June 12, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 20

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????Hidden Beauty ????

By KAS admins ✍️

Episode 20 ????????

Joy’s Pov ????

I ran out of the hospital in a fast pace in pains.

I feel broken, it feels like a part of my life is being taken away.

I thought making me wear a mask that tormented my life, that made me think of taking my own life was bad enough now this?

The family I grew up to call my own is not mine.. How sorrowful can my life get? How much pains will I be able to endure? Why does it seem like am being punished for something I know nothing about.

I fell down on a bench on the streets, passersby kept giving me weird stares..

Probably wondering why a beautiful young girl will be looking so confused and frustrated.

???? Joy am not your mother ????

The words rang continuously, I screamed out ???? with my hands tugging tightly to my hair and the tears I’ve been trying to hold rushed out with gush of emotions.

Am tired of crying, it feels like I was cursed with never ending tears.

I thought beauty was the end of all my problems but it’s rather otherwise.

I stood up from the bench and started walking away, my arms wrapped around my already cold body.

????Williamson pov

I’ve checked around, asked people but I still couldn’t find joy .

Where would she have run off to.. Am getting extremely worried I don’t want anything bad to happen to her now that she’s given me a meaning to live a good life.

I don’t think I’ll be able to bear if anything goes wrong with her.

I wish I can take away all her pains and sadness so she can be happy.

She’s been through a lot already and it breaks my heart that I’ve been a part of all her pains.

I want her to be happy and peaceful, I want her to sleep and wake up in happiness itself.

Joy deserves the best and nothing more . I continued to search for all.

After a while of searching around, I still didn’t find her so I took a taxi ???? back to the hospital and ran into the ward were joy’s mother was…

Feathers was sitting on the bed beside his crying mum…

“Feathers! ” I called and he turned to me.

“Where’s my sister? Where’s joy? Did you find her? ”

he rushed his words in the questions.

I nodded a No… His face fell in disappointment and he let out a sad sigh.

His mum cried louder and I felt bad instantly.

???? Joy ????

It was getting late in the evening, I had no idea where I was.. I just walked around,

the cool evening breeze blowing getting my hair all ruffled.

I was starting to shiver and my legs getting weak .

I took few steps and suddenly fell down when a convoy of black cars stopped in front of me in a rush and the ray of the headlights on me.

I raised my hand up to my face…

The door opened and a woman stepped out in a long multicolored gown.

She walked to me.. I looked from her legs up to her face… Me?

She looked just like the person I see at the mirror whenever I take off my mask .

“Shantel dear! ” she said. That voice!! ????????


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