June 15, 2021

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My Boss. Chapter 15

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Sub tittle: Ethan pov

Author Jenny

???? Not edited????

Chapter 15


Soon he glumped the remaining coffee down and then ran to the bathroom ,,in a twinkle of an eye the almighty mr chris is vomiting his stomach out in the bathroom

“sir” “sir” i half yelled running to the bathroom

“get out” he yelled and me and i ran out of his office with a pounding heart

Okay it is not my coffee that made him puke it is obvious he is sick and dont want to take medication

I kept pacing arround in my office worride

I cant take i anymore ,,i walked into him office without knocking ,,actually i didnt barge in,, i opened the door and sighted him laying on the couch

I waved my hand at his face and he didnt opened his eyes ,,he was sweating and shivering at the same time

I took a bold step by touching his fore head ,,his body is really hot

Omg what do i do now

“Mr chris if your going to die it wont be in the office what will i tell people “i said to my self and hurried down to the closet pharmacy to get some drugs

i bought some soup from the near by resturant and hurried back to the office

Mr chris was still in the same position that i left him

The problem now is that how do i wake him up ,,Even sick he still looks so handsome ,,Okay i didnt just say that

I tapped him gently and his eyes opened and he smiled at me

I almost melted,did he just smile at me or is the sickness affecting his brain already

And like i expected the smile turned into a huge frown

“sir please you need to take some soup before taking drugs “i managed to say

“Dint i ask you to leave”he said in a low voice while i only nodded

i starred at him with puppy eyes ,,i hope it works

“Fine”he said and sat up while i handed him the soup

“You may leave now ,i will call you when am done “he said and i left his office

Its been 15 minutes now and he has’nt called


gosh i need to stop thinking about stuffs like this

I went back to his office and saw he ate and took the drugs ,somehow i felt satisfied

I looked at his table and some files and contract he was working on

you guys know i cant leave ,,i went and sat down and began working ,,i know its none of my business but i bet i can work this out

I tied my hair in a bun ,,fold up my sleves and removed my shoes and began woking ,,now i know what he has been going through ,it was rough ride but am glad i made it

when i was done i checked the time and it was mid night already

Mr chris is still sleeping but his body temperature is normal now and there is no way i will leave him or even get a cab to my house at this time so i went to the other couch and lay on it


I waited and waited for julia to come out but she didnt neither did chris

I went to her office and she wasnt there but her things were ,hope it is not what am thinking

i walked to chris office and opened the door gently only to find her sitting on chris desk looking beautiful ad usual

her hair was in a messy bun and she was so engrosed in her work and call that she didnt notice my presence

I bet chris is making her work her ass off to the extend shes speaking german ,,which sounds funny coming out from her

I eyes drifed to someone and i was shocked to see chris laying in the couch ,,which he would never allow such happen but he let her in his office sitting on his desk

My mind drifted to the our last conversation

Flash back

“What is the meaning of what your doing with my pa in her office”chris yelled which made me surprised

“why are you being protective of her as if shes your property”i yelled back

“Thats because she is working for me and that is an office what if someone walked in on you guys “he replied back

“Dont worry bro ,,next time we will do it in the bathroom or my apartment”i replied with a smirk while he starred at me angrily

Why is chris being protective of her ,,he has never been so angry because of a girl and right now seeing him this was means i have to step up and make julia mine before him


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