July 28, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 14

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????The Maid????
????Episode 14????
????Mrs Gina????
My sons have rejected me for two months.
Chris doesn’t want to talk to me and Justin,l don’t know where he has been.
I know he is with that good for nothing whore. She was just like her mom Flora.
Twenty four years ago…
We were at the university… I mean we were bestfriends.
“Flora did you see the new guy in school…”
“Which new guy Gina?”
“You don’t know… I met him and he is hot and so handsome.. I stood him and gave him my contact..”
“Wow.. that’s great. He says he has party at his home..”
“okay…”,as She keeps staring at her book..
“Are you coming…”
“No… just enjoy yourself. I will stay here and learn..”
I took the book from her.
“Come on… you read too much.. Just go and let’s enjoy the party”
“Give me my book please…”,she whined.
“Just say yes..”
“Okay yes…”,she smiled and I threw the book at her.
At 8pm…
We were already dressed. I have always been attracted to Flora. She is so beautiful.
I mean the most beautiful girl on campus and that’s why I’m friends with her.
Any dress she wore made her beautiful.
We reached the site as I smiled at her..
She hugged herself as she sat on the bench..
“Are you coming in”,I asked her.
“No … go on”,I will stay right here.
“Okay then stay here and let me introduce you to my crush..”,I winked at her.
“Okay… then”
I went inside the house… people were dancing others were jumpingand there were alcohol but it’s great though.
I can’t find Jared anywhere. I took two glasses of juice as I reached for Flora.
She wasn’t alone.. I heard Jared laughed out and i felt jealousy inside of me.
She saw me as she straightened up..
“Oh Gina… didn’t you meet him..”
Fool.. you are with him. I thought.
“That’s him… Jared”,I said as I frown.
“Oh sorry”,she apologise and stands up..
“I will leave you two to talk..”,and she leaves.
“Hi… your friend is cool and pretty. Can you give me her contact”
“I’m sorry but I don’t have it right now..”
“Okay then… later”,he walked past me.
“Wait.. .”,I stop him and slowly I kissed him.
“Gina.. .I have no interest in you if that’s what u think?”
I pushed him, “is it because of her..”
“Yes.. I’m attracted to her”
I stomped my foot and walked out on him.
We reached our hostile.
“I enjoyed the party.”,she says happily.
“Why won’t you enjoy it when you have my guy..”,l spat.
“Wait… what are you talking about”
“You stole him from me Flora…”
“No… I was just been nice to him”
“That’s enough… get out.” I pushed her
“You can’t push me out. We pay the bills together…”
“I don’t care…”,and I pushed her hard as I closed the door.
The next morning at campus . I saw her with Jared. He was framing her face. Damn it.
I cleared my throat..
“So you had the chance with my guy huh…”
“Just stop it already “,Jared yelled.
“Really.. never knew are a whore”
“No… you are the whore who keeps stalking me”,he yelled again and I slapped him.
“You are going to pay for this I swear”,as I walked passed them.
Months passed and I heard they were dating.
They were so in love with each other and I can see that..”
Oneday we were in Literature class when he proposed to her and that was the worst nightmare of my life..
I drank bottles of alcohol but that’s wasn’t enough.
Two years passed and they got married. On their return of their honeymoon,their jet crushed and I was behind all that plan..They died but I never knew they had a daughter.
And Adria was her daughter.
I just hate that girl and I’m glad i killed her grandpa even though no one knows.
She has always been on my nerves since the first day she worked.
I don’t know why my husband hired her but I was angry because my husband gives her attention more than I do.
I tried to warn her several times but she didn’t listen.
So since then I hated her.
But if time went back I would have disgrace her to my sons that she had their dad’s mistress.
But now it’s too late now. I have wasted time.
Tera has been coming all day thinking oneday she would have meet Justin at home.
The poor girl has so madly inlove with him but my son doesnt see any of that. When she was rejected on her wedding day,Tera was torn into pieces.i saw her getting drunk everyday.
She loved him…
He doesnt even call or send any text.
But tonight ,chris is coming home with his new fiance.
l hope she is rich if not then l will have to sack her just like l did to Adria.
l told my maid,Elena to cook a special meal for them.
lts was evening.l invited Tera to come too.
A while later,Tera,Chris and his fiance came in.
l was so excited as l hugged him.
“Welcome home,son”
“Thanks…..mom. Meet my fiance, Nesa”
Nesa? The best friend of Adria,yuck! l hate her.
“Nice to meet you.. .”as l shake her.
“Elena,can you bring us the champagne”,l said.
“Can u add my favourite wine” l heard Justin.
“Justin,you are back”,as Tera run to hug him.
