June 14, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 19

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????????Hidden beauty????????

???? Episode 19????

???? Joy POV????

Am not going back to the house????

Not until my mom and feathers tell me what is going on

I mean am an adult for crying out loud

All I want is to be given a chance to love and to be loved

Feathers even hurt the person I love

Why can’t he see that I love Williamson so much

Why can’t he see that he’s a changed person????

I sat on the couch while I stared at

Williamson sleeping on the other end of the bed.

We lodged a hotel

He’s rich I know

We lodged two different rooms buh I don’t wanna be alone

Its past midnight already

I switched off my phone to prevent my mom or feathers from calling me

They gotta see reasons with me now

I can’t deny the fact that I love my mom and feathers so much

But at least

They won’t allow me pull off my mask too

Then they should allow me be with the person I love????

And prosper saying he likes me???

I don’t like him????

Sure he’s a good friend but my heart only beats for Williamson

Why can’t everybody take that piece of shit from me

Am not turning back now

I have to make things right????????

I thought and slept off

???????? Feathers????????

Mom please don’t stress yourself over joy

Am sure she’s gonna be fine okay?

I caressed her hair as she laid on the hospital bed

Don’t worry mom am gonna look for her as soon as possible I assured.

Feathers my son????

I think its time to tell joy the truth before she finds out

If she gets to find out In another way she will never forgive us

My mom pleaded

Okay mom, am gonna find her and bring her here.

I walked out of the hospital in haste

Joy please

Wherever you are please come out

Am so sorry if I ever hurt you

I just wanted to protect you, moms life is at stake here

Please she’s gonna die if she doesn’t see you

I prayed for the first time in a life time.????

???????????????????? Joy????????????????

I woke up feeling much better…

I saw Williamson staring at me from the couch

Good morning princess

Good morning I greeted with a blush.

I took my bath and we took a stroll down the road..

Why don’t you switch on your phone Williamson asked


I don’t want any disturb thats why I said and shrugged my shoulders

Common just do it he replied with a smile

Oh gawwdd, sure I will, I can’t resist his smiles

Its Saturday ????????

Am gonna have so much fun now..

I barely switched on my phone when I received the message feathers sent


My mom??

She’s in the hospital I managed to mutter

A tear dropped down from my eyes????

Williamson quickly stopped a taxi

We got into the taxi and sped off to the hospital in the address

I ran into the ward and I jumped into feathers


Where’s mom right now I said trying to catch my breath.


He managed to mutter..

I ran head over heels into the room

My poor mom was lying on the bed looking pale????

I caressed her hair as she stared at me while crying????


Am here now,.please don’t cry

Everything is gonna be okay mom

Just then Williamson and feathers walked in

Joy I need to tell you something

Mom what is it I replied looking a little bit confused

I know you will hate me after this

But baby please find a place in your heart to forgive me

Common mom, feathers Wats going on here

I asked now looking more confused

Joy am not your real mother

I took you from your real parents

I was so desperate for a female child back then..

That was why I took you????????

That was the reason I made a facial ugly mask for you

So that when they come across you by any chance they won’t recognize you????????

Am so sorry joy

You parents are still pretty well alive

Am so sorry joy my mom bursted out crying..


I stood like I was shocked by an electric current..

I turned to look at feathers, his fave was filled with tears

Why didn’t you tell me all these while?

Was that why you were over protective?

You guys made me so through so much stress just because you were desperate??

I yelled at a high tone..


My eyes were fuming with tears????????????????????????

Am heart broken

I hate you guys I yelled and ran out????

I can never forgive feathers and my mom this time

I hate them so much

???? Williamson????

The pain of seeing joy crying struck my heart

She’s so emotional????

I was about to chase after her when feathers held me back

Please help me beg joy

I didn’t mean to hurt her???????? feathers said sobbing

Why do you want me yo help you

Do you believe am a changed person now?..

I believe and trust you now he nodded…

Soo are you gonna help me?

Sure I will

I replied and ran after joy????


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