July 30, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 16

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Written BY KAS Admins????
????[#THE DATE]❤
????JOY’S POV????
Williamson asked me on a date oh my God my first date ever and I got nothing to wear.

I laid on my bed heaving heavy breaths like ran a marathon from ransacking my entire room but a frown plastered perfectly on my face.
I heard my mom humming a tune probably from a song passing by my room until I heard a horrific gasp.

“Joy have you gone bonkers what’s all this..? ” my mom gasped in shock at the outcome of my room, clothes scattered everywhere.

“I have nothing to wear.. ” I pouted frustrated pushing myself back up to seat down, my mom sat down next to me pressing her forepalm against my head.

“You’re not hot, maybe it’s typhoid, Feathers get Doctor Lina on the phone your sister is.. ”

“Feathers don’t listen to her.. ” I yelled cutting off my mom but Feathers didn’t show up, I got up from my bed picking an outfit from the floor.

“Oh it’s not pretty enough.. ” I said tossing it as my mom watched me trying out every useless rack in my room.

“Where are you dressing fancy to?? ”

I am finished for sure, if I tell her I’m going on a date she’ll not only loose it she’ll ground me till I’m probably 50, and I won’t be able to date anyone not even my William I’ll be old locked up in this house forever watched by Feathers and mom, maybe it’s not that bad maybe Williamson will come to my rescue like the princess I drew on my notebook, there are no trolls but maybe he’ll fight the garden gnomes outside breaking everyone last of them until he sees his Princess which is me and he’ll kiss me.

I giggled to myself but there’s one problem

We don’t have garden gnomes

And Feathers will just slap Williamson before he gets to my room or even enter the house.

“Joy??… ” I jerked back to reality looking back at my mom.

“Huh?? ” I looked back at my mom, I’m here crying when I have her clothes to my rescue.

“What are you thinking about with that your thick skull, where are you going that you transformed your room into a garbage dump..” my mom questioned again looking into my eyes

Should I tell her??

“Yeah, where are you off to Little Sis.. ” Feathers said, I turned to see him leaning against the frames of the my door waiting for answers like my mom.

I gulped down I’m finished.

“I’m ummh….Anna’s burial.. ” I blurted almost immediately as Feathers eyes widened in shock.

“Excuse me?? ” Feathers question in dismay.

“I mean her pets burial it’s such a sad thing that her crossed paths with death himself.. ” I faked my sympathy for a dead animal that doesn’t exist.

“Oh Anna must feel pained by now, I remember when I got a pet dog, mr Ben loosing him made me feel sad what’s the pet..?? ” my mom asked

“it’s a pet gold fish it got flushed to death.. ” I said with a sad expression and from the looks of it my mom is buying this.

“Dead Fish Huh?? Why do you need to dress fancy to a dead fish funeral?? Unless there’s no pet fish?? ” feathers asked oh I’m gone for if he figures out my lies.

“Have respect feathers can’t I pay respects to a fish again?? ” I questioned which had him confused.

“Whatever Crazy I’m going out.. ” Feathers said exiting my room and I stuck my tongue out at him when he wasn’t looking.

“You know he’s trying to protect you Joy?? Feathers loves you.. ” my mom said getting up caressing my chin.

“I know mum and I love you both but he’s being overprotective, who wants that??…”

“all I want you is to at least trust him, OK sweetie.. ” my mom pleaded.

“OK mom but I’m wearing your pink dress..bye.. ” I giggled and skipped out of the room.

I wore a pink dress my mom used to wear but it doesn’t fit her because it’s short and it’s just my size.

I did my hair in a ponytail and check for any particles in my teeth, brushed my teeth and took in two mints just incase.

I took only my phone and screamed at my mom that I’m off to a dead fish funeral.

Squealing in excitement I pulled out my phone and texted Williamson to meet me at a spot to pick me up as I patiently waiting.

It was a little late and some strands of hair danced on my face in motion with the cold wind, I should have brought a jacket or something.

Soon a familiar car stopped In front of me it was Williamson, he came down from the car he looks sexy with his black leather jacket tank top and Jeans.

Keep your self together don’t drool

“Hey.. You look beautiful.. ” Williamson complemented which made me blush crazy and he noticed because he flashed me a smile.

“you look beautiful as well.. I mean you’re not beautiful what I mean is since you’re not a girl, you know what I should stop talking.. ” I said nervously as Williamson chuckled softly making him look more attractive.

God !!! Kill me.

“Shall we?? ” He opened the door to the passenger seat and slammed it shut and hurried to the drivers seat and got in, the atmosphere between us was awkward I just pushed my head against the window but I felt him stealing glances of me.

We got to the movie theatre and everyone was looking at me like I was some monster as Williamson went to get our tickets, some girls even pointed at me but I just ignored it all.

