July 25, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 17

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???? ???? HIDDEN BEAUTY ???? ????

Written by KAS admins

Episode 17

???? ✏️ Anna’s POV ????✏️

” What? You have no pet fish? ” Feathers asked me and i nodded with a confused expression

” What’s wrong? I hope everything is okay ” I had to ask because he suddenly looked worried about something

Could it be that joy lied about coming to my place?

” Joy told me she was coming to your house pet fish’s burial ” feathers said

What the hell is that girl thinking? Oh my , and she knows feathers is so hot tempered

I have to make up something , something that looks like the sort of her lie

” Oh well , it’s not mine. Maybe she misheard me

Uhmmm I mean , it’s a neighbour’s fish I was talking about. Probably she took it too serious

And she came around though but she left few minutes later

Perhaps she is at home now ” I lied , feathers doesn’t look convinced

He nodded and left. Phew!!!! I heaved a sigh of relief

” And where the fuck did she went to? ” I thought and turned back only to see joy disengaging from a kiss

I ran to where she was and discovered that the guy she was hugging was actually Williamson

” Hey Joy, what do you think you are doing? Lying about….. ” she didn’t let me finish my statement before she dragged me far away from Williamson

” I saw you with feathers earlier, what did you tell him huh? ” She asked with keen interest

I bashed my lashes at her ” I could have told him you didn’t come to my house you know? ”

I told her , ” I know , just tell me ” I saw Williamson looking at us, his cloth had a stain on it

Well it’s none of my concern though, I looked back at joy

” I just told him you misheard me that it was

a neighbour’s pet fish that got spoilt and you went back home immediately ” I explained and she heaved a sigh of relief

” Now tell me , what are doing here with Williamson? ”

” Well he asked me out on a date ” she told me sharply , I laughed so hard that my stomach started to ache

” When did you both got so close that he even asked you out on a date? But I thought you hated him and now…

Do you realize how much he hurt you yet you still carelessly went out on a date with him?

What if he actually came here to disgrace you? I hope you are not falling for him ? ”

I asked her with a dead serious face , she just scratched her hairs , gosh her mind is somewhere else

I tapped her aggressively and she jolted back like someone who had a shock

” I’m in love with him…..I mean no sorry….yes, uhhhh gosh I don’t know. I have to get home

now before feathers gets ahead of me , and thanks love you just saved my ass from feathers aggression ” she hugged me and waved me goodbye

I watched as she went to meet Williamson and they talked for some minutes

I just went my own way

???? ✏️ JOY’S POV ???? ✏️

Anna just saved me today else feathers could have discovered that I was with Williamson

then boom , mom hears next minute I’m grounded for life , that won’t happen anyway

I went to meet Williamson where he was still standing

” uhhhm , William I have to go now for some reasons i can’t….”

” Feathers right? ” He asked and I nodded

” It’s fine you can go… I don’t want to get into a fight with my brother in law ” he said and I coughed

I looked at him and he glanced at another side

Brother what? What does he even mean by that? Does he love me ?

My cheeks heated up , so embarrassing

” Stop blushing ” he said laughing, like seriously? I’m blushing?

” I have to go now ” i told him and made to leave then he dragged me back and hugged me

He is just surprising me with hugs this days ,
” how I wish it was a kiss ” I dreamily thought

Stop daydreaming, I knocked my head

” You are so childish you know? ” William said still hugging me

” Oh am I ? ”

” Yes , I wanted to ask you something before you surprisingly kissed me ” he said and I looked at my wrist watch

It’s getting late now , feathers will soon be at home

” Save it for tomorrow , I have to get home now ” I said and the next word I heard from him had me glued in a spot

” I love you ” he shouted , I stood and turned to look at him, his eyes showed it all

It showed how sincere he was, I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now

How happy i am just hearing him say that but shyness took over me, I couldn’t even look at him. I just ran out with my heart beating fast

I stood at the roadside and saw feathers coming out

Oh no , I’m totally screwed right now. He will see me, I had to magnet tightly to a wall in the corner

I watched as he board a taxi and off he went, I smiled and sigh happily

” Wait , he’s gonna get home before me ” gosh , I went back to the roadside but there was no taxi

All the ones I saw were fully loaded , feathers gonna smack me big time, I had no choice than to start running

I eventually found a taxi but it spoilt halfway

” This is just shit ” I cursed under my breath and started running again, I didn’t even bother to give the driver his money

I took shortcut to our house and Landed right in front of our gate

I heard footsteps and I looked at my right hand side and saw feathers , I was breathing so heavily because I ran too much

” Wait , why are you just coming home now I thought…. ” I stopped him midway and ran inside and I saw my mom sitting on the chair

Feathers entered behind me , ” why are you breathing so fast and heavily ? Where are you coming from ? ”

Feathers asked with a totally angry expression , here comes the temperamental angry older brother

” Mom , you need to see how fast I ran today. I was even faster than Usain Bolt , you need to see me ” I said just for my mom and feathers to pick interest in what I was saying

Mom was already interested but feathers isn’t buying any of it

” Anna told me you left few minutes you came to their house and it wasn’t actually her pet fish that got flushed but her neighbour’s ” feathers said with an angry tone

He is so angry , I went to hide behind the chair mom was sitting on and I started pouting like a baby

” Mom , he is scaring me. Don’t I also have freedom of strolling? ” I asked and they started laughing

” What… what’s funny huh? ” I asked slowly raising my head up

” I’ve never heard about freedom of strolling before ” mom said

” Me too ” feathers added

” Well , those are my rights.
Freedom of eating
Drinking and whatever , I was just strolling around mom. No offense right? ” I asked opening and closing my eyes severally

” Of course no ” I smiled and wanted to leave for my room and feathers stopped me again

” What is it again? ” I asked him stamping my foots

” I think I saw this cloth today ” feathers said
and my heart skipped a beat

Could it be that he saw me? He couldn’t have noticed

” It’s not me , how could you assume that it was me? Many people might have this cloth ” I quickly said and he nodded

” But you both have the same shape….even the hair ” he looked at me from my head to toe

” It was yo… ”

” It wasn’t me ” I stopped him, I blocked my ear with my hands and I went inside my room

” Stop being too protective of her , let her also have her own freedom and stop watching her every moves, it sucks you know ” mom told him

” Yea mom , it sucks ” I shouted from my room and I heard my mom chuckling

I came out of my room to have my dinner and I went back inside

I remembered Williamson’s last statement and I smiled shyly. Do I love him too?

I’m just eager to know what he wants to ask me

???? ✏️ Williamson’s POV ???? ✏️

I can’t wait to see her this morning , I’m just so excited but what if she rejects me? I won’t be able to take that

I’m sure she loves me too , I just can’t wait. I walked around the school with a smile plastered on my face

I saw prosper and quickly went to meet him , he just walked past me , I called him back and he stopped. I quickly went to stand in front of him

” Yo man , what’s wrong with you these days? You’ve been acting strange, anything bothering you? ” I asked him but he just looked at me with an angry face

” Williamson, I didn’t know you are so bad. You aren’t a good friend at all. So you could go behind my back to apologise to joy just

because you saw her real face , I know your plans

You gonna use and dump her but trust me we are in this together , I won’t let you have her

you might be planning to ask her out but I won’t allow that because I love her too ” prosper said with resentment

My friend just suddenly turned his back at me making me look like the bad one but I love joy so much

” I’m not playing with her at all prosper

I love her and I mean it this time ” I said to him , he only shook his head and left me on the spot

I turned and saw feathers looking at us , he saw me and went his way. was he eavesdropping all these while?

What am I supposed to do now? I’m totally confused on what to do


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