“l miss you.You look more handsome.You have change”
“l know that”
“Now that u are back,l guess we can continue with our marriage”,as she framed my face
“l have a wife,Tera”.
“l have a wife,Tera” l said.
“What!” my mom and Tera exclaimed.
“Who is she?” my mom asked.
“Adria” l mentioned her name as she walked glamorously to my side.
.They all stared at me with wide eyes.
“You witch,how could you do this” as she was about to attack my wife but l stopped her.
“Stop all these mess,Tera.Start a new life with someone and not me.l don’t love you and never will”
“But l love you…Justin”she said to me and with tears she run out of the house.
Christian frowned at me..
“Um……Christian,we need to talk”
“Oh yes…..we surely need to”
He then lead me to his room.
“All this while u were married to Adria”
“Since when did you get married”
“last two months” as he punched me on the face..
“What was that for?”,I groaned in pain
“You did all this and you hide from me.l thought you were my brotherAnd I trusted you…..And Adria….oh God!”
“Don’t blame her….She is innocent in this.l forced her into this.l am sorry brother…i always have been.” l said to him.
“l am sorry too,Justin for not telling you about the letter,and Adria whereabouts” and we both hugged.
l am glad there is peace between us.
“I’m in love with Nesa” he said softly.
“That’s great dude. I’m happy for you..”
“Me too Justin…”
“Adria is pregnant..”,I said to him..
“Congrats brother. I’m really happy for you. I can’t wait to get my Ness pregnant too..”
Life has been so amazing with Justin.
And now that I came to Mrs Gina’s home. My happiness is gone.
I knew I was in trouble. I became happy when I saw Christian and my bestfriend.
I couldn’t stay in the house since Tera and my mother in-law were looking at me like I’m dead.
I walked to the garden waiting for Justin to send me home.
“Hey…”,and I knew it’s was Nesa.
I hugged her tightly.
“I miss you Nessa..”
“Me too…”
“Never knew you could fall madly in love with him in just two months.. ”
“I couldn’t believe it either. I’m so happy with him and guess what?”
“What.. .”,
She raised her ring finger and I saw the diamond ring.
“I’m so happy for you Nessa…”
“Me too ..”
“I’m pregnant..”
“Oh my God… I can’t wait to be an aunty”,and she hugged me once more.
Nesa and Chris has been married for a month now.We all leave as one big family but still Mrs Gina doesn’t like me and l don’t give a damn about it.
Justin has been so excited about our unborn baby.
He bought a lot of baby stuff but then we all know the baby was a girl.
Nessa and Christian has bought a lot of toys for our unborn baby.
lts been nine months and l just can’t wait to give birth.
To see the face of my baby. For the past months… Justin has stop working in his company just to take care of me and I love him for that.
He has been a caring and a loving husband.
“Justin…l want pizza”
“okay then,….i will be right back”as he left me.
Nesa and Chris weren’t at home.l want lonely.
Wait a minute….my water broke.
Oh my baby is coming.Am feeling pains now.
“Help!”,l screamed.Tera and Mrs Gina came for my aid.But what is Tera doing here anyway.
“Please.. help me”,l said painfully.They both held me on my feet as they made me trekked for an hour.
I was in pains
They diverted into the forest and they sent me to the riverside.
“Please,don’t do this….”,l begged.
“Am glad l will have Justin to myself now”,Tera said and used a stick on my back which made me yelled in pain.
I was on the floor helpless.
“Please just let me go…”
None of them listen to my pleas. suddenly they held me up and drop me inside the river.
l was in pain buh l had to try my best to survive.When l opened my eyes,l was at the bank of the riverside.
l then stood up.
Walking was even difficult for me but then l haven’t been to this side of the forest before.
Grandpa: Dear the forest is full of monsters and gods.
And I believe gods are real and one way to see them if you really have a pure heart..
I know it’s insane for me to think about it but I need help right now.
l moved on,l was looking for a place to deliever this baby.
Suddenly l saw a lion which blocked my way.
l touched it as it closed it eyes.lt sat on the ground so l could climb him and guess what,lt sent me to his cave and that’s was where l deliever a baby girl.
She got the eyes and the nose just like her dad.l was so excited. l was so weak and l felt l couldnt survive returning home so dat day l made a basket with leaves as l place my little girl in it.
l then went to one of the spirit rivers and a wish to send my baby to its rightful place and sudden I saw a woman glittering.
She was beautiful more than anything.
“Who are you…”,I said.
“Europa ….I’m goddess of this river..”
“You are a good woman Adria and I want to help you… just make one wish…”
“okay… I want you to protect my daughter…”
“Your wish shall be done…”
“Thank you…”,and after that darkness took over me.

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