‘what is that doing here??’

‘OMG she’s ugly as Fuck she should be a horror movie instead’

‘what’s she even doing here’

They bickered to themselves like I was inanimate to them.

“I’m back all the other tickets sold out only the Grudge but that’s a horror movie so let’s just leave.. ” Williamson said glaring back at the girls that earlier were making fun of me.

“No I want to stay let’s see that movie instead.. ” I insisted as the girls gasped and bickered if Williosmson was my boyfriend.

A nefarious grin crawled up my lips.

I locked my arms with William like I Was his girlfriend.

“Come on babe let’s get our tickets.. ” I whispered loud enough for those brats to hear.

And to my satisfaction their shock was hilarious.

“Wait, are you making those girls Jealous?? ” William whispered as we left to get our tickets and I frowned.

“Payback for talking behind my back.. ” I growled but seeing their shock ease my nerves.

He paid for the tickets, our snacks and our drinks

“Come on let’s go get our seats.. ” He insisted as we both stride to the projector room where the movie was played on a large screen.

I awe in amazement I only see one of those projector things In movies, now I get to see one in real life and actually watch a Movie.

We got our seats at the Middle, an employee advised us to switch our phones and other devices, I muted my phone and slumped back as the Movie commenced.

“This is your first time in a Theater right?? ” Williamson asked with a wide grin plastered on his face.

I nod as he chuckled.

“How did you know?? ” I questioned

“Just a Lucky guess.. ” he said as the movie started.

I’m so excited this is my first Movie.

The screen was already playing then I saw Feathers big head.

Wait?? Feathers is here??

He was trying to get a seat I’m front of me, I’m screwed I’m surely screwed I’m supposed to be attending a dead fish funeral I shrivelled deep in my seat trying to hover the popcorn over my face so he won’t see me as he was taking a seat.

I must get out of here or else Feathers will kill me if he found out I’m on a date with William.

I laid back thinking of an escape plan.

The Movie was already playing and I wasn’t paying attention, but it’s my date with William Argg my life is more important.

“I have to go.. ” I blurted out hovering the popcorn over my face and trying to exit the projector room.

I was out of the projector room with the popcorn in my grasps everyone was already in different projector rooms watching a movie.

“Joy?? ” I spotted William Arrgh I forgot I ditched him.

“Why did you leave? Did I do something wrong?? ” he asked with a worried expression.

“No…. ”

“Well Well Well, I can’t believe I had to see this to actually believe this, William how dare you go out with this beast.. ” Selena showed up out of nowhere with a soda.

“She’s not a beast what’s wrong with you Selena are you nuts or something don’t you dare insult Joy.. ” William spat at her furiously.

William is defending me

“oh please William, don’t pretend that you don’t use to call her names she’s ugly and will always be ugly that’s a fact.. ” I just wish I can take off this mask and show her the beauty behind this mask, but I promised mom.

“No you’re the one ugly, you have a ugly heart just because you’re pretty on the outside doesn’t mean you are all pretty on the inside you are one nasty virus Selena.. ” I couldn’t help but smile and feel better at the way William defended me again.

“Arrgh… You are so, I don’t know what kind of witchcraft you had on William but I’ll make sure you pay b*t**h… ” She said about to splash her smoothie on me but William push me as he got splashed.

“Arrgh.. ” Selena yelled and ran after totally splashing Soda on William.

“William.. ”

“I’m OK Joy, don’t worry I’ll make sure she apologizes to you and again I’m sorry for taking you here..” he said swiping soda from his face.

“forget about an apology we need to get you a paper towel or something.. ” I said

“It’s just Soda besides I had reasons for bringing you here Joy… ” he said as I looked back at him, my heart was racing.

“Joy, w…. ”

I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying because Feathers came out from the theater to pick a call he can’t see me.

I’m true I’m a goner, I looked back at William who was waiting for a reply but I didn’t pay attention, Feathers was coming this way.

I tugged on Williams collar.

“I’m sorry.. ” I said pressing my lips against his.
My phone vibrated in my pockets in the theater I forgot to mute it, I looked down at my phone it was mom, it must be important.
I decided to call her but there wasn’t any signal, I decided to look for some by walking to a different direction then I saw that player, that b*stard that hurt my sister kissing another girl, I abandoned calling my mom and decided to take a pic to send it to Joy but it wasn’t clear enough, I need to get a clear pic and maybe tell him a thing or two to f*ck away my sister.

“Hey Feathers.. ” I heard someone call my name it was Anna.

“Hey Anna how’s your dead fish funeral?? ” I asked sarcastic eventually.

She laughed

“What dead fish?? ” she asked confused.

“The one that got flushed… ” I replied

“I don’t have a dead fish or a pet.. ” she said as my eyes widened in shock.

Then where did Joy go to.


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