlines.

Just then Paula arrived with Liam.She wore a white long gown liam wore a white suite.

Jennifer arrived she waved gently as she walked in with jewel Makiato.she looked great the white gown flattered her skin colour. She walked into the floor the show was lit.

The carpet was red.The chairs were white.The run way stage went round so everybody could watch from any angle.

The photographers packed up in one area. The stage was covered with a white transparent curtain.

Models walked out with different white gowns and the pictures where being taking.The runway was lit and organised .it was all about old American ball gown styles which where made more perfect..

Designers talked between themselves .soon the introductory runway ended.

Vera took the Mic.

” this show was held to respect the olden days fashion redesigned into beautiful gowns.Let’s show you a tip of what Vera is talking about .

She dropped the mic. Just then the stage light changed and sparkled colorfully.

Danny walked into the show he recognized his signal he walked in from nowhere.he’s guards surrounded him.Sandra walked behind him. He smiled sweetly as he waved a hand soon he arrived at the stage side where the piano table was.he sat down facing the table.and pressed a slow sweet tune. Miranda who was back stage with Danny walked in and sat down in the crowd…everyone wanted to hear Danny sing from up close.anticipation was flooding Danny smiled gently as he pressed another key..he’s Pretty set of teeths were visible cos he Wont stop smiling.the stage light made him so beautiful.he smiled laughingly and spoke into the Mic
“Hello ladies and gentlemen, love is indeed a beaituful thing so tonight I will be singing the very first song I wrote ,
“I love you.” Danny said everybody clapped shouting

Jewel and other runway models dressed up they looked pretty.

Vera hugged miranda.
” Mira welcome .
” thank you .but i thought you said you won’t do the glass show.
” the truth is I chose someone else , i didnt want to hurt you so i lied.
” it’s All right , whos the model that replaced me even after u promised me this show.
” don’t worry we will see her “, Vera Said and walked out .

Danny played the piano perfectly.Celine heard his sound she knew it was him.she looked for ways to see him but she couldn’t. And when he started singing her heart melted.She dropped her phone and just listened to his sound.

Back on the runway stage the models catwalks in rythym with Danny’s sound.
They walked perfectly.top models where in front jewel and Diana as well as veras only child .Amy cruise.she was a model and also a fashion designer.The gown She modeled was her hand made design.

At the turn of each model came another model.they show was perfect they walked about just like angels as Danny sang angelically.
Love is a beautiful thing but I don’t have it.it is missing from my life.am just a vessel ,an empty vessel field with lust and desire.that feeling of true love I am looking for it.I feel so empty inside ,why did I lose my memory it pains me heart that maybe I lost a beautiful thing,maybe I had this love but forgot it.I don’t think anyone else can replace that love I had before …that love I still feel deep down in my soul…how long will i continue like this I keep smiling but the pain I feel inside ,the emptiness,nothingness,lack .it’s killing me ..like i lost the air that I breath.”Danny’s thoughts as he sang with his eye closed.tears welled up in his eye.the pain only his tune and voice could define.

Soon the models cleared out.
Vera walked out again with the mic everybody was clapping.

” breath taking right”.

Danny still played a romantic tune but he didn’t sing again.

” my inspiration behind this glass show was “duchess Luciana “. Best fashion queen back in the days . Walls of poverty and strife didn’t stop her from designing.cages and chains didn’t pull her down..

She is the muse behind this finale gown , she is the inspiration behind the “beauty in the glass cage “.

Vera spread her hands wide and the stage curtain opened . Celine stood inside the glass case that housed her . It was square shaped and designed with Diamond stones.

People took pictures of celine as she stood with both hands on the glass wall like she was trapped. She posed attractively. Her gown fell free.her big hat covered her face.

Everybody wondered who the model was.Danny wondered who she was as he played the tune.

Salvador was wowed Celine acted very perfectly.She didn’t smile.her face was plain as she turned around in the glass case looking for a way out.

People clapped.Victoria enjoyed her show very well.

Just then Celine saw Danny , Danny whom she wanted to see so badly .She wondered if he couldn’t see her She wondered if he couldn’t recognize her She needs to tell Danny everything today.

She placed her eye on him all the while just when Danny finally looked her way the models walked out and surrounded her .they confused his sight .
Celine looked up and dried her tears she couldn’t cry here . The models walked round her posing perfectly.Vera kept smiling at her.

Soon the models who walked about her left. The white curtain was closed.

People screamed everybody shouted.It was awesome.

Celine got back stage she tried runing away when the custumier caught her.

” i really need to meet someone right now. Celine said.
” you can’t go out with veras duchess gown u need to change
” you don’t understand he might leave.

Danny Stopped playing as the stage curtain closed.

Vera took the Mic.

“How was it , all about those days. Well sit tight lets give you a free ride on veras 5 star dinner gowns collection with the inspiration from duchess Luciana.

Vera walked out.Danny played the tuned automatically in the background he leaned back on the chair .he was really tired and he didn’t see Daniella who he wanted to see so badly.Miranda saw one of Veras workers by she tapped him.

“Tell me who was the glass model
” oh it was Daniella . He replied.

Miranda got angry.She got scared too.Mrs hoffman told her that celine found out about doctors report. If celine was here She had to hide Danny from her .

She texted Danny.

“Honey I feel headache.let’s leave the show is almost over.

Danny received the text he looked at her .he looked around one more time for Daniella then he stood up. He walked down he’s guards came to him.

Vera met him

” am honoured Daniel.
Danny smiled at her .
” it was legendary.

He walked past her and then down to Miranda.

Celine begged the custumier to let her go out she might not see Danny again. Finally he let her free.he told her to go through the back door.Celine carried her gown in her hands and rushed after Danny.

She didn’t care if he was with miranda, nothing was gonna stop them now.

Meanwhile the show went on as the models paraded.Danny walked out with miranda the got into the yard.

Picture were being taken. Danny and Miranda already arrived at their car.
That was when Celine got outside.

She ran faster and shouted
” Danny stop !!!!!!.

Celine And Hoffman. Season 4 (Chapter 4 to 7)
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 124 to 127

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