July 27, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 18

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????Written by KAS Admins ????


Episode 18

????✏Joy’s POV????✏

when I got to class, I saw Williamson he was just staring as if he was expecting me, I smiled and he surprised me by coming to me and took my bag from me.

But prosper blocked his hand and took the bag instead, he clug his hand to my arm and lead me to my sit.

Everybody was staring at them, williamson went to his sit without saying anything but kept staring at me.

” if you need anything , you can depend on me ” prosper said with a smile and went back to his sit.

I was specchless , don’t come and spoil my chance with williamson , I said in my head.

????after class ????

Everybody went out immediately, I put my books in my bag and I noticed a male figure in front of my desk , I raised my head and it was williamson.

“Hi Liam ” I said and surprised I just called him that.

” ???? it’s ok ” he said smiling as if he read through my mind.

” so….hmm..xup” I said uncomfortable as my mind flashed through his words yesterday.

” do you care for an excort ” he said smiling.

“Yeah…sure ” I rushed as if he would change his mind the next moment.

“Ok ” he said and took me by the hand.

“Joy do you by chance like me “he asked.

I ignored him.

“Hmm Liam…well ..yesterday..night..you.., remeber you..” I didnt finish before he cuts me short.

” you wanna hear it ” he asked similing as look into my eyes.
I blushed and shrugged my shoulders,he noticed.

“I said I love you ” he said.

God!! somebody should hold me, don’t drool joy please please.

I said in my head trying to comfort my self.

“I love you too” we heard from our back.

????Williamson’s POV????

me and joy turned as we heard the voice.

It was proper , God I can’t belive he’s here.

“well joy I love you too” prosper said.

“Well well well ” we heard again and turn.

God it was feathers , standing by the door as he clapped his hands and step forward.

” now I know who I saw at the movie theater ” he said looking at how joy clug to me.

” feathers it’s not what..” I didnt complete my statement before feathers borrowed me a blow.

Joy cried and rushed to hold feathers.

“Well I deserved it, but please belive me when I say this , I really do lov….” I didnt complete my statement before he helped me with another blow.

“I don’t wanna hear your ugly words “feathers said angrily.

Joy was already angry.

“He already apologized ” joy cried.

” shut the fuck up joy, and go home now ” feathers said angrily.

“Wait joy, please feathers hear me out ” williamson said , as blood gushed out of his nose.

” feathers please “joy cried again.

“Joy home now” feathers commanded.

“No feathers.. enough” joy said surprising everybody.

“I have my life to live, I can take decisions for my self am 19, am no longer a child , I stay loyal to you and mom, I obey you feathers and you know that, now just let me take this decision , it’s what I want, but now you took the wrong part feathers, and it’s by hurting Liam”

She took the mask off and throw it across the window .

“You see it.. that’s my decisions ” she said pointing to the window .

Feathers and prosper were silent including me, she took my hand and put it across her shoulders .

She took me out , she found away through the gate and put me in my car , she turned to the driver’s sit , entered into the car and took off .

???? Feathers POV ????

Wow…now I see she got the wings.

I turned and saw prosper just standing specchless.

” what are you standing there ” I said as he jacked as if he was in a dream.

What am I going to tell mom ?.

When I got home ,I saw my mom going through the drawers worriedly.

“Mom what are you looking for ?” I asked, she jacked up and looked at me.

” the…the….they found out our whereabout “she said crying .

She went to the room room and comes back with a file , it’s the fake DNA peppers.

“No mom stop it ” I said

I said taking the file from her.

“She left” I said and she looked at me shocked.

“She..she…who….” She asked asked in mist of fear.

“Joy took the mask off and left” I said to mom.

“No..no….my God” she cried .

” she must find out someday , it’s her Destiney so just let her be please ” I plead with mom.

As she fall to the floor crying , holding her head.

Before I could get to her , she fainted.

????Prosper’s POV????

She love’s williamson , and I lose.

I can’t believe it , after all the awful things williamson did to her .

Why am I the only one that loses ?
Am I born to be a loser ?

It can’t be, I love joy also and I know I will have her back.

I went to williamson’s house but I was surprised the gate was looked, since he didnt live with his dad.

Where could they be ?

I went home and pound over the issue till i retried to bed.


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