June 8, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 94

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He and her V

Episode 94


I sat in my room thinking of what Camilla said. Could she be barren? Barren? Why?

Logically , she can’t. I deflowered her which implies she hasn’t had any abortion in the past. So why would her womb be affected.

It’s over two months that we had being making love now , yet she hasn’t got pregnant. Even though I had to encourage her , the fact is that I’m really scared.

I do not want her to be barren. Gosh! Not even when Grace is present. I want her to have her own baby.

I heard a soft knock on my door and I stood and went to the door to twist it open.

It was Camilla , her eyes were puffy and swollen. It was all red like someone that had cried all day.

She was looking at me with a shaky mouth while I watched with so much fear wondering what has happened.

“Camilla…what went wrong?”

“Everything ” She bite her lips as tears steamed down her face. “Everything Tucker ”

Tears were forming rapidly on my face without even having an idea of what went wrong with her.

“The doctor says I’ve got no womb” the word came like a bomb to me.

I couldn’t believe my ears and I had to pinch myself to be certain that I heard the right word.

“You mean?”

“I’ve got no womb” She cried. “I’ll never get to have a baby ”

Tears poured from my face and my head began to ache seriously.

Camilla! No womb?

The thought alone is driving me crazy. I loved her so much and hope that someday , we both have our own baby.

I pretended like a man that I was and caused the tears from pouring from my face.

I went to hug her helped her to my bed. She looked lean than before and her hair wasn’t as well kept.

She must have thought so much in sadness.

“Camilla , I love you. It doesn’t matter if you have a womb or not. I just love you” I said and she brought her face to mine.

I heard steps enter and I took my face to see who it was. It was Grace. ” your daughter is sick , come and check ”

I turned to Camilla and stood ” Be right back” I told Camilla and went to check on Joy but got to find out that she was fine

Grace hugged me from behind and began to caress me again , their is something irresistible around her and I just yield. Maybe because we have being in love before , I can’t say.

We began to caress and I noticed the door open. I was surprised to see Camilla standing at the door with a teary and painful face

Grace and I had pulled off her tops then. I feel so guilty at once and pushed Grace away and ran after Camilla.

I do not really want to hurt her but with Grace around, it seems difficult.

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